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Italian Week: Five fave ALDI Finds & deals week of 10/11/23

Find five fave ALDI Finds and deals for the week of 10/11/23 (10/8/23 in Sunday markets)From harvest decorations, to Italian Week, to organic grass fed ground beef, there’s something for everyone here.

five favorite aldi finds & deals week of 10/11/23

If you’ve been waiting for ALDI to run their Italian Week specials again, they’re ba-ack! Stock up on everything from gnocchi, to breaded veal patties, to organic pesto — as well as harvest decor, organic grass fed ground beef, and more. Here are my own top five ALDI Finds and deals from the ad starting 10/11/23 (or 10/8/23, in Sunday ad markets). What are you looking forward to picking up on your next trip?

Five Fave ALDI Finds & deals, 10/11/23

decorative gourd bowl fillers from aldi

Let’s start with Halloween and harvest decor again this week, because ALDI has had so many options for seasonally sprucing up your home! Just for instance:

  • Huntington Home bowl fillers, $3.99
  • Crofton bamboo round tray, $9.99
  • Huntington Home glass pumpkin, $14.99
  • Huntington Home harvest reversible porch sign, $12.99
  • Huntington Home cozy accent pillow, $9.99
  • Huntington Home vintage-style mirror, $49.99
  • Huntington Home wall clock, $19.99
  • Huntington Home 50″x60″ cozy throw, $19.99
  • Halloween calla lily, $8.99

The bowl fillers are cute but pretty small, so you’ll probably need more than one box to fill anything.

go away sign at aldi

And yes, the reversible porch signs do include the ever popular WELCOME/GO AWAY option again this year… At least it says “kindly?!”

dia de los muertos coffee at aldi

Beyond seasonal decor, let’s also enjoy some seasonally topical foods. 12 oz bags of Barissimo Café del Día de los Muertos coffee will run you $5.99 this week, and you can also look for Priano pumpkin sage or butternut squash ravioli ($3.69), and 27 oz Tyson spooky nuggets ($5.99).

family pack simply nature organic grass fed ground beef

Speaking of foods you really need to pick up this week, 4 lb family packs of Simply Nature organic grass fed 85/15 ground beef are on sale for $17.96 — which works out to just $4.49 a pound. This is a great price for organic grass fed, and a great time to stock your freezer.

Need meal ideas for this perennial ALDI fave? Check out five (more) favorite ALDI organic grass fed ground beef recipes, as well as a few favorite recipes using ALDI organic grass fed ground beef. What are you going to make with yours?

sun dried tomatoes and sun dried tomato paste at aldi

Next: Have you ever wished that ALDI carried sun-dried tomatoes? Then this is definitely your week, because you have two options:

  • California Sun Dry sun-dried tomatoes 8.5 oz, $3.99
  • Simply Nature organic sun-dried tomato or red pepper paste 2.8 oz, $2.99

They don’t have these in stock often, so grab them while available.

gnocchi on the shelf at aldi

Lastly: It’s Italian week at ALDI, so some of our fave Finds have returned! Among them:

  • PurAqua flavored Italian sparkling mineral water six pack, $4.95
  • Clancy’s cheesy garlic bread potato chips, $2.19
  • Priano Italian-style cookies, $3.49
  • Priano Scrocchi Italian crackers, $1.99
  • Emporium Selection fresh grated Parmesan cups, $2.89
  • Specially Selected imported Italian dessert, tiramisu or raspberry mousse, $2.59
  • Mama Cozzi’s Italian style mini pizza, margherita or spinach, $3.49
  • Priano Alfredo or tomato basil stuffed gnocchi, $3.49
  • Priano breaded veal patties, $9.99
  • Priano chicken & cheese ravioli, $3.89
  • Priano manicotti or stuffed shells, $4.49
  • Priano Parmesan chicken, $9.99
  • Priano restaurant style meatballs, $4.99
  • Specially Selected spinach & goat cheese or goat cheese & fig pizza, $4.49
  • Specially Selected tiramisu or profiteroles, $6.49
  • Sundae Shoppe Italian ice cream cups, $3.99
  • Boticelli premium pasta sauce, $5.48
  • Olive Garden croutons, $2.00
  • Priano filled gnocchi, $2.49
  • Priano potato or spinach gnocchi, $1.99
  • Priano ravioli, $1.99
  • Simply Nature organic pesto, $2.99
  • Specially Selected goat cheese risotto, $2.49
  • Specially Selected gourmet pasta, $2.49
  • Stonemill Italian grinder, $3.99

I’m partial to the gnocchi, although it’s gone up a bit in price since last time.

gnocchi with sausage, white beans, & tomatoes

Try a couple of my fave easy recipes using ALDI gnocchi this week: Sheet pan gnocchi with sausage & veggies, as well as gnocchi with chicken sausage, white beans, & tomatoes. So simple & yum!

What ALDI Finds are you picking up?

10 inch foliage at aldi

Does anything strike your fancy among these five Finds above — or, from the full weekly ad/sneaky peak? Take a look:

Beyond the above top five picks, runner up Finds for me this week include 10″ foliage plants ($14.99), Crane men’s 4-pack boxers ($9.99), a Heart to Tail pet bed ($9.99), and frozen Fremont Fish Market langostino tails ($11.99). What will you be picking up?