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Ask Rachel Anything, August 2019

ask me anything

I thought it might be fun to try something new here today: Ask Rachel (almost) Anything!

What? Well, I tend to get a lot of questions (here, in email, on Facebook…), but don’t always have time to provide thorough individual responses. But, since I get a lot of similar questions, it made me think that it might be fun and useful to answer some of them publicly for all to see — and that, if you have a question, it’s likely other readers do as well.

Ask me (almost) anything

So, if you have a question about anything on topics like:

  • Blogging how-tos
  • Recipe development
  • The three bad kitties
  • Diet and cutting out sugar
  • Meal planning
  • ALDI
  • And…?

Go ahead and comment here, or drop me an email at [email protected] if you want to ask something more anonymously. I’ll write up my best answers to the most common questions in a future “ask me anything” feature. I look forward to hearing your questions and ideas!

It should go without saying, but please keep all questions appropriate and family friendly.

What are you curious about? It’s your turn: Ask away!


Wednesday 14th of August 2019

My husband has stomach issues. He can't have tomato sauces, tomato paste. He doesn't eat fish (unless he catches it) or seafood. Do you have any recipes that do not have tomatoes, sauces, paste? Not any seafood? Any alternatives are welcomed.Thanks!


Saturday 10th of August 2019

What is your favorite.... -recipe that you’ve found? -recipe that you’ve developed? -celebratory meal/recipe?

Thank you for all of your work and time!


Saturday 10th of August 2019

Do you think BKL will go into building inspection full time, or just when the work is available close to home? She has a lovely signature.


Friday 9th of August 2019

This might be a strange one but my husband I always talk about how you very rarely use red onions in your recipes! We have always been curious if it's due to cost, the fact that Aldi doesn't sell them by the bag, or if maybe you just don't like them;) If you can't tell, we are big red onion fans so we usually add them to all of your recipes lol! Thanks so much for all the recipes and meal planning! It has saved our family hundreds of dollars since we found you at the beginning of this year and we are so grateful!!