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Salty snacks and plant ladders: ALDI Finds week of 3/8/23

ALDI Finds for the week of 3/8/23 include salty snacks for March Madness, fishy Finds for Lent, and plant-related products for your home & garden. Check out this week’s picks below, and let me know what you want to Find.

2 lbs of wild caught pollock fillets in a bag

Let’s start with seafood Finds this time, because value packs of wild caught pollock are a nice deal in this latest ad at $7.99 per frozen 2 lb bag.

smoked salmon poke bowls

At $7.99 for 8.8 oz, though, these Blue Hill Bay smoked salmon poke bowls are crazy expensive… no matter how good they are. 🙂 Look for these in the refrigerated/deli section, but I much prefer to make our own fresh homemade poke bowls using ALDI’s frozen sushi grade tuna. And speaking of fresh, you can also look for 16 oz packs of fresh stuffed Atlantic salmon this week, $9.99.

mussel meat

In the frozen section, 8 oz boxes of Fremont Fish Market mussel meat will run you $3.99. Other frozen fishy Finds include:

  • Fremont Fish Market 9 oz beer battered shrimp, $4.99
  • Fremont Fish Market pub style shrimp or lobster bites 11 oz, $4.99
  • 8 oz Fremont Fish Market wild caught Argentine shrimp skewers, $6.99

The beer battered shrimp are little; you get 13-15 shrimp per 9 oz box.

boxes of beer battered shrimp

Both advertised and unadvertised ALDI prices can vary by store and by region. Here are more top ALDI Finds for the week of 3/8/23. You may also Find some on 3/5/23 in Sunday ad markets, or if your store tends to put products out early.

More ALDI Finds this week

ALDI Finds week of 3/8/23

Beyond the above-mentioned Fishy Finds, here are

  • Fifteen more Food Finds
  • Salty snacks for your basketball watching pleasure
  • Thirty-two new non-Food Finds
  • Some plant-related Finds, and
  • A couple of random non-advertised Finds

Check them all out this week!

savory pretzel bites

The pretzel trays always seem interesting, but so expensive that I’ve never yet bought one — because it seems like something a teenage boy could put away by himself, even if the serving size is “five” pretzel bites. What are you looking forward to picking up this week?

Fifteen new ALDI food Finds

jalapeno and loaded potato tots

Not a lot of other food in this week’s ad, aside from a few snacks, appetizers, and the already-mentioned seafood. Here’s what there is to see:

  1. Park Street Deli savory or sweet pretzel tray with dip, $8.99
  2. Appetitos buffalo chicken or bacon mac & cheese bites, $4.49
  3. Appetitos filled pretzel bites, $2.99
  4. Appetitos loaded potato skins, $5.49
  5. Kirkwood Nashville Hot dry rub wings, $8.99
  6. Season’s Choice cheesy jalapeño or loaded tots, $3.99
  7. Smithfield fresh St. Louis pork spare ribs, $2.29/lb

Unfortunately for those of us looking for more meal-centric food Finds: Other than a couple of other not-a-good-deal brand name items (and the salty snacks in the next section), that’s about it!

cheese filled frozen pretzel bites

Here’s what the pretzel bits look like, if you’re intrigued. You have your choice among several boxes of frozen appetizers this this week.

Salty snacks for March Madness

party size wavy potato chips

As for the rest of the foods in this week’s ad, it’s full of shelf-stable salty snacks for your basketball watching pleasure — or just for snacking. Let’s start with party size bags of Clancy’s wavy potato chips, where you get 15.25 oz for $2.78.

nashville hot chicken and cuban sandwich flavored chips

Want more variety in your chips? 8 oz bags of Clancy’s Nashville hot chicken or Cuban sandwich kettle chips are $1.99. Other snacks this week include:

  • 23 oz Utz cheese balls, $6.98
  • Snyder’s 8 oz hot buffalo wing or honey mustard & onion pretzel pieces, $2.39
  • 6.3 oz Combos cheddar cheese pretzels, $2.48
  • 11 oz Goldfish colors or xtra cheddar mix, $4.09

Get crunching!

popcorn kernels

Or, pop your own salty snack if you prefer: 45 oz jars of Popfully yellow popcorn kernels are $3.99.

Random food Finds

hot sauce seasonings

While we’re on the subject of March Madness snacking, my store had an endcap of relevant foods up — with Finds I either don’t remember seeing, or those from ages ago which appear to be back for the season. These include:

  • Burman’s hot sauce seasonings, $1.99
  • Burman’s wing sauces, $2.49
  • Clancy’s dill pickle potato chips, $2.09
  • Tuscan Garden assorted ranch dressing (salsa, spicy, guacamole), $1.95
  • Clancy’s beer or bratwurst potato chips, $1.99
  • Clancy’s cheddar & jalapeño popcorn bags, $1.99

The hot sauce seasonings look interesting, but I didn’t end up picking one up.

