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Organic ground beef & Valentine’s treats: ALDI Finds week of 1/11/23

ALDI Finds for the week of 1/11/23 include Valentine’s Day treats & candles, organizational items, fleece-lined leggings, organic grass-fed ground beef, and gluten free egg rolls. Check out this week’s picks below, and let me know what you want to Find!

little valentine's day cupcakes

Let’s start with Valentine’s treats this week — I mean, are you even thinking about Valentine’s Day yet, or are you still too busy recovering from the holidays? On the bakery side (or on endcaps by the registers), you can look for two-bite Valentine’s Day mini cupcakes for $3.89, Lofthouse Valentine’s frosted sugar cookies for $3.95, or Valentine’s fudge brownies (see price in store).

sour patch kids valentine's

On the candy side, so many choices:

  • Sour Patch Kids or Reese’s miniatures heart, $5.00
  • Choceur mood bars, $1.39
  • Merci Finest Selection chocolates, $5.98
  • Choceur chocolate heart box, $3.99
  • Choceur big box of Valentine’s chocolates, $9.99
  • Choceur Valentine’s mini chocolates, $2.99
  • Specially Selected chocolate truffle hearts, $3.99
  • Ferrero Rocher, $5.28
  • Various name brand bagged chocolates, $3.48-$5.28

Do remember, though, that name-brand candy and treats aren’t generally cheaper at ALDI, although these seasonal products can be useful for one-stop shopping.

valentine's fruit rollups

Case in point, Betty Crocker Valentine’s Day fruit roll-ups are $5.98 at ALDI (priced the same at Walmart right now), and Welch’s Valentine’s Day fruit snacks 28 ct are $4.98, while they’re $4.99 at Target. Just because something is sold at ALDI, doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a deal.

mood chocolate

ALDI’s Choceur mood chocolate bars, though, crack me up. I mean: They’re like conversation hearts, but edible!

As always, both advertised and unadvertised ALDI prices can vary by store and by region. Here are more of the top ALDI Finds for the week of 1/11/23. (You may also Find some on 1/8/23 in Sunday ad markets, or if your store tends to put products out early.)

Top ALDI Finds this week

boxes of stuffed chicken

Beyond the Valentine’s Day treats mentioned above, here are thirteen more advertised food Finds this week, forty new non-Food Finds, and some brand new unadvertised and/or seasonal Finds to look for.

Thirteen new ALDI food Finds

organic chicken sausage at aldi

Here are some more non-Valentine’s foods to check out:

  1. Simply Nature organic chicken sausage 12 oz, in pesto or tomato basil mozzarella, $4.99
  2. Kirkwood stuffed chicken entrees 2 packs, $3.99
  3. Fremont Fish Market shrimp or salmon power bites, $4.99
  4. Whole & Simple tahini chickpea or edamame protein bowl, $3.29
  5. liveGfree gluten free egg rolls (chicken or veggie), $6.49
  6. Season’s Choice bourbon or maple glazed vegetable blends 10 oz, $2.99
  7. Whole & Simple blueberry or strawberry protein smoothie 32 oz, $7.99
  8. Yummy dino buddies 56 oz, $9.99
  9. liveGfree gluten free Texas toast, $3.99
  10. 5 pack KIND frozen peanut butter dark chocolate bars, $5.47
  11. 16 oz ground Beyond Meat, $5.99
  12. Simply Nature organic grass fed ground beef 85/15 family pack 4 lbs, $17.96
  13. 9 oz 4th & Heart Himalayan salt or garlic ghee, $9.99

Most of the food items in this week’s ad are Valentine’s Day Finds, but we at least have a few other new things to look for.

gluten free egg rolls

The gluten free egg rolls come in 9 oz three packs, which is a pretty small box for the price — but gluten free always comes with a premium.

organic grass fed ground beef family pack

The organic grass fed ground beef family pack is a couple bucks cheaper this time around, though. At $4.49/lb, it’s actually not much more expensive than ALDI’s conventional ground beef, but better quality — so you might want to stock up at this price!

