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Free ALDI Meal Plan week of 3/3/19 – 3/9/19

free aldi meal plan week of 3/3/19

It’s your easy weekly ALDI meal plan for the week of 3/3/19: Pick up everything on the shopping list below, then start cooking on Sunday!

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ALL-DI news that’s fit to eat

bread cheese and tomatoes

Before you get started meal planning this week, let’s just quickly bop on over to sister site Almost All ALDI for a few updates. Because:

But now, let’s get back to the ALDI menu plan you’ve all been waiting for…

ALDI meal planning week of 3/3/19 – 3/9/19

I’m assuming that you already have pantry basics like cooking oil, common condiments, and spices. *** Read through the recipes before you shop, to make sure you have the necessary pantry staples on hand for this week’s ALDI menu plan.

There was a little extra room in this week’s budget, though, so we’re picking up butter and Dijon mustard to use in this week’s recipes — and to help replenish your pantry. 🙂

Six Easy Dinners from ALDI for $60.00

avocado pasta with chicken

ALDI meal plan — Start cooking 3/3/19

Note: It worked out that the chicken meals are separated here. You should portion out and freeze the rest of the pack of chicken on Sunday & thaw as needed, instead of keeping it open and refrigerated all week.

  • Sunday: Chicken potato pizza bake. On the side, simple sauteed spinach (add a tiny splash of lime juice if you like) + oranges and grapes.
  • Monday: Roasted asparagus grilled cheese sandwiches, pineapple, blue corn tortilla chips.
  • Tuesday: Easy spice rubbed fish tacos on corn tortillas (substitute pollock for tilapia) served with sour cream, a little chopped onion, one chopped avocado, two chopped Roma tomatoes, & extra lime wedges. On the side, not-so-dumb salad with cucumbers (use the grape tomatoes) and oranges. Also serve any leftover blue corn tortilla chips.
  • Wednesday: Sheet pan Parmesan chicken thighs & green beans. Also snap off the woody ends of the rest of your open pack of asparagus, toss in olive oil, sea salt, black pepper, & crushed red pepper to taste, and start that going on a separate baking sheet about 10 minutes into the chicken’s cooking time (depending on thickness). On the side: 15 minute garlic butter mushrooms.
  • Thursday: Creamy avocado pasta with chicken, make garlic bread with the rest of your sourdough, and have garden salad topped with mini cucumbers (sliced), your last Roma tomato (chopped), & a little chopped pepperoni.
  • Friday: Pollock & asparagus packets (substitute pollock for flounder; lime for lemon), plus baked potatoes topped with butter, green onions, & sour cream. Start the potatoes baking at 400 degrees about 45 minutes before you put the fish in the oven.
  • Saturday: Leftovers, family pizza night (ALDI sells a nice big take-and-bake pizza), eat out, or date night.

ALDI shopping list — Shop through 3/2/19

Dairy & refrigerated

Happy Farms sour cream, $.99
Countryside Creamery 16 oz butter quarters, $3.14
8 oz Happy Farms brick mozzarella, $1.99
8 oz Happy Farms deli sliced Havarti, $2.29
Priano shredded Parmesan, $1.99


Specially Selected sourdough square, $2.89
Burman’s dijon mustard, $1.49
SimplyNature organic blue corn tortilla chips, $1.89
12 oz Reggano rotini, $.79
El Milagro corn tortillas, $.35
Can Happy Harvest fire roasted diced tomatoes, $.89
8 oz can Happy Harvest tomato sauce, $.29
Casa Mamita diced tomatoes with green chilies, $.65
Stonemill 8 oz minced garlic in water, $1.79


Mama Cozzi 6 oz pepperoni, $2.19
3.25 lbs boneless skinless chicken thighs, $4.84
32 oz Fremont Fish Market value pack pollock fillets, $4.99


4 lbs navel oranges, $1.99
1 lb green grapes, $.99
Pineapple, $1.59
1 lb limes, $1.89
Garden salad, $.89
8 oz bag spinach, $1.19
1 lb green beans, $1.39
Two 8 oz mushrooms, $3.18
2 lbs asparagus, $2.98
1 lb mini cucumbers, $1.49
Bunch green onions, $.99
3 lbs yellow onions, $1.69
5 lbs baking potatoes, $2.49
3 Roma tomatoes, $.60
Pint grape tomatoes, $1.99
4 avocados, $1.98

That comes to $60.77.

