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Easy DIY Chalkboard Frames

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This week’s Frugal Homemade feature is Easy DIY Chalkboard Frames. Earlier this week I was updating my chalkboard from “Welcome Spring” to “Let Freedom Ring” and thought this would be an easy, inexpensive, and fun project to take on.

chalkboard supplies

Easy DIY Chalkboard Frames

Materials needed

  • Picture frame
  • Wood cut to size
  • Chalkboard paint
  • Paintbrush

Pretty simple supplies! Your local thrift store is a good source for frames. (The one I am using here was just $3.00!) For the wood, the nice young man at Home Depot cut a multi-purpose panel to size for me, so that was really easy. The original panels are 2’x4′ and cost $6.47, so depending on the size of your frame you could easily get 2 or three pieces out of one panel. Chalkboard paint runs about $10.00 at Home Depot, but I already had some on hand. Try JoAnn with a coupon to find a better deal than the regular Home Depot price, or you can pick up a small bottle on Amazon for about $6.00.

Let’s get started!

chalkboard 2

This is a tough one, guys 😉 . First, paint your board. You may need multiple coats until it is layered thick enough not to see the wood grain through the paint.

After your board is dry, pop it into the frame. If your frame doesn’t have the little metal framing points to keep pictures in place, just use a hammer to tap a few small finishing nails along the sides to hold the chalkboard wood in place.


I told you this was easy

There are lots of cute picture & saying ideas to inspire you on Pinterest, too, so have fun with it — Change up your chalkboard for the season, or use it to frame quotes that inspire you this month!

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