Walmart Holiday sale today — $30 Easy Bake Ultimate Oven

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More great new deals on the Walmart pre-Black Friday sale today, including the Easy Bake Ultimate Oven for $29.96! Free shipping over $50 or free in-store pickup.


And for those of you putting together tea gift sets, check out this four piece “Keep Calm” set for $8.98! To go along with, don’t forget to pick this up — NOT at Walmart, but….


13 Deals has a Mister Tea and MANATEA (lol!) set of tea infusers for just $5.99 shipped.

Reader deals 11/18/14

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Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

If you are sharing a deal from another site or an online coupon, please include the link. If you found a deal at a specific store, please include the location.

  • *** Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.


  • A find from Jordan: “Can’t speak to quality, but as of yesterday, cranberries were being clearanced at the Oakbrook Terrace Aldi for 49¢.”


  • Judy S. advises: “Choose at least 1 other coupon to print or the [Barilla Plus] pasta coupon prints at the bottom of the page with an ink wasting picture above it.”
  • She also offers another tip, if the Covermate coupon is printing too large: “Make sure it’s not set to ‘fit to page.'”


  • An idea from Kari O.: “For that price I REALLY hope people consider buying a jacket, even if they don’t have kids, because there are LOTS of cold children who would really appreciate a donated winter coat. My family has limited funds, but my daughter fits in her jacket from last year, so I am going to buy one for her classmate. I went on a pumpkin picking field trip with her class and saw one little boy who was still wearing sandals and only a hoody because his parents couldn’t afford warmer clothes. I volunteer at the school, I know I can slip this into his cubby during class, but I know there’s a few organizations collecting jackets too.”
  • Another option, from jess: “Merlins 200,000 Miles stores also participate in a winter clothing drive. Snug Hugs for Kids. I bought ten hats last week at The Childrens Place for $0.80 each and dropped them off along with everything our kids have outgrown. They take all types of winter wearc for ages 0-18, baby blankets, and clothing as well!”
  • And Sara shares that Jewel is doing a Bears coats drive.
  • A suggestion from barb: “Call your kids grade school or school board offices. Many school secretaries know of someone within the school (or district) in need. Sometimes they will give you a size range and gender and if you drop it off at the office, the secretary will quietly put the kids name and phone number in it and call the kid down to the office saying that this was found and it’s their coat. We did this 4 timed from old navy, Macy sales last year. It’s fun knowing someone in need right in your area got immediate help. Cause burr it’s cold out right now.”

Exercise equipment

  • Suzann shares: “I had a gym quality treadmill about 20 years ago—I got it through the catalog Damark(called something else know). It folded up and was not too obtrusive but I had a huge master bedroom. Back then I think I paid about $500. Eventually about 7 years into ownership we both got bored and I sold it for about half what I paid. I would look at Greensheet or Craigslist for a used treadmill.”
  • Beth says: “Sears is great for fitness equipment- do not go with chicago home fitness- their service plan is terrible! Sears is great and service technicians are very knowledgeable. It is highly recommended to have once a year tune ups on equipment. Sears has been great with our elliptical! Sure they would be just as great with treadmill.”
  • But Samantha adds: “LOL -we bought ours from Chicago Home Fitness. I actually thing it’s a good place to go to find out more about treadmills as the people working at Dicks, Sports Authority don’t usually know too many details. Consumer reports often reviews them -so that’s a good place to start. We spent about $600 -It does what it needs to but probably not a good enough model for serious runner. I like to walk/run on it. Craigslist might be a good bet if you can find near you -they are heavy to transport!”
  • Advice from Michelle on Facebook: “I bought mine 2 yrs ago on Black Friday. There are a few things to think about, where are you putting it? Want it delivered and assembled? How heavy duty do you need? My answer was yes on all so I did a middle to high grade precor, I think it was at Chicago home & fitness. We needed something that was guaranteed to withstand my husband running:) . The only deal they had running bc of bf was the mat you need to have under it if you keep on carpet and basement. With that, I highly recommend if you are putting it anywhere remotely difficult to bring into your house, delivery and assembly:)”

Gift cards

  • Pam shares: “You can also get Chili’s GCs at Thorton’s 20% off through the end of November! Those seem to be in stock more than the Amazon that I am still hoping to find!”


  • Something to look for from Suzann: “Kroger also sells [LaBrea bread] and when it show up on the oops we baked too much rack, they all come home with me!! So tasty.”


