16 piece red fluted dinnerware set $19.88


This Better Homes & Gardens red garnet simply fluted 16 piece dinnerware set is on rollback for just $19.88 at Walmart, with free in-store pickup! This set would be lovely for the holidays, wouldn’t it? 4.6 stars in 81 reviews, too.

Add a touch of drama to your place settings with the Better Homes and Gardens Simply Fluted 16-Piece Dinnerware Set. This set includes four dinner plates, dessert plates, bowls and mugs. All pieces can be used to heat foods or beverages in the microwave. They can also be washed in the dishwasher. The dishes included in this stoneware dinnerware set feature attractive fluted details for added appeal. The bowls and mugs are sized generously so you, your family and guests can use them to enjoy big bowls of soup or hefty cups of coffee. This Better Homes and Gardens Simply Fluted 16-Piece Dinnerware Set would make a great gift for someone setting up a new kitchen. It can be mixed and matched with a more neutral white set for a festive holiday presentation, or used alone for every day family meals.

  • This stoneware dinnerware set includes:
    • Four 10.75″ (27 cm) dinner plates
    • Four 8.75″ (22 cm) dessert plates
    • Four 6.25″ (15 cm) soup or cereal bowls
    • Four 15.75-oz (465 ml) mugs
  • Dishwasher-safe and microwave-safe Better Homes and Garden red garnet dinnerware set
  • Generously sized bowls and mugs for big bowls of soup or hefty cups of coffee
  • Fluted design provides a stylish touch
  • Mix and match this red dinnerware set with other dishes for a festive holiday presentation

(Thanks, For the Mommas)

Reader deals 9/17/14

Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

If you are sharing a deal from another site or an online coupon, please include the link. If you found a deal at a specific store, please include the location.

  • *** Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.

Household tips

  • On the Ziploc Perfect Portions, Kate says: “We always use these bags for our Zaycon chicken! Perfect way to keep the chicken fresh and free from freezer burn. We put one breast in each perfect portion bag and then put 10-12 in a ziploc bag. Easy, mess free way to pull out exactly what we need for dinner!”
  • SoapboxTray shares: “I put banana’s in a large flat ziploc container (kind of shoe box size) and stack them in the freezer. I use banana’s frozen all the time in my smoothies. The banana’s pull away from each other fairly easy and break easily in pieces for your bullet or blender. Just hate to see you spend that much on wrapping individual bananas! :-)”


  • Jane says: “There is a printable coupon for the Jell-o pudding on Smartsource for 55c/2. That makes it 52c each for the big boxes of pudding when you buy 4 items.”
  • On the Quilted Northern deal:
    • yvette found it ringing up for $12.49 then $3.50 instant savings coming off (worked on a single pack as well as $7.00 coming off two), making it $8.99 at the Roselle/Wise store in Schaumburg.
    • Judy S. calculated: “That works out to $.25/double roll.”
    • Mary J found it to be $12.49 AFTER the savings in Des Plaines.
  • Kelly emails: “Fresh Express Salad 30 Day rebate/coupon Fresh Express Coupons Offer Form ( New! Ongoing ) Receive For every two bags you enter up to 14 bags in 30 days they’ll email you a money-saving coupon OR Enter 15 salad bag codes within 30 days after signing up and get $50 in coupons to use throughout the year.
    I entered 2 codes and received a $1 off two coupon.  You can only print once.  So with the Jewel sale, you could get a bag for a dollar. The website is www.saladswap.com  Click on Sign Up under the 30 day salad swap.”

Loyalty programs

  • For Starbucks, Elizabeth posts on Facebook: “check youe emails..i just got an offer if you reload your card with visa get a $5 bonus with 25 or a $10 bonus with 50
  • Kelly emails: “Here’s another deal I saw on My coke rewards website.  You get a free pretzel if you download their app and the first 25,000 people get 10 free coke reward bonus points.  I did it 2 days ago, got my reward for a free pretzel, and got the free pretzel today while shopping at Stratford Mall.  That’s a $3 value.  It says it takes 7-10 days to get the 10 points, so I don’t know yet if I received that yet.  Here’s the weblink.”


