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Midweek Meal Planning 2/11/16


Welcome back to Midweek Meal Planning for the week of 2/11/16! It’s more traditional to meal plan on the weekend, but since our Chicago grocery deals mostly flip on Wednesdays and since midweek is when many of us start to run out of steam, we buck the trend here. In Midweek Meal Planning, we plan dinners for the rest of the week while also looking back to see how we’ve done so far.

Midweek meal planning


I won’t lie to you: It hasn’t been the best week here, guys. We’d already planned to eat out on Monday for Mr. now-9’s birthday (that’s the deal: Birthday Guy gets to pick!). But tomorrow when I have cooled down a little more I will also tell you the story of my yesterday and our unplanned costly home repair. So, after they turned our water back on about 6:30 PM, MashupDad declared that he wanted BBQ and went and got carryout. I was not going to deny him. 🙂

Here’s our week:

  • Sunday: Cheap pub burgers from Jewel, with a side of football and commercials,
  • Monday: Fuddrucker’s — Yup, that’s what the birthday boy picked to follow Pub Burger Day, lol. I tried a chicken sandwich — let’s just say that when you go to a burger place, you’ll want to order burgers.
  • Tuesday: Creamy tomato soup + grilled cheese. Recipe + secret ingredient to be revealed on Sunday!
  • Wednesday: Carryout BBQ. See above.
  • Thursday: Leftover mish-mash dinner. I made pulled pork burritos with the BBQ leftovers & some avocado, tortillas, & sour cream from ALDI, plus we had the tomato soup, the dregs of a salad, MashupDad ate the last burger from Sunday, steamed up some cauliflower, fruit…
  • Friday: Costco rotisserie chicken with Yukon Gold potatoes & broccoli.
  • Saturday: Leftover chicken, which I may make into soup or chili depending on how ambitious I feel.

Your turn

How’s your week of meal planning going? Are you cooking mostly out of your pantry, or are you taking advantage of this week’s grocery sales? Let’s inspire each other!

And if you’re looking for additional inspiration, read all the Midweek Meal Planning posts and others’ comments here.


Friday 12th of February 2016

Sun - Superbowl - had Hot dogs, Velveeta/Rotel dip, tortilla chips, jalapeno poppers (a George Stella, Low Carb and Lovin' it cookbook), plus I made only one llittle Totino's pizza and cut it into eighths to have along with the hot dogs, also had potato chips, baby carrots and onion dip Mon - Super Sloppy Joes from the Taste of Home April 1999, p. 27 book Tues - Breakfast for dinner - had pancakes (had to use up some buttermilk), turkey bacon, eggs, coffee Wed - A recipe from Paula Deen called "Jamie's chili", but I have modified it over the years because of how much chili powder was in the original; tortilla chips, cheese, onions Thurs - A recipe called Coconut Pineapple Chicken from the Quick Cooking magazine, June 2005, p. 41 - first time - all said it tasted similar to candy with coconut in it Fri - Lasagna roll ups from the Simple and Delicious magazine, dated October 2009, p. 62 - this says "10 servings", but it is more like 5 (two rolls per serving), salad with croutons and dressing. Sat. - Ciabatta bread with Land o Frost premium turkey breast meat, plus soup from a recipe from Paula Deen called Chef Jack's Corn Chowder Sun. - Kielbasa Biscuit Pizza from Quick Cooking, June 2005, p. 55 - uses canned biscuits (two, 12 oz each), spaghetti sauce, 8 oz. kielbasa, mushrooms (I'll sub onion), green pepper, 8 ounces cheese (I'm using up some cheddar), salad

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