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A Very Pendleton Caturday, with the Notorious BKL and Friends

Welcome back to a Very Pendleton Caturday, with the Notorious BKL and Friends! This coziest of all the blankets has brought peace to our cat-tentious household…

cat curled up on a cozy blanket

Welcome back! It’s been a month since we’ve touched base with our three bad kitties, so seems high time for another (very Pendleton) Caturday with the Notorious BKL and Friends.

Coziest blanket = coziest cats

gray and white cat and brown cat cuddled on blanket

At the risk of sounding like an ad: During the 2021 holiday sales at Costco, I picked up this super-soft Pendleton blanket to go on our old, scratched-up couch. Its intended purpose: For people. Its actual purpose? Well, apparently I’ve instead created the best, coziest, most tempting giant cat bed ever.

cats cuddling on a multi-color blanket

This magical Pendleton blanket has negotiated a ceasefire. All old feuds have been forgiven and forgotten, here on the cozy blanket of peaceful snoozing. Most days now, you’ll spot these two curled up together there.

brown cat looking up from colorful blanket

And you’ll almost always find at least one of them partaking in the blanket of coziness! If Costco brings these blankets back again next year, I highly recommend one for any of your furry friends.

Blankets are nice, and all

gray cat on heater vent

Then again: Blankets are great, but during our snowy Chicago winters, sometimes only lying directly ON the heater vent will do. Gnocchi’s quite clearly staked out her claim to this one.

snow day

I mean, though, can you blame her? Here’s what we had going outside the day I snapped that photo. I think that my driveway is out there somewhere…

Take me with you..!

Her other idea to escape the snow and the cold was to jump into College Guy’s suitcase, trying to hitch a ride back to school. Little does she know, though: His school is also in the frozen Midwest, so there’s really no getting away.

How’s your Caturday going?

baby yoda figure in tulip vase

So, how is your own cat-filled, or cat free, life been going, lately? Beyond three bad kitties and cozy Pendleton blankets, Baby Yoda has been helping me get through winter over here. (Are you a Mandalorian fan? Be sure to watch The Book of Boba Fett, too!)

He’s pictured here nestled into the prettiest tulips from ALDI; around 5 bucks a bunch this week in store for Valentine’s Day. And, as always, be sure to tune in next time for the latest in the exciting ongoing Caturday adventures of the Notorious BKL and Friends.

I hope you appreciate the semi-occasional detours from recipes and ALDI into the adventures of our three bad kitties over here. They’re just so darn shareable, and sometimes (gasp) there’s more to life than food!

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