  • Rita found: “The Ekrich sausage is 2/$5 at Mariano’s so $.50 each after doubling of coupon which you can do on Wednesday’s! Just grabbed myself some today! I’ve been adding this to the pan when I roast veggies and potatoes in the oven and it makes for a quick yummy dinner!”


  • Nancy noticed: “I saw a sign up today in Meijer near this detergent that said ‘Buy $25 of Clorox, Arm and Hammer, >>>, and _____ and get $5 off instantly’ I live in a Thursday-Wed. sale area, is this already going on? And if so, is it spend $20 or spend $25? Or is this another separate deal that is starting on Thursday?”
  • Kerri reports: “We are in Indiana and my mom went earlier this week. Both of the buy 8 save $8 were the same deal. She bought 2 deli fresh and 6 steam fresh and the $8 came off. Don’t know if this is the same everywhere or a glitch.”
  • So Nikki wonders: “Hmm-can you buy 16 in one transaction?”

Reader requests

  • Elizabeth on Facebook is wondering about Raise for discounted gift cards: “Has anyone tried this site… I have bought electronic CVS and Lucy and everything went smoothly each time!



  • An idea from Jennifer: “Awhile back there was a Quaker rebate (I think in All You magazine?). Any idea if it’s still valid and can be used when price matching the [Jewel price for] Quaker Oats cereal at Walmart?” It is here, and says hrough 9/30 — although no guarantee it won’t run out like the Dr. Pepper one did on the last day or two.
  • Julie warns: “Make sure to compare sizes. We wanted to price match the granola bars a few weeks back, but Walmart carried slightly different sizes than everywhere else.”

Reader deals 9/15/14

Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

If you are sharing a deal from another site or an online coupon, please include the link. If you found a deal at a specific store, please include the location.

  • *** Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.


  • DON says: “Caputos almost always has these [deli ends], same price, 1.99 I believe …. we scavenge and give the rest to the dogs :)”
  • Sarah asks: “Is this Angelo Caputo’s? Where do they keep them?” In Elmwood Park, they are at the bottom of a tall refrigerator case across from the end of the deli closest to meat and produce, near the olive bar.
  • And DON responds: “YUP, Angelo Caputo’s Naperville, Deli area in the back near the corner”


  • On the Arm & Hammer coupon, Nancy says: “I can only print one per computer.”
  • But Wende says: “It only let me print one, also, when I first read this. But I tried just now and it let me print the second one. Weird . . .but ok!!!”


  • From evelyn: “I don’t know if everyone has the same offers but for me jingit has .80 back on water (it says $3 minimum purchase for the water but I have never had a receipt rejected for not meeting the minimum purchase amount.). And .50 for scott toilet paper.”
  • A question from Natalie on the Scott bath tissue: “I was wondering if it is also on the regular one not the soft one. If so does anyone else know the roll count.”

Household tips

  • Jane warns: “Wear gloves if you wear contacts as well. I learned the hard way years ago I had cut up hot peppers and took out my contacts hours after touching the pepper seeds/membranes and burned my eyes and the contacts! Nothing takes the oils out of the lenses (soft) even after I cleaned/soaked them they still burned. I did dishes and washed my hands several times during the day before touching the contacts and it still burned! I had to throw out those lenses. Since that time, I now wear gloves or use the knife to remove the seeds from peppers.”
  • On the deli ends, Kari O. shares: “My husband gets these and pulls out his sushi cookie cutter. We end up with fun shapes and he puts them in my daughters bento case for homemade lunchables. Easy and cheap!”
  • She also says: “I got these [Perfect Portions bags] free from the Jewel freezer promo last year. I have only used half the box since then, but I don’t portion out meats often. My family uses a whole package in most cases. lol. But we do use them for popcorn a lot. This way my kiddos can take a handful to go without using an expensive ziploc or taking a Tupperware container and losing it.”

Shop and Save

  • Laura recommends: “Also check Shop and Save, they usually have these [deli ends] buy one get one free.”

