Reader deals 4/19/14

Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

Big favor: If you mention other sites, online coupons, etc, please include the link. Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.

Dollar Tree

  • Outlander shares: “I found at Dollar Tree big boxes of Kellogg’s Fruit Loops so 3 free after $3/3 Qs. And also Honey Bunches of Oats Greek yogurt, so 50 cents after $1/2 from 4/13 SS1.”
    dollar tree cereal

Internet service

  • Priscilla comments: “Don’t forget if your kids qualify for reduced or free lunch you should qualify for Internet Essentials through comcast for 9.99 a month internet.”


  • For anyone still heading to Target tonight for Bounty, new2q says: “There is also a $1/2 bounty rolls Q in the energizer battery packs that had ‘ Save over $20 PG items ‘ . These where the 20- pack batteries that were free after rewards at Office Max.”
  • And Samantha says: “There is also a $1 off 6 pack or larger Bounty when you text offers. You know, if you need some more PT ;)”
  • A tip from Kari O.: “Target will tell you it’s the discretion of the manager or cashier to accept or not accept coupons. I’d suggest buying the items then returning to customer service for a refund of your “missed coupons”. They allow that for at least 3 days, sometimes a week.”
  • Jaimene says: “The Target mobile app has ALL of the mobile coupons and bar codes Including the special deals and baby mobile coupons” You may still have to be signed up for the mobile coupons in order to get them in your app.

Ultra Foods

  • Something to look for from Linda: “When buying the Keebler crackers, look for peelies for buy 2 boxes of crackers, get a dozen eggs free!”

Whole Foods

Reader deals 4/18/14

Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

Big favor: If you mention other sites, online coupons, etc, please include the link. Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.


  • Jane says: “I used my 2- $1/1 printables for the Challenge butter Wed. to get them for $1.28 each….but then I noticed in this weeks Berkots ad, they had them for only $2 each. I was going there anyway this morning, so I tried to get another 2 for only a dollar each but they denied my coupon because it had a JEWEL LOGO on it! She even brought out the manual showing me the policy. It is a manuf. coupon and does not say ONLY at Jewel….I left them on the belt. Silly. Just wanted to share it w/ others who may shop there.”


  • Nikki shares: “I purchased the rain barrels Aileen is talking about last year. Unless they’ve changed it, it is a limit of 2 per household. They were not delivered in the time frame promised (shocker, right? LOL) but they were nice enough to hide them from street view, as we were not there when they were delivered. They were easy to install, came with instructions, & all the necessary hardware. After researching many rain barrels, these were the cheapest we found at the time.”


  • Something to look for from Outlander: “At Jewel, if you are doing $5/5 Kraft deal with Kool Aid Jammers, look for clearance ones (lemonade and watermelon flavors) for $1.58, so only $0.58 after the discount.”

Online deals

  • On the cheap refurbished desktop, Matt says: “I would add is that refurbished with desktop computers typically just means the computer was used, so they just wiped the hard drive and reinstalled a fresh copy of Windows. Individuals or businesses refurbishing computer are basically just part of a program where Microsoft allows them a cheaper license to put Windows on a used computer that has not had a motherboard change or processor upgrade so that it can resold or donated. Other types of refurbished products actually had something wrong with them and were repaired, so there may be a little more risk involved.  Definitely for the kids a machine like this is slightly faster than an old XP machine. Pick up a cheap flat panel monitor from the Good Will for under $10 and they’re ready to go. This machine was probably around in the early days of Vista (pre-2009) and may have had Vista or XP on it originally. You can usually get a decent used dual core machine on eBay for $100, but a lot of times the machines don’t come with an operating system. The biggest thing to check on a machine like this is to do a quick Google search to determine how much RAM you can put in these because that is the main thing that can be upgraded in a machine like this.” He also shares this link.


