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Cat butt refrigerator magnets? Weird Amazon products week of 12/5/22

Need some fun or weird Amazon products for holiday gift ideas this year? More new options for the children at heart this week, from a farting poop emoji ninja pen to cat butt refrigerator magnets.

weird amazon products week of 12/5/22

Look no further for white elephant gift ideas than our weekly roundups of weird Amazon finds! Check out these weird, cute, and fun Amazon products from the week of 12/5/22, find a new one on the Mashup Mom Facebook page every morning, & head over here every Sunday for a new recap roundup.

What might you be gifting from this week of Amaz-odd?

Weird Amazon products, week of 12/5/22

Soooo, is there a child (or child at heart) in your life that actually needs a “farting poop emoji ninja pen” with punching arms? I think this one definitely qualifies as a weird Amazon product…

Is it weird, or is it practical? You tell me: The KitchenArt ham dogger lets you make hot-dog-shaped burger patties, so that you only need to buy one type of bun to please both the hot dog and the hamburger lovers in your family.

Next up, let’s bring some light reading to your holiday gifting: The Stray Shopping Carts of Eastern North America, a Guide to Field Identification.

I mean: What gift could possibly say that you love someone better than this anatomical heart shaped vase?

Dress up your dog as Santa’s Little Helper this holiday season, with this Christmas elf costume for pets!

These are… different. Cat butt refrigerator magnets, anyone? You get a set of six here, so have many decorating options for your fridge. Happy Caturday.

Be sure also to follow the ongoing adventures of The Notorious Bad Kitty Lucy and friends, if you are a cat person. 🙂

Marvel fan? Open your bottles like a Norse deity, with this Mighty Hammer Opener!

More weird Amazon products here next week

Come back next week for a brand new roundup of weird Amazon stuff! Or, head over to Facebook every morning to start out your day with a new fun pick — and, of course, much, much more.

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