Thirty-two ALDI non-food Finds

laundry washing bags

More organizational Finds for your home (and car) this week, plus a few boho decorating ideas — and, Finds for your dog. These include:

  1. Huntington Home 2-pack collapsible cubes with lids, $9.99
  2. Huntington Home 4’x6′ boho shag area rug, $49.99
  3. Huntington Home desk lamp, $34.99
  4. Huntington Home painted glass candle, $7.99
  5. WORKZONE 3-shelf tall cabinet, $79.99
  6. WORKZONE 5-tier black shelf, $64.99
  7. WORKZONE rechargeable LED work light, $19.99
  8. WORKZONE twist tie or velcro strap organizers, $4.99
  9. Disney or Marvel slumber bag & pillow pal, $24.99
  10. Crane personal sinus steam inhaler, $24.99
  11. Heart to Tail assorted natural dog chews 7 oz, $5.99
  12. Heart to Tail pawsible dog chews 8-10 oz, $3.99
  13. Heart to Tail pet hair broom set, $14.99
  14. Heart to Tail pet shammy towel, $9.99
  15. Heart to Tail travel bucket pet bed, $19.99
  16. Atomi Qi wireless car charger, $22.99
  17. Auto XS 6-in-1 car emergency power tool, $9.99
  18. Auto XS 6-piece car seat cover kit, $19.99
  19. Auto XS backseat organizer, $9.99
  20. Auto XS folding trunk organizer, $9.99
  21. Auto XS portable travel + game table, $14.99
  22. Auto XS steering wheel cover, $7.99
  23. Huntington Home twist travel pillow or blanket/pillow, $9.99
  24. Licensed children’s suitcase, $16.99
  25. Easy Home 2-pack laundry bags, $3.99
  26. Easy Home rolling laundry basket, $12.99
  27. Easy Home sink scrubbers, $2.85
  28. Easy Home soap-dispensing brush, dishwand, or refills, $2.89
  29. Febreze air effects spring scents, $3.24, or pet, $3.97
  30. Hefty 20.4 gallon dual function XL trash can, $19.99
  31. Huntington Home cordless wet/dry vac, $29.99
  32. Huntington Home laundry storage solution, $8.99

The laundry storage solutions are just plastic bins and turntables, and I’ve seen people also use these in their pantry.

trunk organizer

Speaking of organization, just look at all the tools and cleaning supplies they’re hauling in this trunk organizer! I just use mine (not from ALDI…) to haul groceries, but it’s good to have options.

silicone scrub gloves

And to go along with your other dishwashing supplies this week, I also spotted these unadvertised Easy Home silicone scrub gloves in store: $6.99 a pair.

pet shammy towel

Maybe those would help you scrub down your dog, lol — and then you could dry him off with this handy Heart to Tail pet shammy towel.

ALDI Plants (and plant-related accessories…)

plant ladder stand

Let’s take a final moment to talk about all of the plants and plant-related accessories this week, shall we? First off, the Belavi wooden plant ladder stand is back this year at $39.99.

talk dirt to me or leaf me alone planters

Just one plant to decorate with, or need pots to place on that plant ladder? Check out a Belavi ceramic planter on stand, $9.99, or pick up a Belavi 6″ decorative planter, $4.99.

ornamental shrubs

Start sprucing up your outdoors, too. Gardenline berry bushes are $5.99 apiece this week, while you can also pick up ornamental shrubs for $3.99 or shade & ornamental trees for $14.99. (The shrubs etc. are bare root, but grow fairly quickly — I’ve had good luck with their forsythia, especially!)

Gardenline mixed spring bulbs will run you $3.99, and protect your hands while you plant these with your new Gardenline nitrile or latex coated gloves, $4.49 a pair. Meanwhile, you can keep decorating that garden or patio with Belavi garden lanterns at $14.99 each, or a Belavi boho hanging hammock at $24.99.

5 inch foliage plants at aldi

Look for indoor plants, too: 5″ foliage plants run $6.99 apiece, while 2-piece Belavi macrame plant hangers are $12.99. If you want to start plants indoors, look into the Gardenline dual-head plant grow light for $16.99.

What’s Up with ALDI Finds

shipping delays at aldi

What’s up with ALDI Finds? These are limited time special buy items, and are available in stores only while supplies last. If you spot something you like, be sure to pick it up while you can. See also: What is the ALDI Aisle of Shame?

Be sure to visit the ALDI Finds product delays page before popping over to the store for new Finds. Because of ongoing shipping delays and materials shortages affecting ALDI (and everyone else), some advertised products may not be available in all locations.

Finding the Finds

Where do you Find all of this week’s special buys?

  • Check out the “ALDI Finds” and current weekly ad tabs (or mobile menu choices) on the ALDI site to window shop from home.

Products mentioned in this post were either spotted in store or are from the ad starting 3/5/23 in Sunday ad markets, 3/8/23 in Wednesday ad markets. What caught your eye among this week’s ALDI Finds?