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Hey, now ALDI is meal planning for you!

Did you guys see this week’s ALDI ad? Check out their weekday meal suggestions with associated products!

So what’s in store for you this week, ALDI-style? Some nice pasta and meatballs, stir fry, frozen pizza, and more. I guess I shouldn’t bother doing weekly ALDI meal plans any more — or, at least if you don’t like mine, ALDI itself has your back this week. 🙂

Yes, I’m easily amused…

And look what I spotted at my ALDI this week: Fresh basil for $1.49! I’ve never seen fresh herbs at mine (other than cilantro), so this was pretty cool. Do you guys have fresh herbs at your ALDI stores? This is at the newly remodeled store, so maybe it’s something they’re going to be adding.

Also spotted at ALDI this week

What else did I spot at my ALDI this week, but this somewhat entertaining sign. Remember how I told you I am easily amused: To wit, ALDI, you know that I’ll always love you, but… confusing sales? I think it should read something like SALES: NO PROBLEM. Because who doesn’t love ALDI and sales…

I did pass on the basil for now, but had a pretty nice ALDI trip this week, kitten not included. We spiced up and cooked up this slab of half-price baby back ribs in the Instant Pot, then added BBQ sauce so that MashupDad could finish them on the grill. So good! (And see that half price sticker on the ribs? I managed to figure out that sale: No problem! Love seeing those red stickers at ALDI…)

Psst — there’s also a nice Instant Pot deal this week, but not at ALDI; find that and more in the deals group on Facebook.

Speaking of deals, my ALDI eBook is on sale for under a buck!

What’s better than my cool eBook about shopping and meal planning at ALDI? A 75% off sale on my cool eBook about shopping and meal planning at ALDI, of course! If you enjoy these ALDI meal plans and savings, you might also enjoy my eBook: Almost All ALDI: Shopping and Meal Planning Around Sales and Seasons: Just $.99 for a limited time.

Any other ALDI news this week? 

Please share here for the perpetually curious.

What can you make with your ALDI buys?

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