Hasbro toy and game coupon explosion!

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rebelleqHere are a bunch of new Hasbro toy and game coupons that just popped up for your holiday shopping fun!



Meijer and Target and Walmart game deals

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There are a whole slew of Hasbro game coupons available to print, plus a new Hasbro game rebate to go along with! So here are your coupons and a couple of deals. Let me know if you spot a good Hasbro games deal at another store.

Coupons — print your Hasbro game coupons here

$2.00 off one BATTLESHIP, SORRY! or TROUBLE Game
$3.00 off one CITYVILLE MONOPOLY Game from Hasbro
$3.00 off one BOP IT! SMASH Game
$3.00 off one WORDS WITH FRIENDS Game from Hasbro
$3.00 off one TWISTER DANCE Game
$3.00 off one DRAW SOMETHING Game from Hasbro

Operation $5.00 and more Meijer deals

A couple of game sales at Meijer:

Target deals starting 12/16

Starting 12/16, a number of classic Hasbro games will be on sale for $8.00 at Target. These include:

Walmart Battleship deal

Battleship is on rollback for $8.97. Use the $2.00/1 printable to get it for $6.97.

(Thanks, The Shopper’s Apprentice and Totally Target and I Heart the Mart)

Game sale at Toys R Us — Toy Story Operation $1.00

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Toys R Us is having their “biggest game sale of the year” today, including Toy Story Operation for just $1.00. They have several other games on sale for $5.00 (Candy Land, Chutes & Ladders, Hi Ho Cherry-O, and more. PLUS, get a $10 gift card with any $35 Hasbro game purchase or $15 gift card with any $50 Hasbro game purchase.

Sale runs 11/6-11/12, but the gift card promo is in store only, quantities limited, no rain checks. So if you want cheap games, I’d head over as soon after they open as possible!

Update from Kristy: “Don’t forget to enter your TRU Rewards member number to get 10 percent back and I also went through Mypoints and got credit from my order through them.”

Last Gasp Hasbro games — Toys R Us

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Bump with an update and trip from Erin — see below.

I didn’t get  a Toys R Us ad in my paper for some reason, but Michelle did, and she noticed:

Buy more and save more. $5.00 bonus savings on ANY total Hasbro game purchase of $25 or more OR $10.00 bonus savings on ANY total Hasbro game purchase of $30 or more. Sale prices listed… $5.99 ( Memory, Hi Ho Cheerio, Ants in the Pants, Don’t break the Ice, Chutes and Ladders, and Candy Land) $8.99 ( Sorry, Clue, Life, Scrabble, Monopoly). $11.99 ( Cuponk, Bop It, Bop It Bounce It). $16.99 ( Sorry Sliders, Monopoly Electronic Banking, Scrabble Slam, Scrabble Alphabet Soup, and Connect 4 Launchers)

The Hasbro game coupons from the 9/11 SS expire today 10/9 so if you are going to use them, this is your last chance :)

Update from Erin: “I was able to get 12 games for less than $32. They had a tear pad at customer service with all the Hasbro coupons, so might be worth asking. Plus, the ad and store signs say ANY Hasbro game so I bought several that were on sale (additional 25% off sale) to make the deals even better. If you’re interested, here’s a link to what I bought and the breakdown: http://bargainbarton.blogspot.com/2011/10/toys-r-us-shopping-3126.html

$1.00 Hasbro Operation game with Big Lots price match!

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This week’s Big Lots ad includes various Hasbro boxed games “featuring Toy Story 3 Operation” at $5.00. They do not take manufacturer’s coupons — however, you can price match at either Target (you’ll need to pop by Big Lots and grab a paper ad) or Walmart (you don’t need the ad, but I’d print out the page for proof). Use the $4.00/1 from the 9/11 SS or print here, and you have yourself a $1.00 game of Operation!

(Thanks, Tara!)

New Hasbro coupons and Target deal

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Hasbro coupons are back on Coupons.com!

Note the new wording says to use on items pictured, so not good on trial sizes anymore. Look for those clearance games at Meijer, or Target has various games on sale for $12.00 this week and a free Market Pantry pizza with purchase. So after your $4.00 coupons, $8 + a free pizza!

(Thanks, My Frugal Adventures)

Reader deals round two 4/14/11

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Round two… slowly but surely, and thanks again for sharing all your finds! Stay tuned for round 3…

Here are the deals YOU found recently — Thanks! Share the deals you find with other Mashup Mom readers by emailing me, commenting on the blog, or posting on the Facebook Wall. Big favor: If you mention other sites, online coupons, etc, please include the link to save me the time looking it up.

I’m adding a little disclaimer to these. All of the deals below come from readers; I have not necessarily personally tried them. Comments in italics after a deal are my additions.


