Reader deals 4/19/14

Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

Big favor: If you mention other sites, online coupons, etc, please include the link. Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.

Dollar Tree

  • Outlander shares: “I found at Dollar Tree big boxes of Kellogg’s Fruit Loops so 3 free after $3/3 Qs. And also Honey Bunches of Oats Greek yogurt, so 50 cents after $1/2 from 4/13 SS1.”
    dollar tree cereal

Internet service

  • Priscilla comments: “Don’t forget if your kids qualify for reduced or free lunch you should qualify for Internet Essentials through comcast for 9.99 a month internet.”


  • For anyone still heading to Target tonight for Bounty, new2q says: “There is also a $1/2 bounty rolls Q in the energizer battery packs that had ‘ Save over $20 PG items ‘ . These where the 20- pack batteries that were free after rewards at Office Max.”
  • And Samantha says: “There is also a $1 off 6 pack or larger Bounty when you text offers. You know, if you need some more PT ;)”
  • A tip from Kari O.: “Target will tell you it’s the discretion of the manager or cashier to accept or not accept coupons. I’d suggest buying the items then returning to customer service for a refund of your “missed coupons”. They allow that for at least 3 days, sometimes a week.”
  • Jaimene says: “The Target mobile app has ALL of the mobile coupons and bar codes Including the special deals and baby mobile coupons” You may still have to be signed up for the mobile coupons in order to get them in your app.

Ultra Foods

  • Something to look for from Linda: “When buying the Keebler crackers, look for peelies for buy 2 boxes of crackers, get a dozen eggs free!”

Whole Foods

Whole Foods — Earth Day deals on eco friendly cleaning


For Earth Day between April 19-22, Whole Foods will be offering 50 percent off more than 130 Eco-Scale™ rated household cleaners from multiple brands.

The lineup includes more than 130 household cleaners ranging from liquid laundry detergents and fabric softeners to dish soaps and all-purpose, glass and toilet bowl cleaners. Featured brands include Ecover, Greenshield, biokleen, Seventh Generation, Mrs. Meyers, If You Care and Method.

Coupons I know of

Know of any more? Please share here.

A couple of Whole Foods deals — Friday specials 4/11/14


Two new Whole Foods deals — They sent over over a couple of Friday specials for you guys this week!


First up, a spring-y sale: Pineapple upside down cakes will be on sale 2/$10.00 April 11-13.

Friday only

On Friday 4/11, Ataulfo mangoes will be on sale for $.69 each or $9.00 a case. See more and read recipes at the Whole Story blog here.


Beyond Meat net $2.69 at Whole Foods


If you missed the free Beyond Meat coupon the other day, here’s another chance to check it out.

Just got this for the first time today so haven’t tried it yet, but have heard it’s very good!

Reader deals 3/31/14

Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

Big favor: If you mention other sites, online coupons, etc, please include the link. Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.

Angie’s List

  • A warning from Lynn: “Be careful come renewal time for this. If you read the detail terms of service, Angie’s List has no obligation to notify you at renewal of the terms; they can just renew you at the “then current” rate using your method of payment (most likely Pay Pal). They may be good and let you know it’s renewal time, but to be safe, I recommend a note in your phone calendar around March 15th next year to check on the renewal costs and cancel if you don’t believe the value will exceed the new annual cost. I’m no lawyer, but it looks like you cannot get a refund of that renewal fee (after year 1 of membership), so it’s worth a little tickler note.”
  • Koupon Kat asks: “Does anyone know if the health provider/doctor reviews are included in the basic membership level? That would be my main reason for getting a membership.”
  • And Kara B. shares: “The saga continues: I was unable to access the promotional price on Firefox, Chrome and IE (the $5.99 screenshot above didn’t appear, just a $35 rate). Though the SPRING2014 code still applied, I wasn’t interested in paying that rate to try the service. Called the support center, as they suggested on Saturday when I first received the original error message. They honored the $5.99 rate though I obviously wasn’t able to use PayPal. I was alerted to the annual renewal policy, as Lynn mentioned above… and will definitely be putting a reminder in my calendar. Kat, the health provider reviews cost an additional $13-ish. I was able to get the basic home services and health for just under $20 for the year, which I think is a great rate.”



