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Five Favorite ALDI Finds 2021

Now that we’re almost in 2022, I thought it would be fun to look back on some favorite ALDI Finds from 2021! Here are my top five non-food Finds over the past year, and I’d love to hear about yours, too.

My five favorite non-food ALDI Finds, 2021!

It was surprisingly hard to narrow down my favorite ALDI special buys from the past year, because my house is kind of, well, full of ALDI Finds. Nevertheless, here are my top five favorite Finds from 2021. I stuck to non-food items found in the Aisle of Shame for this list — because if we started talking about favorite food Finds, we’d be here all day!

Five Favorite ALDI Finds 2021

ALDI holiday gnome with red checked hat

Let’s start with my most recent ALDI Find, this little holiday gnome… who might still be hanging out here after the holidays for a while. (And yes, the sneaky little Baby Yoda Squishmallow behind him is also from ALDI.) This less-fragile gnome with his awesomely tall hat reminds me of my Dad, and replaces my outdoor ALDI gnome from earlier this year. That older gnome guy unfortunately came to an abrupt and untimely end this summer, when he tumbled off of my deck onto the concrete patio below.

money tree from ALDI

Did you spot this money tree plant also hanging out behind Mr. Gnome? Yes, Bad Kitty Gnocchi did decide to gnaw off some of its leaves a while back — but it’s been thriving since I clipped off most of those and ditched the twist tie originally holding its several stalks together. This pretty little plant provides a nice pop of green to my living room, and also helps hide the mesh wi-fi device behind it: Win-win. Money trees are also supposed to help bring good fortune, and don’t we need all of that we can get, lately?

coffee candle from aldi

Next up, this coffee candle, which even unlit has just the best fragrance. I don’t actually care for most candles because they smell artificial to me, but this one? This, I have on a shelf right outside my bedroom door to enjoy every morning when I wake up; it helps me get ready to tackle my day.

leaf chopping block

Moving over to the kitchen, those of you who follow the recipes on Mashup Mom may have noticed this lovely leaf chopping block lurking in the background of some recent food photos. My stores got these in so much later than advertised that I’d pretty much given up on finding one — but then: Boom, there they were! I picked up one for me and one for a friend, and you’ll likely be seeing this pretty wooden cutting board again soon.

ALDI box bag

Last but not least, this ALDI box bag has been surprisingly handy! It holds a lot, yet folds down flat, and the carrying straps make it a portable powerhouse of a bag. Or a box. Or… both? (And yes, the Baby Yoda wrapping paper was also from ALDI — my most recent use for the box bag is to transport holiday gifts between houses.) Box bags are so nifty that I even sent a couple to my mom as part of her Chanukah gift this year, since she, alas, lives in a non-ALDI state.

What were your favorite 2021 ALDI Finds?

So, now that you’ve seen my top five ALDI Finds of 2021: What were your favorite Aisle of Shame Finds this year? Do you find this as hard to narrow down as I did?!

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