  • For the paper products deal, Kari O. says: “don’t forget there is a $1/1 Bounty DuraTowel in the coupon booklets from Pampers diaper cases! Also Target sent out those Spring mailers last month with $1/1 and $1/2 Paper Items which include Bounty 6ct+ packs.”
  • A deal from Jordan: “Use the Aveeno coupon in the latest of the Target Baby mobile coupons and the 5% off Aveeno on Cartwheel, then get $2 back from Checkout 51 for Aveeno baby lotion for as low as $.74 each.” Not everyone will have the Aveeno baby offer, but definitely worth checking your Checkout 51!


  • For more cheap detergent, Mallory realized: “If you “unlike” Ajax on Facebook and “relike” them again, it will let you print it more than once! :)”

Can’t text Target or other shortcodes?


Some of you have commented that your mobile texting service is not allowing you to text to shortcodes (for example you are unable to text for Target mobile coupons to 827438). Some providers and plans block shortcodes, but in many cases you can call your provider and request that these be unblocked on your account.

(Shortcodes are sometimes blocked by default or when a provider tightens up on security because of scams that get you to text back and incur hidden charges, so when you text shortcodes just always be sure you know who you’re texting.)

New on Target Cartwheel today — yes, another Target post


It’s apparently National Target Week here at Mashup Mom — hope you’re enjoying the ride! Here are some new offers on Target Cartwheel for your next trip, some of which Julie and Outlander noticed:

  • 25% off Disney’s Frozen Blu-Ray/DVD combo, good through Saturday only. Check your fruit snacks — Kellogg’s Family Rewards has a deal: Enter codes from three specially marked Kellogg’s fruit snacks (see boxes in store) and save $5 on any Disney Blu-Ray.
  • 50% off Xhileration bedding, good today only.
  • 50% off Room Essentials bed in a bag, good today only.
  • 30% off Easter kid’s tableware in the home dept, good through Saturday only.
  • 25% off Threshold coastal decor, good through Saturday only.
  • 10% off Easter pre-filled baskets, good through Saturday only.
  • 40% off Liz Lange essential tees maternity apparel. Stack with the $5/$25 Target store coupon here.

And read some tips on using Target Cartwheel here.

Another TP and paper towels Target coupon for your collection


So yesterday I told you about the hot (see, I don’t say that often — but: HOT) new $10/$25 TP or paper towels Target text coupon and deals. And here’s my trip to see it in action — 24 rolls of Bounty DuraTowel paper towels, net $5.63 after coupons + gift card!

If you want MORE paper products, you can get another $5/$20 paper towels and TP coupon by texting PAPER to 827438. This is also supposed to be in this coming Sunday’s ad as a paper coupon, but note that the P&G gift card deal ends Saturday, so if you want to use the paper version you’ll need to pick up an early edition of the Sunday paper on Saturday to do the deal.

Reader deals 4/17/14

Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

Big favor: If you mention other sites, online coupons, etc, please include the link. Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.

Devon Market

  • John W comments: “You can get the same deal on the butter this week at Devon Market, 1440 W. Devon in Chicago ( I think they accept these coupons. Also at Devon Market, 99 cent sugar (limit 1 with $10 purchase), $1.99/lb ground beef.”


  • Caroline posts on Facebook: “FYI Liberty Savings Bank is having their free monthly shredding event this Sat the 19th at 7111 W. Foster Ave. in Chicago from 9-12pm.. Every month from now on they will have a free shredding day at their other locations. I changes every month.”


  • Aileen emails: “If you get water service from the Metropolitan Reclamation Water District of Greater Chicago, you can get a 55 gallon rain barrel for $58 plus tax delivered to Cook County addresses. A variety of colors and includes installation harware and mosquito screen. Chicago residents can also get a rebate of 50% for purchase of a rain barrel, compost bin, tree or native plant here:


  • Matt sends over: “Kmart has Cottonelle TP for $5.49 and an additional $3 off WYB 3. So basically $4.49 plus tax WYB 3. Then when you combine with any surprise points it’s an even better deal. Also Kmart has a promo going this week. Buy a $25 gift to Kmart and get an additional $5 and an additional $2 in points. So that’s basically $25 for $32 worth of credit. I believe that Kmart gift cards are also good at Sears. So what you could do is buy some stuff at Kmart with SYW points and SYW coupons and then pay the remainder for it with the gift card. When you look at the fact that Kmart offer $10 off $50 coupons in addition to surprise points and this promo it’s easy to see how the deals could stack together.”