  • Something to look for from ellen: “found $1 peelies on some of the nexcare”
  • Shandelle found: “Virtually every package of individual & sharing size M&M’s at CVS had $.25 peelies on them. And I have spotted these peelies on the M&M’s at 2 or 3 other CVS stores in the recent past, also. So with the $.74 store coupon, you can get 1 free!”
  • She also came across: “I read that next week at CVS, these [TEN 2 liters] will be $.99 each and there will be a coupon to print in the store for $.30 off one, so after the $1.50, it will make them $.09 each! Gonna hold onto my 2 until then. :) One for $.69 + one for $.99 is $1.68 less $1.50 = $.18 for both or $.09 each.”

Jerry’s Fruit Market

  • Caroline posts on Facebook: “Jerry’s Fruit Market has strawberries for .69! I don’t know how long the price will last because they change on a daily basis. They are really sweet and big!”


  • From Shandelle: “If you still have the $3 Schar printables (no longer available) from a few weeks ago, I found pouches of Schar cheese bites for $3.59 at Jewel. I don’t have a strict gluten free diet so I wasn’t interested in using these on stuff I was gonna have to pay a bunch extra OOP for.. so maybe you will find better uses for high value coupons like that, but I was happy with $.59 gluen free snacks to give them a try. :)”
  • Judy S points out the Energizer deal is: “Not really a moneymaker. ( $4.99 x 2) – ($1 x 2) ~$8. Get a check for $8. Also, sttill have to pay tax on $10. Almost free batteries.”


  • From letsshop, 1 lb Campari tomatoes will be $1.00 starting Thursday. Clip the $1.00 coupon on mperks and get free tomatoes!

Reader requests

  • Susan posts on Facebook: “Need advice on a good water proof camera. Thanks in advance!”
  • Aoy is wondering: “Has anyone received the $5 off your utility bill as all? I haven’t. Thx. – Aoy”
  • From Jamie: “Question about laundry detergents: I have recently been using the All free and clear “packs” (sorry don’t know their actual term) but we bought a new washer- one of this large capacity top loading suckers and the packs are not completely breaking apart and leaving marks on some of our clothes. Can anyone tell me how to avoid this? Should I not be using those “packs” even though it is okay?”
  • Stacey responds: “Are you putting them directly in with the wash? Thanks to my DH (who is in the chemical industry) I learned, no, you do NOT put them where your pour the liquid in the pullout tray. DUH! I hate when he’s right. It happens so infrequently that when it does, I’m embarrassed for myself ;)”
  • SoapboxTray suggests: “Try running to wash on HOT.”
  • Sabrina shares: “I have a front loading commercial washer and gave up using the packs because they ended up leaving marks on our clothes and not completely disintegrating. I just chalked it up to being a high efficiency machine and not getting enough water to properly rinse?”
  • Sue is wondering about the HP laptop: “Any comments good or bad on this? Also, never bought refurbished before in a laptop, so not sure on that either. But, on the flip side, looking for something for my son to take to school with him next year, and this is a good price. Any recommendations?”


  • From Valentina S.: “7UP TEN is on price cut at Target for $0.79. And it stacks with 5% off on Target Cartwheel. No need to buy in multiples of 4 or 6 at Target.”

Whole Foods

  • John W reports: “My Whole Foods (South Evanston) took the Beyond Meat coupon without any questions and it scanned right. They’re always good about taking any coupons. They also take my $2 off Dream coupons with overage when I use them on the single Dream treats (which are $1.69), which I assume is okay (the coupon doesn’t limit it). And don’t forget the $1 off kit’s organic bars, which make them free.”

