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Guess where we were on spring break?


I’ll post more photos and updates tomorrow — but we just got back Tuesday night from our four day spring break trip to St. Louis! It turned out to be a lovely and fairly affordable place to spend a few days, too, so I’ll definitely tell you more about it when I have more time to go through the rest of the pix. 🙂


And this is how you know you’re not in Chicago anymore, Toto: Panera Bread becomes the St. Louis Bread Co., and gas was just $2.33 a gallon (even right off the highway…).


It’s a four hour and fifteen minute drive, so you have to stop for lunch on the way at Cracker Barrel and spend way too much time playing the peg game, too.


Plus it’s kind of awesome when you wear your Brookfield Zoo shirt to the St. Louis Zoo!


Saturday 4th of April 2015

We were there just last June too, but only for a short stop on our way to Missouri (Merimac Caverns) and New Mexico (Roswell and White Sands). We just stopped at the Arch, went all the way to the top, and also looked around that cute museum they have inside the bottom part. I probably have the same pictures as you, standing below it, looking up. :)


Friday 3rd of April 2015

Jilly's Cupcake Bar is a must ! They have won cupcake wars more than once! The city museum is great ! On weekends they even do a "lights out" time so you can play in the dark!!


Friday 3rd of April 2015

We're headed there for a four day trip in June, so I'd love to hear your recommendations!


Friday 3rd of April 2015

Love your hair that way ,very flattering ,use to be a hair dresser back in the day ,But still appreciate good hair cuts and styles (:


Friday 3rd of April 2015

Thanks! I straightened it -- it was less humid there the other day than it tends to be in Chicago, so it stayed a little straighter, lol.


Friday 3rd of April 2015

You're so good, I couldn't even tell you were gone! I think the "St. Louis Bread Co." is the predecessor to Panera. Looks like fun---love the giraffes, my favorite!


Friday 3rd of April 2015 I had to look it up! The giraffes were really cool -- the zoo was a-ma-zing.