Hannukatz… The Musical?

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I find this mildly disturbing: Hannukatz the Musical, as low as FREE (plus service fees) today on Goldstar.

Everyone knows the story: the Moskowitz children of Skokie, Illinois were sworn enemies of Hannukah until they were visited by Hannukatz, a 6’7” cat wearing a kippah and a tie-dyed tee shirt who taught them the true meaning of the holiday. Wait — you don’t know about Hannukatz? What about beloved Hannukarols such as “Do the Chhhh,” “No Jews Allowed,” and “Hannukah is NOT the Jewish Christmas”? If you’re intrigued — or cracking up — best make time for HANNUKATZ, THE MUSICAL, the trippy, if catchy, live stage show from Grammy-winner Terry Abrahamson. See why the New National Pastime Theater has brought back this highly original production, enjoyable whether you celebrate Hannukah (or Hannukatz) or not.