  • A reminder from Outlander: “If anyone still wanted to buy those bottles of Veev vodka and Vita cocktails, they are still on sale at Meijer. Today is the last day on Ibotta, and until 11/20 on Snap. So I finally did it today. :)”
  • From feelgood: “Eckrich smoked sausage is also $2.00 at Meijer 11/20 – 11/26 , so $1.00 after coupon there.”

Reader requests

  • From Claribel on Facebook: “Any pointers for this first virgin Peapod user…I have no interest in braving the cold this week….it’s going to be a LONG winter!” Check out the current top ten here. The new sales start Saturday. One little tip from me: If you don’t need your groceries right away, you can start an order now and select a date Sunday or later, then on Saturday add stuff from the new sale while keeping the things you added during the current sale.
  • Heidi posts on Facebook: ” Hi–I am looking for deals on the movies Cars and Cars 2 in Blu Ray. Don’t want to spend more than $10 each and would love to find them cheaper than that,”

Shop n Save

  • Caroline posts on Facebook: “Even better at Shop n Save free when you use the coupon since the cranberries will be $1.”


  • If you snagged the Groupon, something else to look for from Kari O.: “Holiday Drinks are Buy 5, Get the 6th one FREE. They give you a card and you collect stickers. The promo cards feature the new drinks, but is valid on the yummiest of all: Egg Nog latte.”
  • She also says: “Oooh, my rewards coupon is 50% off a Holiday Drink!” Check your emails for personalized rewards! Rachel and my husband both got 3 bonus stars with a holiday drink purchase. I got a $3 credit wyb five…most likely because I bought one yesterday.
  • Something to check from feelgood: “For those with American Express Cards, sign in to your account online and check AMEX Offers For You (towards the bottom right). Mine had a “Spend $10 or more, Get $5 back” at Starbucks stores. Also found offers for Spend $50 Get $10 back at JCPenney, and Spend $50 Get $10 back at Office Depot/Office Max.”


  • Monique posts on Facebook: “Note for lapsed Chicago Tribune subscribers. I got a neat postcard in the mail today. As a former subscriber they will be giving me the Thanksgiving paper and Sundays 11/23 – 12/28 for FREE. I typically subscribe mid-Nov thru end of the year. I meant to resubscribe last weekend. Procrastination paid off!”


  • SmartShopper shares: “Last time this Covermate variety coupon was available, I printed it (and yes, mine printed huge too). Took it to Walmart in Rolling Meadows, IL. The variety pack was indeed $1.98 so it was FREE after coupon. The cashier studied the coupon and even called over the Head Cashier, but they did put it through.”

Whole Foods

  • Pam comments: “Yay! Was able to get Zevia free today! I bought 4 six packs, which the cashier told me she was giving me the case discount for. That made each one $2.70. I used the $2/1 IPs with the $1.50/2 WF coupons. Also, got Back to Nature crackers for only $1 each (used $1/1 WF coupon from last month Whole Deal plus $1/1 coupon from this month’s Mambo sprouts.) They do have several gluten free varieties as well, for those of you who prefer. In the end, I got 3 boxes of different crackers and 4 six packs of Zevia for like $3.69 out the door (in addition to the dirty look from the person behind me, LOL). The normal price of one six pack of Zevia is $5.99 there!”

Six foot unlit artificial Christmas tree just $20

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If you missed the earlier Christmas tree deal that sold out in about 30 seconds, Sara recommends this $20 unlit 6′ tree from Walmart instead!

I advise against buying one of bargain trees with the lights.  I bought one and the lights shorted out in the 2nd year.  I bought this tree from Walmart on advice from my sister (she has the same tree) and we’ve both been using them for several years. Perfect size for an apartment!

They also have several prelit versions in the “customers that bought this also considered” section, if you’re still in the market for one of those.

Possible free CoverMate variety pack at Walmart

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Here’s a new $2.00/1 CoverMate stretch to fit food covers variety pack coupon. 8 ct are reportedly $1.98 at Walmart, making them free after coupon. As we all know, Walmart prices can vary by store and region, so let me know if you have luck at yours. :)

(Thanks, Couponing for 4)

Pre-holiday and one day deals at Walmart — Personalized Sports Duffel and more

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Walmart has some really nice pre-Black Friday deals going today, including several today only deals! One deal that caught my eye was this personalized sports duffel bag for $17, which would be a nice gift to fill with littler gifts. :)