Totally worth $31 shopping


I’ve been out and about all day, but had to drive a kid to Glen Ellyn — so decided to stop at Ultra and ALDI on the way there, and swing by Whole Foods on the way back. OK, Whole Foods is not technically anywhere near “on the way back” — but by the time I’m in Glen Ellyn I’m halfway there, lol.

Ultra Foods

The Planters Natural peanut butter is included in the 3/$5.00 sale this week! It’s not usually, so that was a nice surprise.

8 jars Planters peanut butter, $13.34. Used four $1.00/2 coupons: $1.00/2 printable here, or $1.00/2 in the 1/26 SS.
Asparagus, $1.08.
2 Stonyfield yogurt cups, $.96. Used $1.00/2 Facebook printable.
Eggs, $1.38.
8 lb potatoes, $1.98.

Got $.05 off for bringing a bag and paid $14.26.


Strawberries, $1.49.
Flour tortillas, $.89.
Corn tortillas, $.35.
Cucumber, $.29.

Paid $3.07.

Whole Foods

Organic Alexia fries, $2.69. Used $1.00/1 from this month’s Whole Deal (or printable here).
12 Luna bars, $10.69 after case discount. Used four $1.50/3 from this month’s Whole Deal.
2 Enjoy Life chocolate chips, $7.39. Used $1.50/2 from this month’s Whole Deal and two $.55/1 printables.
Beyond Meat crumbles, $5.69. Used FREE coupon from earlier promo (no longer available). Will get back $1.00 from Ibotta.
Rice Dream nondairy ice cream treats, $4.39. Used $2.00/1 Facebook printable + $1.00/1 from this month’s Whole Deal.
12 So Delicious yogurt cups, $18.25 after case discount. (They were nice enough to give me this even though I had some regular and some Greek — since they were the same price.) Used twelve $1.00/1 manufacturer coupons (in the regional 1/5 SS or $1.00/1 printables here) and four $1.00/3 from the Jan/Feb Whole Deal (expires today). Will get back $1.00 from Ibotta — it just keeps showing up even though I’ve already redeemed it!

Paid $15.90. Will get back $2.00 from Ibotta for Beyond Meat and So Delicious for a net cost of $13.90. So for today: I spent $33.23, with a net cost of $31.23.

A few Whole Foods deals week of 3/26/14 – 4/1/14

Here are a few Whole Foods deals and coupon matchups for the week of 3/28/14. Prices can vary by store and region, so check the shelf at your own location.

  • Some of these deals I saw myself in store, some you guys shared, the lobster tail deal was emailed to me, some were on Healthy Life Deals, and some on Organic Deals.

Whole Foods gives a 10% case discount (tell your cashier if you have a case), and $.10 credit for each reusable bag you bring in. They have now posted a global Whole Foods coupon policy good at all stores!

A few Whole Foods deals

Reader deals 3/24/14

Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

Big favor: If you mention other sites, online coupons, etc, please include the link. Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.


  • A tip from patti: “Just wanted to remind Amazon users to check their subscribe and save orders before they ship this week [or whatever plan you are on]. I had quite a few items and was on the 20% tier. Lots of little things Rachel had found for us. I was shocked to see SEVERAL went up in price significantly and several of the good deals found here are out of stock now. I know it’s been discussed here before that this is a possibility but I was disappointed this month with Amazon.”
  • Debbie on the microwave splatter cover: “I have one and so does my mom and sister. We got ours at Target for $2.00. I LOVE it! It fits right over the plate and heats the food evenly. My sister also keeps hers above the microwave. I don’t have room there (range hood) so I keep it in a bottom cabinet near the microwave on top of some bowls so it fits perfectly there.”
  • And jennyh says: “IKEA also sells these if you are ever there, I think they are about the same price.”
  • Another option, from Wende: “I bought this at Walmart quite a while ago for less than $2.00. Actually, I bought 2! I honestly don’t know if they still carry it, but I imagine it would be faster than Amazon. And btw . . I keep mine IN the microwave, so no excuses ; )”

Dollar Tree

  • Holly posts on Facebook: “I found Triaminic Cold & Allergy, Multi-Symptom Fever & Cold, and Night Time Cold & Cough at Dollar Tree.” Use the $3.00/2 in the 2/9 SS to get them free.