Ultra Foods

  • A report from twells on the free milk mobile coupon: “There is no expiration date. The coupon have an PLU number not a barcode.”


  • Mandy says: “Valli foods used to have [deli ends] near the deli.  Not sure where they are since they remodeled, but, they were very popular, so, I would assume they still have them.  Glendale Heights store.


  • Stephanie posts on Facebook about the beauty box promo: “I got mine today, well worth it! Full size products! I hearse the baby one is nice as well.
  • Neilly on Facebook agrees and shares: “Got mine today. Definitely worth $5!
    walmart beauty box
  • Also on Facebook, Victoria asks: “Do you get any coupons in the box?

Has anyone tried the $5 Walmart Beauty Box?


Anyone tried these Walmart Beauty Boxes? You sign up to receive them quarterly, and they’re $5 each. It looks from the picture like they contain some samples and some full size products, but I’m not really sure. So: Anyone? Worth $5? This is a subscription, but you can cancel at any time under your account if you find it’s not longer worth it to you.

HP all in one printer just $26.99


Get this HP Deskjet 1512 inkjet all-in-one printer for just $26.99 online at Walmart! Note that this is not wireless and does not include a USB cable, so you’ll have an additional cost for a cable if you don’t already have one from an older printer. Free in store pickup or free shipping at $50.

This HP Deskjet All-in-One Printer, 1512 offers easy printing, scanning and copying, with quick setup and straightforward operation, at an affordable price. Optional high-capacity cartridges help you print more for less.

Reader deals 9/8/14

Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

If you are sharing a deal from another site or an online coupon, please include the link. If you found a deal at a specific store, please include the location.

  • *** Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.


  • A find from Outlander: “I found this [Chef Boyardee pizza sauce] on Amazon. Only $7.88 for 12 cans after Q and S&S. Anyone know is that sauce any good?”
  • From Charlotte on Facebook: “Cheap tissues! Get your cheap tissues! $28.18 for 18 packs of tissues [on the 20% Subscribe & Save tier]. 210 tissues per box (so larger than the average boxes at the store). Comes to $0.007/sheet if my math is correct”

Bargains in a Box

  • Caroline posts on Facebook: “Bargains in a Box has the same Rubbermaid lunch boxes for $5. We have gotten them at the River Grove and Villa Park locations.


  • Ashley shares: “Just so you know, on the patches, buy two for $9.98, use $5/$10 coupon in those free last packs at every store register, pay $4.98 and get back $4.99 ECB for net two free. So then roll that ECB into two more, with another $5/$10 coupon and get them four boxes for net $4.98 pop. The $5/$10 scans right through because you are at 98% of $10.”

Reader requests

  • From letsshop, on the Groupon deal: “Has anyone ever made a purchase at Prime&Tender ,thinking expensive ,not a steak person anymore would like to buy pub burgers or ground beef only ! wonder if I would have a problem with that .The store is so  close to me (:”
  • A question from victoriad84: “does anyone coupon at tony? it since everytime I go and try to use coupons they give me a hard time I used some of my kelloggs points to get coupons for the kelloggs and Keebler deal and they told me they only take original coupon I said these are they they said they don’t take black and white then it was they don’t take internet printables I walked out with out the items ill find the same deal somewhere else” She adds: “are there certain tonys that are better with coupons” I have only shopped at North Riverside and a few times Melrose Park. I have never had a coupon rejected at either place, but I typically only use a few each time I go. But I have definitely used different types of black and white printables there with no problems.


  • Jane says: “There is also a digital coupon to load to your Walgreens card online for the Dawn Hand Renewal one for 50c.”


  • From liz: “theres a new mini convience walmart in des plaines at the corner of golf and Elmhurst..decided to check it out and they had lots of cosmo, lemonade, and pina colada vita fruite for 12.49..so got my second bottle for .49 after 7.00 ibotta and $5.00 off submitted it and within 60 seconds ibotta credited me and I got a 3.00 bonus for buying 2. (the first was at “other liquor store..if you have it..you could buy 2 there and use one at walmart and the second would qualify for other liquor stpre)..and then theres the 8.00 rebate whoo hoo..”