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Cabo Fresh Guacamole Review — And high value coupon!

I received Cabo Fresh products for purposes of review; however, all opinions in this post are my own.


*** Note: This review is from 2014. It’s now 2017: The coupon is no longer available, Ultra Foods in Chicago have gone out of business, and the products may have changed since that time, given people’s comments.

If you have been reading along here for a while, you might have noticed I tend to get unduly excited about guacamole — so you can guess how excited I was to review Cabo Fresh guacamole for you all! If you’re here in Chicagoland with me you can find Cabo Fresh at Ultra Foods, or check the store locator on the Cabo Fresh site to find some near you.


I put both Organic Cabo Fresh guacamole and Classic Mild Cabo Fresh guacamole to the test here. Both are made from “best of the bunch” hand-picked 100% Hass avocados (95% avocados, 5% spices), and their guacamole could be especially convenient at times when it’s difficult to find a ripe fresh avocado around here.


Fortuitously, I just so happened to have some leftover fajita fixings crying out for an infusion of good fats from Cabo Fresh Guacamole today. (OK, it’s kind of unsurprising since I often have foods around here that could benefit from guacamole…) Cabo Fresh proved a flavorful and creamy counterpoint to the spicy fajitas, and you can see the occasional big chunk of avocado in there.


And, since you can’t truly judge a guacamole without tortilla chips… both the organic and the classic mild Cabo Fresh Guacamoles were very good and fresh-tasting, but I think organic had the slight edge in flavor here. I’d definitely pick some up again, and don’t forget to print your own $2.00/1 coupon before you buy yours.


Saturday 15th of August 2020

This guacamole is for people who don't know what guacamole (or avocados in general) should taste like. Absolute @ss.


Monday 8th of April 2019

I hated it. It was the worst tasting guac i ever had. I got the spocy and there is no difference from the mild. It has a sharp and almost bitter tast. Compared to other guac iv had it is no good. Only reason i came across this is because i searched it to see if other people were saying the same thing. Im so disappointed...


Tuesday 13th of November 2018

Oh my gosh, I completely agree with Patrick McLaughlin! Im here because I searched the company to find their customer service number to ask what happened to their product, and came across this blog.

I loved this guacamole, and would have to do everything to resist eating it all in two servings. Creamy, buttery, ripe lovely high quality guacamole. And I appreciate the packaging which is more reusable than other packaged guacamole products.

However, oh man! I dont know when I last bought guacamole - perhaps 3 weeks or a month ago? BUt this time - bought it from my grocery store yesterday, its Baaaad! Watery - I keep re-reading the ingrediants and the packaging label to see how they might be getting away with adding more water than what is declared in the ingredients. It is so bad I dont want to eat it - like ... leave in the back of the fridge and hope it dissapears bad. WHich is a stunning difference to someone who had to hide it on myself to keep from eating it all in one day.

If something is going on with the avacado harvest (this is a natural product by the way) - is this a bad time of year to process avacodo? Are they bringing in some other source of avacado from another growing source because of high demand, and its an inferior product? There were so many ads encouraging people to eat guacamole and avacodo recently - I hope we get parallel education on the quality of the fruit and how much doctoring might be going on (e.g. dont EVER but Wal-Mart guacamole - which is 50% tomatillo, water and bitter tears).

Thanks for your blog post!

Patrick M McLaughlin

Tuesday 6th of November 2018

I have been buying Cabo Fresh Guacamole 95% Spicy and Mild for at least 2 years now. I have a very sophisticate palate as I have been in the Wine Industry all my life -- (57 yrs.) I just returned from Finland and Sweden 2 weeks ago and one of the first things I bought at our local grocery store was a container of the Spicy Guacamole from Cabo Fresh. To my dismay it was no way the same product that I had just before leaving. So I bought another -- with the same result !! It seemed to be infused with something that made it lighter in texture. Today I bought the mild -- and it was just as it had always been -- smooth and creamy. The Cabo people have change their recipe on the Spicy -- PLEASE don't ruin the Mild !!!


Monday 8th of April 2019

I came here trying to see if people were saying it was bad. I never had this brand before, but i got the spicy and it is awefull! I would buy walmart brand guac over this any day. Glad to hear that the mild might be good, but this spice one as ruined it for me, dont even want to try this brand again.


Friday 2nd of November 2018

Please nobody buy this guacamole. Especially if you have never had guacamole before!! This stuff is terrible and is NOT how guacamole should taste. It tastes as if their main ingredient is xanthan Gum. So disgusting!


Thursday 20th of December 2018

Agree, its horrible. No need for gum in guacamole!