Loyalty programs


  • A warning from Brian: “Be warned that I had trouble at the Bolingbrook (I-355) store; they refused the Target coupons stating that “they don’t accept the ‘Web’ coupons. I was able to get them to accept them “this time”. I do not see that distinction in their policy. Be prepared to argue.”
  • Anne adds: “I had the SAME thing happen to me at the other Bolingbrook store this week and was floored. I thought that Meijer had long settled this issue with the stores, but they also did accept my one puny coupon.”
  • Some things to look for from Ashley: “Lots of Almay are now under $4 with the 25% sale. Every time you buy one you get $2 coupon for another, buy two it prints a $4 coupon. Coupon is not scanning on any of the remover products which are also on sale, it has to be typed in. Remember their type in limits per transaction are $20 so split it up. Also make sure to clip the $6/$30 beauty reward and $15/$525 total reward. My local stores are substituting for the Miracle Grow that has the $15/5 mperk that they don’t carry, the substitution bags are $3.99 so $0.99 each and you’ll earn the reward for garden. Also Cranium party is on clearance 50% for $7.49 so $2.49 after coupon and you can use it towards the $5/$25 in toys. Combine it with Sofia the First doll and you’ll pay 7.50 oop and earn $5 back. When you buy three kraft cheese you get $2 instantly off chicken, so buy three cheese, two Kraft dressing, use three $0.75/1 peelies on them, $0.75/2 kraft dressing, and $5/5 Valli coupon, pay $1.58 and you can get $2 in chicken free Pompeian olive oil is BOGO $3.19 so use the $1/1 coupon and you’ll pay $2.19 for two ($1.19 if you have a store that allows it, some do, some don’t)” Clearance can vary by store. Mperks rewards offers will vary by account. Meijer’s official policy does not allow a coupon on the ‘free’ item. The 3.19 price is probably on the olive oil “blends” not the pure olive oil. Also, substitutions will vary by store. Finally, the $5 off 5 Kraft Valli coupon is a competitor coupon which stores may or may not honor depending if there is one in your area and they consider a local competitor.
  • She adds: “Also Fisher Price laugh and learn are BOGO half off and there’s mperk coupons for money off each”

Olive Garden

Reader requests

  • A question from liz: “looks like a trip back to Meijer…has anyone tried the California pizza kitchen pizzas or should I waity for digorno..the b1g1 free peeps will be on checkout 51 .25 back starting tomorrow”
  • Debbie L. is wondering: “Does anyone know if the Algonquin Meijer will take the Target Web coupons? At one time, they did then I thought I heard that they didn’t but I haven’t tried recently. TIA”

Sam’s Club

  • From shirley: “Sam’s club has 32 ct Go-Gurt for $4.68 and 2 x 8 oz Pam spray for $3.88 after instant savings. Last day is 4/19.”


