Does Jewel take Register Rewards?

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Since a lot of you have been asking:

  • Does Jewel take Register Rewards? or, Can you use Register Rewards at Jewel?

Here’s the answer:

  • NO. Jewel does not take Register Rewards. They used to, but as of July 1, 2012 Jewel will NO LONGER accept Register Rewards with the “Redeemable only at Walgreens” wording (which is most of them).

Here is the official July 2012 Jewel coupon policy that says they will no longer take manufacturer Catalinas with the “redeemable only at” wording, so you cannot use Register Rewards at Jewel with that wording.

Corollary question

Here’s another:

  • Does Dominick’s take Register Rewards? Can you use Register Rewards at Dominick’s?

Well, officially they do not, and most stores will not accept them. Here is the official Dominick’s coupon policy. This is the relevant part: “Dominick’s will not accept manufacturer coupons (including, but not limited to, coupons issued through a Catalina or other in-store coupon dispenser) that display another retailer’s logo or name unless such coupon is for a specific item with the same product identifiers as the product included in our customer’s purchase transaction.”

Unofficially, some stores do take Register Rewards. Unlike at Jewel, Dominick’s gives their stores leeway to set their own coupon policies.

Register Rewards heads up — wording change

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So you know how Jewel accepts Register Rewards? Check this out. Some of the RR over the last couple of weeks are sporting new wording: Redeemable ONLY at Walgreens. (Sobe Lifewater last week and Schick razors this week.) While Jewel is still likely to take them, I’m concerned that they may not get reimbursed for them — it looks like Walgreens wants to keep those $ in store now, and I’m wondering if this is a start of a bad trend.

(Sorry about the blurry photo — my scanner is acting up this morning so I gave up and took a pic with my phone. But you see what I’m talking about up there!)

Can I use my Register Rewards at Jewel?

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Since it’s come up twice already this morning and is a common question…


:) Here’s the deal. If you look on the top of your Register Reward, you’ll see that it is a manufacturer coupon. Jewel’s policy is to take all manufacturer’s coupons, including Catalinas from other stores. So if you get a Register Reward at Walgreens, or an OYNO Catalina from Dominick’s, you can use them at Jewel — as long as they do not say store coupon on the top. If they say “manufacturer coupon,” you’re good to go!


Sometimes these Catalinas are store coupons. So, for example, if you do the P&G deal at Dominick’s today, that $10.00 you get back will be a store coupon and is only good at Dominick’s. However if you do, say, the Scrubbing Bubbles deal at Dominick’s, or the Nature’s Bounty deal at Walgreens, you’ll get manufacturer Catalinas that you can take to Jewel and spend there.

Using other Catalinas at Jewel (etc.)

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There’s some confusion going on in comments about whether you can use Walgreens Register Rewards (or Catalinas from other stores) at Jewel. Jewel’s official policy is to accept Catalinas, such as RR, which are manufacturer coupons (they say manufacturer coupon at the top), but not to accept “store” Catalinas (like, for example, a Dominick’s $2.00 off a $10.00 produce purchase). (Note: This also does not include CVS ECB.)

At the store level, there is lots and lots and lots of confusion about this. Cashiers see another store’s logo and will automatically deny the RR, even though it is technically a manufacturer’s coupon. (This is because no one ever trains them on this!) Some of them will make things up, like “We stopped taking these when we stopped taking expireds in May.” Others will just say “This is a Walgreens coupon, we can’t accept it.”

If this happens to you: Step 1, talk to a manager. If you’re denied there, step 2, call or email corporate. If you can get them to email you a response with their official policy on taking RR and other Catalina coupons, all the better — whip it out as needed.

At Dominick’s, which gives much more leeway to individual stores and managers, it will vary from store to store. Some will take them as long as they say “manufacturer” coupon. Some will take one per transaction. Some will take none at all. It will do you little good to complain to corporate at Dominick’s about anything, because they let their store managers make the final decisions.

And, since some of you have pointed out that I could use my hated RR at Jewel — yes, it’s true, I could. I don’t, because I choose to save my energy for larger battles. I don’t generally earn enough RR to care and can easily cash out or roll them into something else at Wags. You may feel differently or may make enough RR on one of these money-making deals that you want to bring them to Jewel to use in one of the future great Catalina deals — so go for it! :)

Huggies at Walgreens, week of 3/8/09

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walgreens logo

So I hope you all printed out your Huggies coupons this week! Here’s the dealio:

  • Starting Sunday, buy $25 worth of Huggies at Walgreens and get back $10 register rewards. Jumbo packs are on sale for $10. So, buy 3 Jumbo packs for $30. Use 3 of the $3.00 off coupons (you can only print 2 per PC, so will need multiple PCs — or a friend :) — to get 3. Pay $21.00 OOP, get $10 back.
  • Or, if you have a littler one, use three of the $5.00 off Gentle Care to get 3 packs for $15, or 2 Gentle Care and one Natural Fit, or however it best works out for you!

(Be sure to save your receipt to send in to Caregivers Marketplace to get $.75 back a pack!)