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Caturday with the Notorious BKL and Friends: If I fits well, I sits well edition

Bad Kitty Lucy in a box -- if I fits well, I sits well.

Welcome back to Caturday with the Notorious BKL and Friends: If I fits well, I sits well edition. Bad Kitty Lucy is proving that point for me here by squeezing her entire furry body into this little shoe box. She does fitzwell, that’s for sure!

BKL wants to be a meme -- white and gray cat sitting at a table

From shoebox to table, BKL basically has spent a lot of time over these last couple of weeks posing around the house, in various attempts at becoming her own meme. We could probably serve as our own “woman yelling at a cat” meme microcosm, because I’m pretty sure that the next frame here would be me yelling at her to get the heck off of the table.

Happy Valentine's Day from BKL and Jeremy -- two cats in a pretty pink box

If the whole Internet meme thing falls through, though, she and Jeremy have jointly concocted a backup career plan: Posing for greeting cards. What do you think, does it seem viable? 🙂

chonky cat in a box

Speaking of memes, though, that previous photo was a actually a close up of them cuddling together in this broccoli box from Costco. As Jeremy alone in the box proves here, “16 healthy servings” seems somewhat accurate. (Sorry, Jeremy! We love your chonky cat-ness, never fear.)

BKL sleepy cat on the windowsill sucking up the sunlight

Internet fame aside, though, you just need a break from the paparazzi. There’s always time for a little chill on the windowsill… in BKL’s world. That cat can find a sunbeam on the cloudiest of days.

So, how’s YOUR Caturweek going?

middle school kid drinking coffee on a college tour

I’ll leave you with the usual question on this Caturday: How’s your own Caturweek (or cat-free week) going? We’ve been busy lately with college visits, and you can see just how thrilled Middle School Guy is about tagging along on these with his older brother…

And be sure to tune in next time for the latest installment in the exciting ongoing Caturday adventures of the Notorious BKL and Friends.


Saturday 8th of February 2020

How fast those cute little guys turned into handsome young men! Yikes I'm getting old! I can't believe BKL and Jeremy look so cozy sharing a treasured box. They must be getting old too! Although in the next picture Jeremy certainly has an interesting look on his face. How did BKG miss out on all of this?

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