  • On the Mini-Wheats deal, ElizabethF shares: “I checked all the prices at my store: Regular 18 oz – $2.50 Touch of Fruit Raisin – $2.50 Chocolate – $2.99 Strawberry – $3.14 Touch of Fruit Raspberry – $3.14 Little Mini Wheats – $3.14″
  • From feelgood: “Heads up on the cheap Heinz ketchup deal. I went to the Lemont Target last night, the 38 oz bottle was marked $2.69 on the shelf. Tried to do a self price check but scanner said item not found. All the larger sizes were even more expensive. Smaller sizes were cheaper, but the coupon reads: “Save 50 cents on one Heinz Tomato Ketchup 38 oz or larger.” Anyone have luck finding a 38 oz or larger Heinz Ketchup for $1.87 at their Target?”
  • Karalyn on Facebook reports: “The Schaumburg Target on Barrington Road has a ton of frozen food on sale!!”
  • A reminder from Adrianne: “If you text spring to 827438 you can get .50 off market pantry eggs making the eggs only .49.”
  • And from Jordan: “Don’t forget that the two mobile coupons that expire on 4/23 (I think they’re SPRING & THANKS?) each have a 50¢ off eggs, making eggs $.49 each.”
  • An idea from Diane: “Just a thought on the Starbucks coffee at Target – you could price match the CVS add & get the coffee for $6.99 each – $2/2 Q & then submit for $5 Starbcks GC for net cost of $6.98 for 2 bags. Not too bad!”
  • A heads up that prices can vary by store, from Outlander: “But, I forgot to mention that of course my store was almost completely out of Mini Wheats. I would have loved to get more. And Jimmy Dean is $3.99 at my store and not $2.99. And Bagel thins were $5.58 for 2 and not $5.08 like at yours. Must be all around more expensive store. That’s where those mini Nivea lotions were $2.74, instead of $2 too.”
  • An idea from julie for the children’s apparel deal: “if you have tween girls, you can also stack with a 20% bra and bra accessories. I’m stocking up on leggings and bras for my 2 tweens. I’m not quite sure what a bra accessory is though. Like a cup holder? or reading lamp? :)”
  • To add to the Bounty/Charmin deal, Diane found: “ok, I don’t have a smart phone so I am only passing on what I read on hip2save – there is a $1/1 Paper Item Target Mobile Coupon (text SPRING to 827438) & $1/2 Paper Item Target Mobile Coupon (text THANKS to 827438) that you could use also?” Yep!
  • Amanda H spotted: “Found from another website, on website has another link for the $1 off 6pk or more, was able to print all three coupon’s from one computer.”
  • For the Eggo deal, Cari explains: “They are $2.39 and there is a 20% cartwheel. Plus the $0.75/2. Add in to the $10/$50 and cheap waffles!!! My kids are obsessed with the new bites. Go through a box a day. There is/was an ibotta offer for them too.”

Three packs Bounty DuraTowels net $5.63


So, yeah. Junior High Guy and I were driving to the library tonight, and my brain couldn’t help but notice that Target is on the way…

With tax I paid $15.63 and got back a $10 Target gift card for a net cost of $5.63 for 24 rolls of Bounty, or 23.5 cents per roll.

Now I am REALLY done with Target for the week! yeesh :)

Target — $10 off $25 bath tissue and or paper towels + Bounty Deal


Here’s a new Target deal from Krystle! “Text BATH [to 827438] to receive $10/25 Bath or paper towel purchase. Makes an awesome deal for Bounty Dura paper towels. You will end up paying $2.23 per 8PK after 3 x $1/1 printable coupon (”

  • Text BATH to 827438 for the $10/$25 paper towels and/or bath tissue Target mobile coupon.
  • Print $1.00/1 Bounty DuraTowel six roll pack+ here (ZIP 77477 then reload).
  • Buy three Bounty DuraTowels 8 packs for $9.99 each = $29.97.
  • Use the mobile coupon = $19.97.
  • Use three $1.00/1 printables = $16.97.
  • Get back a $10 Target gift card for buying three participating P&G products through Saturday for a net cost of $6.97 for three, or just $2.32 each!

Update from Diane: “there is a $1/1 Paper Item Target Mobile Coupon (text SPRING to 827438) & $1/2 Paper Item Target Mobile Coupon (text THANKS to 827438) that you could use also.”

See all of the participating products in the P&G deal by visiting your local ad, above. Charmin is also included — you can print a $1.00/1 12 pack Charmin here out of prints :( if you prefer TP or only have one computer and need to mix and match.

Target — children’s apparel deal today only


VB sends over this one: “There is a cartwheel for 40% off kids apparel today only and then if you text apparel [to 827438] you get a $5/$25 mobile coupon. You can get $25 worth of clothing for $12!!!”

Exclusions apply: “limit 4 items/guest; excludes size NB-5T, Hanes, C9 by Champion®, shoes & clearance”