Or, maybe less…! These meals will likely run you even less if you supplement this week’s ALDI purchases with clearance meat you already have in your freezer, pantry staples you picked up on sale, produce you already have on hand, and/or sale produce from your local produce market. Let me know if you give it a try!

Printable ALDI meal plan and grocery list

*** Download this week’s printable ALDI shopping list and meal plan in Word format so that you can edit and add in your own meal ideas, remove items you already have on hand, change regional pricing to match your own store, etc. *** The day(s) next to each item show which meals use each ingredient, so that you can easily see what to delete from the shopping list if you’re skipping a night.

Things to know about the ALDI meal plans

A couple of notes

  1. I try not to repeat main dish recipes more often than once a month, but you will see favorite easy recipes come up again in these weekly ALDI meal plans as the same meats and produce items come up again on sale. Part of the fun of meal planning lies in mixing old stand-bys with something new each week.
  2. If one or more of these recipes isn’t to your taste, or if you have other ingredients to use, you can adapt the recipes in this ALDI meal plan to your family’s preferences — or just use the ideas here to supplement your own meal planning. See: Pantry staples to stock up on and how to modify a meal plan for your family.

** Ad markets and dates

This week’s ALDI meal plan reflects prices from the current week’s ad (running 2.24-3/2 in Sunday ad markets, and 2/27-3/5 in Wednesday ad markets). Non-advertised prices were collected on 2/27/19 at my local store in the Chicago suburbs, but non-advertised prices and produce deals *may vary* by location & region. In either ad market, shop any time through Saturday and start cooking on Sunday 3/3/19.

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Happy ALDI shopping and cooking this week, everyone!

Useful resources for meal planning + ALDI shopping

Let’s close things out today with just a few resources to help you out with your meal planning and ALDI shopping:

How fun are these ALDI themed t-shirts I have for you guys?!

Lastly: You can always access your current regional ALDI ad here.


Wednesday 6th of March 2019

Oh, this week's plan looks amazing! So, I took a poll with my family on whether or not they wanted to give the plan a second go this upcoming week, and they all emphatically answered, YES! They said they love the recipes, and the fresh produce. They said it feels like we are eating healthier this week, and that they do actually appreciate the portion control. I'm so happy! Thanks again for everything that you do!


Wednesday 6th of March 2019

Hi Dawn -- Well, that is good to hear! On the issue of there being enough food -- the plan is meant to feed four, so if you are feeding five, with three of them being teenagers, you will probably need to add a bit more. You shouldn't need to blow your budget by doubling all of the recipes, but you might, for instance:

Add another filling side, especially on nights that seem lighter to your teens. Add a bit more meat -- so, if a recipe calls for 1.5 lbs of meat, you might, say, go with 2 lbs so there is a bit more to stretch to five people. Move the dinners that look more likely to have leftovers to earlier in the week, then let your hungry teen supplement his meal with leftovers from those meals on a night where the dinner more strictly feeds four.

You might also ask in the associated ALDI Facebook group how other families supplement the meal plans to feed slightly larger families, since there are all sorts of ways to take the basic plan and modify it for different families' needs.

Hope that helps, and so glad to hear that your family is enjoying the recipes!


Wednesday 6th of March 2019

My family really loves your recipes, and I love the concept of shopping at Aldi for approx. $60 per week for our dinner groceries. The problem I'm having is that that I'm feeding a family of 5, my husband and I, and our 3 young adult kids who still live at home. My 18 year old son seems like he walks away from the table still hungry; we are so used to having leftovers and more if someone wants seconds. I'm torn between doubling all of the recipes which would defeat the purpose of only spending $60 a week, or just telling them that this is a healthy portion of food, and if you are still hungry then eat more fruit and such. My budget is extremely tight, and I really can't afford to spend too much more on groceries, and I like how fresh and healthy your recipes are. I so want this to work for my family. Thank you for all that you selflessly do for all of us; I personally love everything about it! You make everything so easy for all of us!