  • Cynthia posts in Hot Deals: “Just an FYI – Menards has dishwashers on sale plus the 11% rebate on top of that!”


  • Something to look for from jane: “If you like Kashi cereal, check your boxes. There was $1/1 “new item” Q on the boxes recently, that shows cereal, chips, and something else. The cereal is B3G1 free at Target, ranging from $2.89 – $3.29. I had a $1/2 IP, and a $1/1 from a box—nice deal on Kashi. (You need to buy the ones marked “new,” matching whatever number of Qs you use. The IP is “any” Kashi cereal.)”
  • Tamara says: “If you’re looking for frozen vegetables, then Market pantry frozen vegetables (10-12oz) are on sale for $.80 each. There’s a target coupon for $1/4 Market pantry frozen vegetables and a cartwheel for 5%. So it comes to .52 per bag when you buy 4.”
  • From grandma g: “Today only on Cartwheel there is a 50% off the board game CLUE. New $5 game for the kids Spring Break!! I didn’t find any coupons so not as good a deal as Hungry Hippos, but a lot quieter :)”

Ultra Foods

  • Beth shares: “With the spend $35 on select KC get 10 OYNO… It is a mail in rebate. Also, a save $3 OYNO printed at checkout for the Kotex! Excited for even bigger savings!”
  • Jane asks: “Did you get the rebate form in store? Wondering if you’d have to send off just one receipt, or can you roll the Kotex Catalina and submit all your receipts for the $10/$35 *also, we just got a new Kotex coupon….do they allow a post coupon or pre coupon total to get to the $35 for KC? If it says, Thanks!”


  • If you are doing the propane deal, Steve F. found: “Sweeten the pot with this $3.00 Rebate from Blue Rhino!!”
  • A tip from Amy N.: “Coupon prints with ad at the bottom so don’t forget to add a couple more coupons to fill up your page. Thanks for the heads up – I’m sure we will need propane soon!”
  • Steve F. reports: “Ok, I just did the deal. The $25.00 gift card is on a FULL tank. Do NOT buy an empty new tank that is inside the store sitting beside the grills. Go outside where they keep the gas in a cage, get $25. gift card without an exchange of an old tank, or $10. gift card with an exchange. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BUY A GRILL.”
  • But letsshop says: “Steve all the Walmart stores in my 25 mile area still has American propane ,they are in the process of switching over .What Walmart stores  is everyone finding Blue Rhino ? Thank you”
  • DON’s experience: “More propane fun to try on …… Shorewood on 59 and Theodore – paid $47.xx after tax and got $25 gc. They would not accept coupon seeing it did not scan – they advised me they would not push it through….. whatever, I figure I will get it to work somewhere else another time…. went out to get new tank and the only full tanks they had were NOT Blue Rhino, the guy other there let me take a UPC from a B R tank which I will send in for rebate…. quite interesting… My total after tax and rebate minus GC is about $19 bucks – Im ok with that.”

Whole Foods

  • From letsshop: “Just bought 2  1/2 gallons Dreams milk $3.99 each in fridge. if you buy from the shelf $4.99 same size 64 oz. so of course bought 2 from refrigerator ,cost’s 99  afater both coupons  each real tasty got vanilla . Went to store in Willow Brook asked about  rotisserie now   chicken $9.99 ,hardly never on sale ,and each store has different sales . So hoping something good comes up on sale so I can use Groupon”


$2.00/1 Dream is back — Plus Whole Foods stack


The $2.00/1 Dream nondairy product coupon is back on Facebook — and reset, since it just let me print two more. At Whole Foods, stack with the $1.00/1 Whole Foods coupon here for $3.00 off one Dream nondairy beverage or frozen dessert. I don’t remember the prices offhand, but this should make the 32 oz shelf stable beverages free or near free.