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ALDI Halloumi for You and Me: A Review!

ALDI carries halloumi grilling cheese seasonally in the summer — read my little review, and find out how to cook it up on the stove top!

aldi browned halloumi cheese

I actually picked up a pack of ALDI halloumi grilling cheese a while back (because everyone was talking about it, and I’m somewhat susceptible to peer pressure when it comes to food). Unfortunately, it got buried in my fridge! These things happen, but it led me this week to a happy rediscovery and taste test — ably assisted by two teenage boys.

An ALDI Halloumi Review

aldi halloumi on the shelf

Look for Emporium Selection Halloumi grilling cheese at ALDI, $3.99 per 7 oz. (This is actually a decent price; it’s $5.99 for 8.8 oz at Trader Joe’s, and much higher at Whole Foods.) ALDI generally only carries halloumi during the summer months, so stock up now if you are a fan.

If you’ve had halloumi in the past, ALDI’s is quite comparable to restaurant and name brand, but available here at a more affordable price point. Imported ALDI halloumi is a product of Greece.

Ingredients: Pasteurized cow’s milk, salt, rennet, lactic culture, spearmint

How do you cook halloumi?

halloumi ingredients

While halloumi is billed as a grilling cheese, I actually cooked mine up on the stovetop indoors using a cast iron skillet. (Use a grill pan or grill, though, if you like the pretty grill marks.) I like to add oregano and fresh lemon juice to mine; then I just garnished it with a little chopped parsley from the garden.

halloumi in a pan

To brown ALDI halloumi cheese nicely on the stove top:

  1. Slice the cheese into thick sections (7-8 slices)
  2. Season both sides of the halloumi slices to taste with oregano
  3. Heat a glug of olive oil over medium-high heat in a cast iron skillet until shimmering
  4. Cook the halloumi slices over medium-high heat for just 1-2 minutes per side until golden brown, noting that the second side will brown more quickly
  5. Squeeze on fresh lemon juice, to taste
  6. Garnish with fresh chopped parsley

Serve the browned halloumi with additional lemon wedges. Your hot grilled or pan-fried halloumi is best consumed immediately; it’s not as good cold.

You definitely want to add fresh lemon juice to brighten up the flavor, and could also try a little crushed red pepper along with oregano if you wish to spice your cheese up a bit more. Be careful not to overcook halloumi, too. You just want it nicely browned, so that you get the contrast between the crisped up edges and the chewy inside.

What does ALDI halloumi taste like?

aldi halloumi review

What does grilled or browned halloumi taste like? Delicious, that’s what! But, before purchasing this cheese, realize that halloumi is quite salty. One ounce of ALDI halloumi contains 224 mg of sodium (10% DV), so a little bit goes a long way. Try a piece as a snack or appetizer, dip it in marinara, enjoy with fresh garden tomatoes or watermelon, or cut up a bit of cooked halloumi to top a salad or gyro. (Trader Joe’s actually has an intriguing halloumi & watermelon balsamic bites recipe up on their site.)

If you’d like to compare it to some more well-known cheeses: Halloumi has the firm, smooth texture of mozzarella, the squeakiness between your teeth of cheese curds, and some of the saltiness of feta.

While salty, freshly cooked halloumi cheese is darn tasty — with a very satisfying bite between your teeth. Don’t try it uncooked; it’s meant to be browned or grilled for optimum flavor.

Have you tried ALDI halloumi?

browned aldi halloumi

How did you prepare your halloumi, and what did you think of it?

See more ALDI reviews, and let me know your thoughts.