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ALDI Everything Franks in a Blanket Review

My kids made me buy ALDI Everything Franks in a Blanket this week — so, what did we think of them? Here’s our little review.

aldi everything franks in a blanket box

This is what happens when your teenage boys catch a glimpse of the ALDI ad: You come home with special buys like Appetitos Everything Franks in a Blanket ($3.99 a box).

ALDI Everything bagel dogs review

everything bagel dogs at aldi

So, we got bagel dogs. ALDI continues jumping on the everything bagel bandwagon here — a month ago we saw specialty everything bagel seasonings (no longer in stores), while this past fall we saw everything bagel dip (also no longer in stores).

Their overarching strategy here appears to be: If you throw some everything bagel seasoning on something, you can charge more for it. 🙂

Talk about your snackosphere…

little bag of bagel dogs in the box

You should have seen Middle School Guy’s face fall upon opening this box and discovering that it was less than half full. This was a ridiculously small amount of franks in a ridiculously large box for $3.99, and… I even made him share with his brother. Moms are mean like that.

plate of little everything bagel dogs

To give you some perspective, this is the entire box of cooked everything bagel dogs on a saucer-sized plate… The box says that this is three servings, four bagel dogs per person. (Don’t look at the nutrition information: They’re bagel dogs, not health food. One serving, for instance, contains 40% of your saturated fat and 19% of your sodium for the day.)

But, how did they taste?

aldi everything franks in a blanket cooking instructions

You can either cook these everything franks in a blanket in the oven for 17-19 minutes, or in an air fryer for 7-8 minutes.

bagel dogs on a cookie sheet

We made ours in the oven, since I already had it preheated for something else. This box of franks in blanket filled half of a rimmed baking sheet.

How did they taste? Well, I don’t eat hot dogs, so am relying on my teenage taste testers here. Both boys gave these an enthusiastic… “meh.” The overall verdict? They’re OK, not great, and the everything bagel topping doesn’t add much to the experience.

Middle School Guy says they taste like “those baseball hot dogs, kind of weird,” and College Guy says “You don’t need to buy these again.” Guess not everything from ALDI can be a hit, right?

Everything bagel fans

If you’re an everything bagel fan craving franks-in-a-blanket, I’d instead suggest picking up a bottle of Who Needs the Bagel seasoning (or equivalent), a pack of crescent rolls, and a pack of hot dogs — then, cook up your own fresher and cheaper batch.

Did you pick up everything bagel franks at ALDI this week? What does your family think of them?


Monday 1st of January 2024

Will not buy again. Quality was good but only had 7 pieces in one box and 9 in anotheršŸ¤”. Quality control needs to improve.