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Elote, Donut Sticks, Churros, Sesame Oil, and more ALDI Finds 10/20/21

ALDI Finds for the week of 10/20/21 include frozen elote-style corn, toasted sesame oil, tandoori naan, churros, butter cookies, donut sticks, and so much more!

elote style corn at aldi

Hey, look what’s back in the freezer section this week at ALDI: Season’s Choice steamed chipotle corn blend or elote style corn. It’s a little more expensive this go-round (up $.20 from the last time it appeared as a special buy, so now $2.19 a bag)… but, everything kind of is right now, right?

I’ve been making this vegetarian elote tortilla casserole recipe every time the corn reappears at ALDI, because it’s just so darn delicious. Let me know if you give it a try.

protein waffles at aldi

Other frozen Finds this week include:

  • Belmont chocolate chip cookie dessert bars, $4.49
  • Breakfast Best protein buttermilk & vanilla waffles, $2.99
  • Casa Mamita chicken or black bean mini empanadas, $4.79
  • Season’s Choice seasoned spiral fries, $1.99
  • Tyson air fried chicken strips 20 oz, $6.99
  • Yummy panko chicken nuggets or whole grain chicken fries 56 oz, $9.49

Note that prices may vary by store and by region: And now, let’s talk about 25 (+ 25, plus more of the top ALDI Finds of the week of 10/20/21. You’ll also Find some on 10/17/21, in Sunday ad markets, or if you store starts putting things out early.

*** Fair warning: This is quite a long ad this time, so we’re breaking these up into 25 top food Finds and 25 non-food Finds this week — and then we’ll talk about pizza, sesame oil, seasonal Finds, and so much more. 🙂

Top ALDI Finds of the week

tandoori naan at aldi

In no particular order, here are 25 of my top ALDI food Finds, plus 25 of my top non-food Finds for the week of 10/20/21. Then, let’s talk about price comparing, and discuss ALDI toasted sesame oil… and THEN, we’ll check out this week’s PIZZA picks, as well as some new seasonal Finds.

Top 25 Food Finds at ALDI this week

Hey look, donut sticks are back! Other food Finds of fun this week? How about:

  1. L’Oven Fresh tandoori naan 17.5 oz (plain or garlic), $2.89
  2. Bake Shop mini pumpkin spice cupcakes, $2.95
  3. Bake Shop pumpkin donuts, $3.49
  4. Simply Nature unseeded or seeded ancient grains bread, $3.99
  5. Bake Shop apple cinnamon or pumpkin muffins, $2.99
  6. Bake Shop pumpkin coffee bites, $3.99
  7. Bake House Creations donut sticks, $1.49
  8. Main Street Bistro baked scalloped potatoes, $4.39
  9. Casa Mamita chicken or black bean mini empanadas, $4.79
  10. Season’s Choice seasoned spiral fries, $1.99
  11. Appleton Farms hot or Italian pork sausage rolls, $2.49
  12. Specially Selected hazelnut or quinoa chocolate bites, $#.49
  13. Clancy’s cinnamon churros, $.99
  14. Benton’s portion pack chocolate sandwich cremes, $3.79
  15. Benton’s portion pack vanilla wafers, $3.99
  16. Benton’s birthday cake or iced oatmeal cookies, $2.95
  17. Journey To Sweden double chocolate crisps, $1.99
  18. Journey to France French butter cookies, $1.99
  19. Benton’s cookies, $1.49
  20. Simply Nature sprouted rice blends, $2.69
  21. Fusia assorted Asian sauces, $2.55
  22. Simply Nature goat cheese deluxe mac & cheese, or shells & cheese, $2.79
  23. Stonemill assorted chili seasoning packets, $.69
  24. Simply Nature 90 second rice pilaf, $1.99
  25. Burman’s wing sauce, $1.29

People swear by the donut sticks — there are only frying instructions on the package, but apparently they also turn out great in an air fryer. And, speaking of sweet treats, the churros are also a recurring favorite.

French butter cookies with caramel

Sweet treats do abound this week. Next up: A product of France, the French butter cookies sport surprisingly few ingredients for being just $1.99 a box.

butter cookies ingredients

Definitely worth a try, if you’re a butter cookie fan.

Top 25 non-Food Finds at ALDI this week

Now let’s move on to some non-food Finds of the week. Above, my ALDI fridge trays from several years ago. Surprisingly, they’re still available at the same $4.99 price!

  1. Ambiano double rotating waffle maker, $29.99
  2. Crofton 25 oz insulated wine carafe, $9.99
  3. Crofton juice carafe, $4.99
  4. Crofton acacia & silicone utensils, $3.99
  5. Crofton fridge trays, $4.99
  6. Huntington Home 2-in-1 electric wax melt warmer, $9.99
  7. Huntington Home luxury 2-wick candle, $4.99
  8. Huntington Home hearthside candle, $8.99
  9. Huntington Home full/queen or king royal plush blanket, $14.99
  10. Crofton square or round canister set, $12.99
  11. Crofton vacuum insulated container, $7.99
  12. Huntington Home tabletop scarecrow, $5.99
  13. Huntington Home mercury glass pumpkin candle, $4.99
  14. Huntington Home fall reversible porch sign, $12.99
  15. Huntington Home fabric pumpkins, $4.99
  16. Huntington Home nostalgic truck or tree, $12.99
  17. Huntington Home holiday pine cones, $3.49
  18. Glowing succulent, see price in store
  19. Crane premium stadium seat, $24.99
  20. Huntington Home 4′ Halloween inflatable, $12.99
  21. Character light-up athletic shoes, $12.99
  22. Visage hair straightening brush, $16.99
  23. Visage 3-pack reading glasses, $7.99
  24. Bee Happy foam blocks, $12.99
  25. Heart to Tail Halloween cat scratching house, $8.99 (up a buck!)

