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Follow Me Friday 6/12 — Mashup Mom all around social media

Follow Me Friday 6/12 on Mashup Mom, with a little rundown of all the places your favorite Mashup Mom deals, recipes, and more can be found.

  • Mashup Mom: The Blog. Come visit any time to see the latest posts and comments.
  • Mashup Mom: On Instagram. Find in-store deal photos, fun stuff, and more!
  • Mashup Mom: The Facebook Page. Find everything posted on the blog as well as additional tidbits — recipes, news stories, humor, and more — plus comments, deals, and questions from Facebook readers.
  • Mashup Mom: The Hot Deals Facebook Group. Find everything posted on the blog plus additional quick or limited time deals, plus deals shared by readers.
    • If you’re a Facebook person, I recommend both the page and the group, because Facebook doesn’t like to show people Facebook pages much any more.)
    • This group really gets hopping during the holidays, but is active all year round.
  • Mashup Mom: On Twitter. Find everything posted on the blog, plus additional tweets, retweets, and comments. (As opposed to Facebook, Twitter will show you every post.)
  • Mashup Mom: On Pinterest. If you like the recipe and DIY posts, this is the place to be! Follow me on Pinterest, repin content so you can find it again, and also check out the thematic group boards on which I share content for additional awesome recipes and crafts from other bloggers.
  • Mashup Mom: In Your Email. Subscribe to the nightly email newsletter, and you’ll get one email each evening containing everything that’s been posted on the blog over the past 24 hours.
    • This is useful one stop shopping, but sometimes you’ll miss limited time deals or those that sell out quickly.

Pick your favorite(s) to follow, and I’ll see you around the web! I’m hanging out everywhere you are, so let’s connect. ?