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2022 Planners at ALDI this week!

Have you been waiting and waiting for these? Pembrook Specialty Planners are back at ALDI for 2022 — look for them in stores this week, while supplies last!

2022 specialty planners at ALDI

Yes, it is the middle of February 2022 — yet this year’s ALDI specialty planners are just appearing on the shelf now. Choose from six different designs this time, including affirmation, baby, budget, wellness, or parent planners. As always, these are a nice size and run just slightly larger than a standard notebook. Each spiral-bound planner measures 9.25″x11.25″, and each sports a sturdy cardboard cover and spiral binding.

And no: We never saw the plain spiral-bound planners in store this year, only these specialty ones. If you are looking for a regular 2022 planner, or additional choices in designs and styles, Amazon is always a great backup option.

2022 ALDI Planners

meal planning page from parent planner

And yes, 2022 ALDI planners are quite late to the party this year! Never fear, however: The calendars in all of these planners appear to be undated, so you can start yours in any month. The weekly menu planning page pictured above, for instance, is from the parent planner — which seems very similar to last year’s edition, if you liked your 2021 parenting planner and wish to replace it for 2022.

budget and chore chart

Also like last year, the parent planner again includes budgeting pages and chore charts in addition to the weekly menu planning calendars. Keep track of children’s activities and friends, find a savings planner, and list friend and family member contact info in this one.

Every design is different

budget planning calendar bages

Check the inside of each 2022 ALDI planner to see which best suits your needs: Each is different, and each helps you plan toward a different set of goals.

wellness planner tracking pages

For instance, the wellness planners’ monthly and weekly tracking pages focus on weight, water intake, exercise, and food logging. These are also undated, allowing you to start at any month and to pick it back up at any time.

monthly tab stickers

Be sure, though, to check the sticker pages in the back of each planner for monthly tab stickers. Starting at any month, stick these over the undated calendar tabs and fold them over to cover — so then, you can easily page through your planner to any month you need.

Each planner contains

ruler bookmark in the planner

Check the front of each planner for a removable ruler bookmark to help keep your page, as well as spaces to write your contact info and emergency contacts.

pocket pouch in the planner

And, check the back of each planner for a double-sided pocket folder to hold important papers, as well as several notes pages and three sticker sheets.

Which specialty planner are you picking up this year?

Are you picking up an ALDI planner in 2022, or did you get tired of waiting and already grab a different planner elsewhere?

Michelle Graham

Wednesday 5th of July 2023

I want a 2024 planner. I have a 2023 and an I buy it online?I love it. Best planner ever. Can I buy it online?


Thursday 6th of July 2023

Unfortunately they don't sell their planners online, you have to wait for them to show up in store...