  • A find from Sandy: “CVS-I found Werther’s Carmel Chocolates on clearance for .78 and I used the .75 coupon in the 3/13 SS paid 3 cents each bag!”
  • One from Jennifer: “My friend at work told me about another good scenario for the $10/$20 ECB deal with Air Wick.  Buy 4 refills at $5 each and use 2 of the B1G1Free coupons in the 3/20SS, it’s right next to the $4 kit coupon.  Get all four refills for free after ECB!  We both went and did it at lunch :)”


  • From Carrie R.: “Hi all, just another example of paying attention to your JFU special pricing. I was at Dom today and found BOGO offer on Jimmy Dean Pork Sausage, price $5.97- but my JFU price was $2.40. So that worked out to $1.20 per sausage- Excellent deal!” As always, personalized JFU deals vary by card.
  • And from Renee: “Dominicks on barrington and 58 had TONS of clearance jimmy dean sausage today.  Tags were for 50% off of 5.97, but it should come off of the JFU price since they are actually scanned in.  I don’t know if they will also ring as BOGO, as the variety wasn’t the “original” (i think i saw sage, maple and spicy/.)  I wish I had that on my JFU!”

Door to door organics

  • If you bought the Living Social deal the other day, Kate mentions: “Once you order you will be given “invites” that you can send to your friends for 50% off their first order.  The 50% off works on the bigger boxes too!”


  • From Marsha: “If your readers use any of the Hasbro coupons that came out this week, they should know that they can also get free Tombstone pizza via a mail in form- http://www.hasbro.com/games/en_US/upload/Tombstone_031011.pdf Up to 5 free pizza coupons will be given per household, you have to send your original register receipt, and it must be dated between 2/25/11 and 4/30/11. The form says “Any Hasbro game” and doesn’t’ qualify it anywhere, though the pictures shown are just of Life, Yahtzee, Scrabble Races, and Monopoly,”


  • Rebecca found: “FYI, Jewel on Cicero near Bedford park has a bunch of organis stuff on clearance (Wild Harvest: crackers, cookies, some chips, etc) all for $1.”
  • Another clearance find from Janel H. (these do vary by store, but worth a look): “I went to Jewel in Peru today and they had Schick Hydro Shave Gel (the moisturizing variety) on clearance for $1.64. I used my $1 off coupons from facebook yesterday to snag these for .64 each! Great price! Almost bought them at Walgreens at buy 1 get 1 free with an individual price of $3.69, which would have cost $1.69 for 2 after two $1 off qs, so a little cheaper at Jewel. : )”
  • From Amanda: “Just wanted to add that the BOGO M&Ms at Jewel have a movie game code on the inside of each bag.  I bought 4 bags as suggested, and tossed two wrappers before realizing the game codes were there.  On the two remaining bags, one was $3 off a movie ticket and one was a free movie ticket up to $12.  Participating theaters seem to cover the majority in downtown Chicago and the north side.  Not sure if every bag is a winner or if I just got lucky…” BOGO was last week, but check your bags if you bought ’em.
  • From like2save: “The McCormick cat ended yesterday [4/10] but my store decreased the price on quite a few of the McCormick spice blends.  The new price is $1.29 so after the $1 Q they cost only 29 cents each!”

Oil change

  • From Liz: “Bettenhausen Dodge (17514 S Oak Park Avenue) in Tinley Park is offering buy one oil change at 39.95 and get 3 free.  I just went for my second oil change and was very happy that there were no additional fees – so four oil changes for $40.”


  • From Mary Ann: “The coupons in the April book are scanning as mfg coupons and count toward your item total so hand them over last, after any RR you may be planning to use.      The RR will attach to your filler item and allow the IVC to float thru.  I got this tidbit from AFC after encountering a problem last week with the hair texturizer deal.”
  • Sheri found: “Playtex tampons (18 ct.) on sale for $4.00, if you buy 2 at $8, you can use the $1 store coupon on two packages, as well as a $3 off 2 in the February AY, making it $3 for 36 count tampons.  Good deal.”
  • And from Pam: “The Skittle eggs would be free as well as the Starburst jelly beans, for those who like my daughter, LOVE Skittles.”
  • And from Sandy: “Wags-I found by the office supplies a small cardboard display box of Scotch reusable tabs for .99. If you purchased any Scotch mailing envelopes in recent sales they may have had a $1 coupon attached to the front. These coupons do not exclude Trial size therefore you can use them on for the 4 pack and get them free!”

Hasbro Playsaver coupons 4/10/11

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Toys and games, what’s not to like? Check your Sunday coupon inserts for a separate Hasbro Playsaver flier.

  1. South Suburban Savings has kindly typed out a list of everything it contains.
  2. Helene comments on Facbeook: “Target has several of the games on sale. I’m not sure if they are cheaper regular price at WalMart or something but I got several for $5 plus an additional (not much) 5% off from using the Target Red Card.”
  3. Last, but not least — print another batch of Hasbro toy and games coupons on Coupons.com! Doesn’t look like it’s everything from the paper, but if you click “toys and games” on the left, you can print 11 more Hasbro coupons.