Huge Cumin recall for peanut contamination

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If you or someone in your family has a peanut allergy, read this — there is a huge cumin recall that also affects a bunch of products with cumin because traces of peanuts have been found in the spice.

Peanut Butter / Almond Butter recall

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traderjoes wholefoods

Heads up: There’s a recall due to potential salmonella contamination on various peanut and almond butters, including specific lots of MaraNatha, Arrowhead Mills, and Trader Joe’s / Whole Foods / Safeway / Kroger store brands. See the list of affected products, UPCs, and dates here.

Peaches recall: Costco, Kroger, Trader Joe’s, Walmart NOW ALDI

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Heads up: If you bought peaches recently from Costco, Kroger, Trader Joe’s, or Walmart, you might want to check this recall notice for Listeria risk.

Updatealso plums, pluots, nectarines.

Updatealso fruit sold at ALDI. And possibly other stores — I’d check recall notices anywhere you’ve purchased peaches, etc. recently.

Recall — Target and Trader Joe’s Hummus and Dips

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Here’s a heads up from Joy: Some dips and hummus sold by Trader Joe’s and Target have been recalled for possible Listeria contamination.

Some of the affected products were shipped nationally and include 10-ounce and 2-pound containers of Target Archer Farms Traditional Hummus marked for use by June 11, and 8-ounce containers of Trader Joe’s Edamame Hummus with April 28, April 29 and May 14 use-by dates. A full list of recalled products can be found on the Hot Mama’s Foods website.

Hot Mama’s Foods is urging customers who purchased the discard it or return it for a full refund. Consumers with questions can call (877) 550-0694.

Happy New Year Reader Deals 1/1/14

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Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

Big favor: If you mention other sites, online coupons, etc, please include the link. Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.


  • On the question on the gluten free Barilla pasta from the $1.00/1 coupon, comicbob says: “Gluten free pasta didn’t taste much different, but smelled very different.”
  • Erin shares: “was just on and bic coupon is still there. also almay $5/2 reset.”


  • From Mary Ann: “Just for fun, I shopped the Lombard CVS today searching for clearance , there were no tags up except on Christmas stuff. But lots of products scanned at 75% off, like hair stuff, lotions, make up and nail polish. So scan, scan, scan.”



  • More ideas for the $1.00/2 Essential Everyday coupon from Caroline in the hot deals Facebook group: “I got lentils .99 cents and pudding (.59 cents)”
  • And Jackie comments: “Holiday papers towels were also .50/roll so free if you can find them:-)”
  • And one from Nikki: “I used the rest of my coupons on single string cheeses last night – $0.49 each, before coupon. The Jewel I went to was out of bulbs,or else I would have stocked up on those!”
  • And from Anulka: “16 oz jar of Whole Pikled Beets – 1.29 on sale, very good for salad /red onion, oil, salt, peper and beets/ or soup /cabbage, carrots, kidney beans, chicken broth, beets with juice and sour cream to serve:)”
  • A possibility from David: “8oz cans of tomato sauce were 47 cents each at County Market in Urbana. Price may be similar in Jewel.”
  • And another idea from Mary Ann: “Then I went to Jewel up the road to use the last of my $1/2 EE Qs. Sure enuf, cashier wouldn’t give me the 22 cent overage on those Qs (I bought 39 cent tomato pastes), said he was pretty sure he couldn’t do that (?). CS fixed it for me and educated him. I have yet to have a cashier give me that overage without me whipping out store policy and getting a CS involved in the transaction.”
  • From Mary T.: “Yesterday Jewel in Libertyville marked xmas food items .50 cents each. Found in back of store on large wire shelves near Pharmacy. Also had paper plates red and green marked down.”


  • From Suzann: “If any of your Kroger’s have an instore Starbucks, the Christmas blend beans and a few other types were 50% off.
    They will grind the whole beans for you.”

Lollipop Seeds

  • From Isabel in the hot deals Facebook group: “4726 N. Lincoln (Chicago). Semi annual clearance sale up to 75% off going on now. 25% off front wall, 50% off back wall and 60-75% off rack. Tons of stuff on sale. Customer had $190 of clothes yesterday, only spent $55!”


  • Something to look for from Debbie: “Yesterday, 12-30, at Meijer I found a 200 sq. ft. roll of wrapping paper regular $5.99 marked down 70% so I got it for $1.79!”

Reader requests

  • Lori’s looking for: “… craftsman tool deals. specifically 19.2 lithium compact driver kit with Tool, Battery, Charger
    I have been looking but the best deals are still over $100.00″


Ultra Foods

  • From Kristen: “I just returned from Ultra Foods in Lombard and all their holiday candy is 75% off! I was able to score bags of candy for .75-.95 cents each BEFORE coupons! Christmas Big League Chew .25, Kit Kat 6 pack .85, Twix Carmel Christmas santa 6 pack .92, Twix mini bags .75, Reeses Peanut Butter Bells .85, Milky Way miniatures bags .75, Skittles Holiday bank .50, Gharadelli Lg. Peppermint Bark 1.25!! I was also able to use many coupons to make this deal even “sweeter”-yum!”

Whole Foods

  • From Jen k: “Whole Foods in Sauganash told me today they are offering a $15/50 coupon when you turn in a Doms card…thru early February.”
  • And a question from peaches: “Is this $15/$50 good at all the Whole Food stores when you turn in your Dominick’s card?”

Foster Farms chicken — salmonella alert but no recall?!

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You guys might want to check your fridge and freezer for raw Foster Farms chicken — there’s a possibly drug resistant salmonella outbreak in multiple states, including IL, that traces back to them.

No recalls yet since they are still trying to track to individual products, and govt. workers have been called back from furlough (oh brilliant, food safety furlough) to work on it. Here’s the info on the Foster Farms site, too.