Viggle — watch TV for gift cards

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So when I posted about Jingit the other day, everyone told me to also try Viggle. I’m suggestible, so I did, and it’s cool. Here’s what I have figured out so far and some of your comments — please comment here if you have tips for maximizing your Viggle points. You can get the app (for iPhone/iPad only) by searching viggle in the app store.

Watch shows

You check into TV shows by letting your phone listen and confirm that you’re watching the current (or recently recorded) broadcast. Last night I watched Grimm on DVR, and it oddly gave me more points than it said it was going to.


“Featured” shows, like Grimm was, give you more points than others. It doesn’t really have a way of tracking whether you watch the whole show (although I did, because I like Grimm), but this message popped up about an hour later. I guess, after the time it would have taken to watch the whole thing if one had watched the commercials…!

Play along live

I don’t really watch live TV so haven’t played with this yet, but apparently you can earn bonus points by playing along with their trivia and whatnot.

Watch bonus advertising videos


When you open up Viggle, click “What’s on” on the bottom left. Then, as you scroll through the current featured shows, interspersed with those shows you’ll see ads and the number of points they’re worth. Click on the ad and let it play, and you’ll earn that number of points.

Watch more ads and previews


While scrolling through the featured shows, tap on each to bring up its information. If you see a white bar with points on the bottom, touching that bar will bring up another ad. Watch the ad for the given number of points.


How much have I earned?

I signed up yesterday and got the 1500 signup bonus. I’m now at 2163 points, so earned 663 in a day by watching one show and clicking through on all their ads. 3000 points gets a free Redbox rental. 7500 points gets a $5.00 Starbucks gift card. 375,000 points (!) gets a Kindle Fire.

Tips from me and others

I don’t especially like watching ads. So, I turned the volume almost all the way down on the phone and just sat it nearby while doing other things (cleaning the bathroom, typing…). When the background sound stopped, I clicked to the next ad. :)

From Brenda

“Ok, I have found the secret behind viggle.  The “featured” shows you need to DVR.  Then, throughout the day watch those shows.  You just “check in to them” and then wait til the hour (or half hour) is up.  You earn the points (or more) that they tell you it’s worth.  For example, if Grimm is a featured show and it says +250 points, you will earn more than that… probably around 275.  I have racked up over $200 worth of gift cards since February.  It’s incredible.  I use them for  birthday gifts, teacher appreciation, and maybe a starbucks for myself (now i don’t feel guilty!!) You can watch live shows and its usually around a point per minute but the featured shows are the way to GO!!!”

From VB

“They feature certain shows for more points usually airs between 7 to 1130pm.  They havent released it for android devices yet because they are trying to work out some issues.  I noticed that i was able to check in to multiple shows during the same time slot and get all the points for all the shows. Lately i have noticed that if i try that i only get a few points. And i heard that people were able to get full points on shows they dvr’d ( I don’t have this so no personal experience) and get full points as long as they watched the episode before the next episode.

What i do is check in to higher value shows.  I am able to check in to a different show every half hour and still get full points.  I also look to see which shows will reair usually USA MTV LIFETIME etc shows. That way i can check in to the onetime airings and i still get full points on the second airings.  My daughter checks in on her cartoons like spongebob and get around 30 points (can range for shows not featured). When you play aling with the trivia you get atleast 5 points if you dont answer correctly.”

Tips from you?

What else, from those of you who have been playing with this for a while?