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Five fave ALDI Finds & deals week of 8/9/23

Looking at the ALDI ad for the week of 8/9/23 (8/6/23 in Sunday markets), I see five favorite Finds and deals to share with you! From frozen edamame to keto friendly bagels, there’s something for everyone here.

five fave aldi finds and deals week of 8/9/23

Here are my top five ALDI Finds and deals from the ad starting 8/9/23 (8/6/23 in Sunday ad markets). They also have a few more “Asian Week” Finds listed, so be sure to check for more of those when doing your weekly ALDI shopping.

Five Fave ALDI Finds & deals, 8/9/23

edamame at aldi

One of my favorite Finds returns to ALDI this week: 16 oz bags of frozen edamame at $2.49. (While these used to be cheaper, it’s still not a bad deal for a whole pound.) Not sure what to use this in? Well, try throwing some edamame into:

Edamame is so tasty & nutritious, plus it’s a good source of protein, fiber, and iron. Oh, and if you’re making the ramen noodle stir fry above, Fusia ramen and pho noodles are also back in this latest ad at $2.49 per 8 oz pack.

honey cherry greek yogurt

Next up: More of a treat, Specially Selected Indulgent Greek yogurt is also back in this week’s ad. People in the Almost All ALDI Facebook group have reviewed this favorably in the past, and you can pick up a 32 oz container of Indulgent honey peach or honey cherry Greek yogurt for $3.99.

keto friendly bagels

If you follow a keto or dirty keto diet, you know that keto friendly bagels are harder to find. These have also returned to ALDI store shelves this week, at $4.49 per 15 oz (5 ct) package. ALDI’s keto friendly bagels sport 2 net carbs and 11g protein.

ALDI CARD just a note

Pembrook all occasion cards are in this week’s ad at $1.49 apiece, so it’s a good time to pick a couple of these up to have on hand. $1.49 is cheaper than at most stores, but if you are looking for even cheaper greeting cards, Dollar Tree has them for either $.50 and $1.00 (depending on brand). The Dollar Tree ones, however, are not as nice and don’t feature the detailed embellishments of the slightly more expensive ALDI cards — so pick your price point, depending on the occasion and recipient!

mini succulents

Lastly… did you know it was going to be plants? Mini succulents are back this week, and back down to their older price point of $1.99. Pick up several and create your own easy maintenance arrangement; just be careful not to overwater. Speaking of plants, you can also grab a 2.5″ lucky bamboo at $6.49.

What are you picking up this week?

What are you looking forward to picking up at ALDI this week?

Runners up for me from this latest ALDI ad include 3-packs of reading glasses for $4.99, 12 oz Barissimo cold brew ground coffee for $5.99, Huntington Home 4-pack bar mop towels for $2.99, and fresh sliced pork belly for $3.99/lb.

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