I was disappointed to see that the cat scratching houses have increased in price from $7.99 to $8.99 this go-round, but not surprised; the price has been the same for years… every time they reappear.

Always price compare

electrolyte solution at aldi

Speaking of prices, though, it does pay to compare — While ALDI’s prices are often lower than their competitors’, this isn’t always true.

Case in point: I was a little disappointed in the $4.49 price of this week’s special buy Welby electrolyte solution. The comparable Target store brand bottle is almost a buck cheaper right now — and, the name brand at Target is only $.50 more.

And, this isn’t the only example. For instance, comparable everything bagel seasoning at Costco or on Amazon runs much cheaper than ALDI’s Who Needs the Bagel? seasoning, and spices in general are often cheaper elsewhere.

Toasted sesame oil is back!

sesame oil at aldi

But what is a good buy? Carlini toasted sesame oil, at $5.99 per 16.9 oz bottle. This hasn’t gone up in price, thankfully, and it’s good quality stuff: See my earlier Carlini toasted sesame oil review here. Pick up a bottle while available to use in recipes for months. To get you going, here are just a few of my favorite recipes using sesame oil:

… and, so many more!

olive oil spray

Speaking of good prices on cooking oil type items, $2.79 is not bad for organic olive oil spray. Stock up on this Simply Nature organic variety while available, if you prefer it to the canola sprays.

ALDI Pizza Finds

eggplant flatbread

Pricing quibbles aside, let’s get back to more of the goodness of this week’s Finds. From this latest ad, we have FIVE new pizza and pizza-adjacent options to check out. These include:

  • Specially Selected eggplant grana or spicy pepperoni flatbread, $4.19
  • Specially Selected stone baked assorted goat cheese pizzas, $3.99
  • Mama Cozzi’s premium tavern style cheese or supreme pizza, $5.99
  • Mama Cozzi’s pan pizza value pack cheese & pepperoni, $9.99
  • Mama Cozzi’s meatball or sausage deli calzone, $1.99

The calzone is refrigerated, and the rest you’ll Find in the frozen foods section.

ALDI Seasonal Finds

butterball turkeys at aldi

More new seasonal Finds every week, and I’ve been sharing what I spot each week in my own local stores. This week, turkeys are back: Butterball turkeys at $1.39/lb, and Kirkwood bone-in turkey breast at $1.59/lb. We should see better sales on that Butterball, though, so wait to purchase! Moving over to the refrigerated meat case, you may also find seasonal BAP certified farmed Coho salmon, at $8.03/lb.

chocolate lava cake

Sweeter seasonal Finds I spotted in store this week include these 2-packs of frozen Specially Selected chocolate lava cakes for $2.99, Bake House Creations sweet Hawaiian crescent rolls for $1.49, and Pillsbury chocolate chip cookie dough rolls for $2.99. Baking your own sweet treats, instead? Specially Selected Belgian chocolate chunks will run you $2.49 per 10 bag.

red pepper spread at aldi

More fun Finds have popped up over on the charcuterie endcap, too. Specially Selected fruit spreads (fig, plum, red pepper) are $1.99 each, while 22 oz 4-packs of cheese pairing spreads will run you $6.99. Look also for Specially Selected premium mustards at $1.95 a jar, Specially Selected herb cornichons for $2.49, and much more.

winter timberwick candles

On the non-food front, seasonal winter scented Huntington Home timberwick candles run $5.99 apiece. (These were in the regular aisles by the other air care products at my store, rather than on a seasonal endcap or in the AOS.)

christkindl mulled punch and wine

Lastly, some seasonal drinks if your store sells alcohol:

  • Christkindl apple punch or mulled cherry wine, $5.99
  • Christkindl gluhwein, $5.99
  • Holly Hill Farm eggnog, $7.99
  • Petit peppermint bark wine, $7.99
  • Quarter Cut bourbon barrel chardonnay, $9.99
  • Grande Alberone rosso, $8.99
  • Belleti moscato D’Asti, $7.99

What are you looking forward to this year? See earlier weekly Finds posts here and at Almost All ALDI for more Fall Finds of Fun.

What’s Up with ALDI Finds?

shipping delays at aldi

What’s up with ALDI Finds? Well, these are limited time special buy items that are available in stores only while supplies last. So if you spot something you like, be sure to pick it up while you can.

Before shopping for new Finds this week, though, you might wish to visit the ALDI Finds product delays page. Because of ongoing shipping delays and materials shortages affecting ALDI and many other retailers, certain advertised products may not be available in all locations.

Finding the Finds

Where do you Find all of this week’s special buys?

  • Check out the “ALDI Finds” and current weekly ad tabs (or mobile menu choices) on the ALDI site to window shop from home.
  • If you’re planning an in-store shopping trip, use their online ad to help determine what you’ll grab and purchase if you do see it in the store.

Products mentioned in this post were either spotted in store or are from the ad starting 10/17/21 in Sunday ad markets, 10/20/21 in Wednesday ad markets. What caught your eye among this week’s ALDI Finds?