Forty ALDI non-food Finds

easy home folding stop stool

The non-food section of the ad brings us a number of options this week, including:

  1. Huntington Home Valentine’s Day 3-wick candle, $4.49
  2. Huntington Home Valentine’s Day gel clings, $1.99
  3. Huntington Home 2-pack towels or oven mitt/pot holder set, $4.99
  4. Huntington Home Valentine’s Day reversible box sign, $3.99
  5. Huntington Home vinyl tablecloth, $3.49
  6. Huntington Home pop art candle, $5.99
  7. Huntington Home macaron candle collection, $8.99
  8. Huntington Home Valentine’s Day circle sign, $8.99
  9. Huntington Home Valentine’s Day gnome, $8.99
  10. Lily & Dan children’s knit or thermal PJ set, $9.99
  11. Serra Ladies’ 2-piece PJs, $12.99
  12. SOHL rectangular storage ottoman, $24.99
  13. Easy Home utility tray, $4.29
  14. Huntington Home winter coir mat, $8.99
  15. SOHL single door accent cabinet, $69.99
  16. Huntington Home 28″ decorative mirror, $39.99
  17. Huntington Home 18″x30″ Soho mat, $8.99
  18. Huntington Home 5’x7′ washable area rug, $49.99
  19. Huntington Home 2’x6′ washable runner, $19.99
  20. Huntington Home pantry organizer, $7.99
  21. Huntington Home lined drawer organizer, $9.99
  22. Huntington Home tripod lamp, $59.99
  23. Huntington Home shoe rack, $9.99
  24. Huntington Home kitchen cabinet bin, $7.99
  25. Huntington Home slide-out organizer, $29.99
  26. Huntington Home kitchen cabinet organizer, $9.99
  27. Huntington Home bag or wrap organizer, $14.99
  28. Huntington Home scented wax melts, $1.89
  29. Huntington Home flip dish wax warmer, $7.99
  30. Serra stick umbrella, $8.99
  31. Serra ladies’ fleece-lined leggings, $8.99
  32. Heart to Tail Valentine’s Day cat scratching playhouse, $8.99
  33. Heart to Tail Valentine’s Day pet apparel, $4.99
  34. Heart to Tail collapsible cat cube condo, $24.99
  35. Heart to Tail faux fur pet sweater, $8.99
  36. Heart to Tail XL pillow pet bed, $19.99
  37. Heart to Tail Valentine’s Day dog toy, $4.99
  38. Heart to Tail cat tunnel of love, $10.99
  39. Easy Home folding step stool, $8.99
  40. Easy Home angled broom or microfiber mop, $6.99

Some nice organizational items this go-round, plus, Valentine’s Day for both you and your animals. The step stools are useful for those of us who are vertically challenged, too.

wrap organizer

This wrap organizer can be wall mounted! If I had a good place to put this in my kitchen, it would be pretty tempting…

pop art candles

And the pop art candles are pretty amusing, don’t you think?!

utility tray

What’s the difference between a utility tray and a boot tray? I’m not sure, but apparently I’ve been using an ALDI Easy Home utility tray for shoes for a while now. (I think, in retrospect, that the “boot tray” from last month might have been a little larger and more heavy duty.)

fleece lined leggings

Fleece-lined leggings? Why yes, Midwestern winters do require these things…

Non-advertised and seasonal Finds

eating smart endcap

Keep an eye out for a new “Eating Smart” endcap containing various Simply Nature items. (At my store, this has replaced the seasonal charcuterie endcap.) Find both returning faves and newer products on this one.

PB&J bites

Simply Nature PB&J Bites are back, for instance, at $4.99 per 6-pack bag. Also returning: Simply Nature crunchy peanut butter spread with chia and flaxseeds, $2.89 per 16 oz jar.

coconut clusters

Newer Finds on this endcap include:

  • Simply Nature organic coconut clusters, $7.29 per 10 oz bag
  • Simply Nature chocolate-dipped mango, $4.99
  • Simply Nature cauliflower potato chips (sea salt or sour cream & onion), $3.29

See what you can spot at your own store.

What’s Up with ALDI Finds

shipping delays at aldi

What’s up with ALDI Finds? These are limited time special buy items, and are available in stores only while supplies last. If you spot something you like, be sure to pick it up while you can. See also: What is the ALDI Aisle of Shame?

Before shopping for new Finds this week, you might also wish to visit the ALDI Finds product delays page. Because of ongoing shipping delays and materials shortages affecting ALDI and other retailers, certain advertised products may not be available in all locations.

Finding the Finds

Where do you Find all of this week’s special buys?

  • Check out the “ALDI Finds” and current weekly ad tabs (or mobile menu choices) on the ALDI site to window shop from home.

Products mentioned in this post were either spotted in store or are from the ad starting 1/8/23 in Sunday ad markets, 1/11/23 in Wednesday ad markets. What caught your eye among this week’s ALDI Finds?