Just about half off Pumpkin Daze


It’s getting on that time already! Pick up discount tickets to the Pumpkin Daze autumn festival at Abbey Farms of Marmion Abbey (Aurora).

  • $24 for four weekend tickets to Pumpkin Daze (up to a $46 value)
  • $35 for six weekend tickets to Pumpkin Daze (up to a $69 value)

Each ticket grants unlimited all-day access to these attractions, which include a jumping pillow, adult pedal carts, and a combine slide. Upon entry, families can load their kids into a Red Rider wagon and explore the 40-acre property, which contains a 10-acre corn maze, a hayride course, a pumpkin patch, and grounds for playing games. Visitors are welcome to bring leashed pets to a handful of areas, and can leave and return freely throughout the course of one day.

Reader deals 8/27/14

Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

If you are sharing a deal from another site or an online coupon, please include the link. If you found a deal at a specific store, please include the location.

  • *** Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.


  • Christina M. comments: “The Costco in Oak Brook has an Oregon table wine called Evolution for $11. It’s an excellent white blend and is $15 at Binny’s and on the winery’s website. We paid $40 for it at a restaurant before finding it at Costco!”
  • CHRISTINE says: “Beware of the bacon! I like to put mine in the oven on a cookie sheet with foil or a cooling rack below it. My family did not care for it this way. I had to fry it. It is really fatty. It fell apart when I separated it too. I didn’t care for it.”
  • Denise shares: “Our college kids take bags of the [Namaste blend] gluten-free flour with them when they go to school. One is gluten-free, the other has gluten-free friends and they both swear by this flour. They particularly like it for pancakes and the non-gluten free folks like them too”


  • On the Chromecast, Karen warns: “My husband bought one new for $35 a couple months ago.    The signal was not strong enough ( we have max internet speeds) and it didn’t work right for us.”


  • Raegan posts on Facebook: “I saw a bunch of [Bob's Red Mill] on clearance at Antioch Jewel. Might be worth looking for.


  • A heads up from Sabrina: “Just an FYI..I bought the hefty odor shield lemon 45ct box today and my mperks didn’t come off. I noticed right away so I showed the cashier the mperks and she manually deducted $3.”
  • From juli: “The meijer brand ketchup has no hfcs :)”

Reader requests

  • Becky is wondering: “Hi Rachel, Have you or anyone else subscribed through [discountednewspapers.com]? Is this a reputable company? I’ve never heard of them until now. Thanks for any advice!”
  • Deanna posts on Facebook: “Does Costco regularly carry other Horizon Organic Products? I have been wondering where I could get a good deal for creamer, heavy whipping cream, milk, cheese, etc but don’t have a membership at Costco
  • Melissa responds: “Costco has quite a few organic items (not sure about the horizon brand specifically). I bought organic humus about a month ago and it was fantastic.
  • From anne: “Peaches [or anyone]–Which [Jewel] location did you find the cheddar [Food Should Taste Good chips] in?? That’s actually the flavor I’d like to try and the two locations near me only have jalapeño and multigrain…Thanks for your help!!”
  • Sanee on Facebook is wondering too: “Can anyone tell me which jewel location has the cheddar flavored chips?? Thanks!!”

School lunches

  • From ellen for a homemade chicken soup: “I have a 12 qt. stock pot that I use for chicken noodle soup. I take a washed whole chicken and put it in the pot with enough water to cover it. i add salt and pepper to taste. Cover and bring to a boil and then turn down to a simmer and let it go untill the chicken is very tender and starts to fall apart. I take the chicken out of the pot and let it cool a bit so i can pull all the meat off of it. i like to leave the chicken in good sized pieces. Then i put the chicken meat back in the pot with a pound of peeled and sliced carrots, a big onion diced and as much sliced celery as you like. I also add either sage or thyme to taste. I simmer that for about another hour or so. I suppose you could add the uncooked noodles right to the soup but for some reason i have always cooked my noodles seperately and then added them to the soup. Check your soup for seasonings and you should be good to go.”
  • Jen k says: “Lunch ideas: homemade lunchAbles – put some lunch meat or cheese plus crackers and raisins/craisins. We have a lunch container with divided compartments so we do that type of lunch almost daily. Also veggies and dip. My older daughter likes to make her own wraps with hummus and turkey. Many leftovers can go in the thermos: Mac and cheese, pasta, meatballs. Sloppy joe meat, chicken soup, hot dogs cut up… We use a Yumbox for Ms. 7 – she only has to open the lid and all compartments are accessible. It saves time having to open 5 different containers, and she actually eats all of her lunch. Better yet, she loves to MAKE her lunch! The “dip” container is truly leakproof.”
  • Kelly shares: “Lunch Ideas: Here are 2 ideas that worked well for my kids. Chip Pizzas a.k.a chips & salsa & shredded cheddar. I bag everything separately–Tostitos Scoops, salsa, and shredded cheese. They dip and sprinkle. Idea #2 is cereal. Not very clever but always a sure-fire winner and quick to make on those hurried mornings. Most schools provide milk so I put their cereal in a Tupperware bowl and they are good to go.”

Refurbished Google Chromecast $25 shipped


Groupon today has a refurbished Google Chromecast teeny tiny streaming media player for just $25.00 shipped.

Chromecast is the easy way to enjoy online video and music on your TV. It’s a thumb-sized media streaming device that plugs into the HDMI port on your TV. Set it up with a simple mobile app, then send your favorite online shows, movies, music, and more to your TV using your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

15% off Things To Do on Groupon!


Here’s another great Groupon code — get 15% off “things to do” with code FUN15 through tomorrow 8/26! Just a few examples…

  • Studio Movie Grill!
  • Enchanted Castle!
  • Swimming lessons, cooking classes, martial arts, yoga!
  • Trampolines and mini golf!
  • Paintball, Whirlyball, bowling!
  • Roller skating, ice skating!
  • Movies and Murder Mysteries!
  • Cupcake Tours and Wine Tasting!

So much more… check out all your Groupon Things To Do and get 15% off the deal of your choice with code FUN15.

Kohl Children’s Museum, Studio Movie Grill, Groupon stuff to do


Here are a few things on Groupon to keep you busy, starting with a discount at the Kohl Children’s Museum in Glenview!

  • $14 for museum admission for two (up to $22 value)
  • $22 for museum admission for four (up to $44 value)


And $5 for a Studio Movie Grill (Wheaton) movie ticket — Check out some of the classic movies they are re-showing, like The Princess Bride tomorrow!


Or how about Xtreme Trampolines?

  • $17 for two hours of trampoline sports and play for two people Wednesday-Friday (up to a $38 value)
  • $20 for two hours of trampoline sports and play for two people any day (up to a $38 value)
  • $35 two hours of trampoline sports and play for four people Wednesday-Friday (up to a $76 value)
  • $40 for two hours of trampoline sports and play for four people any day (up to a $76 value)

Lots more, so if you haven’t been over in a while, check it out and find an activity… :)

Rockford Register Star deal on Groupon


If you’re up in the Rockford area, here’s a Groupon deal on the Sunday Rockford Register Star:

  • $25 for a 26-week Sunday print subscription and 7-day online subscription ($78 value)
  • $50 for a 52-week Sunday print subscription and 7-day online subscription ($156 value)

Each subscription includes full-week access to the Rockford Register Star website and E-Edition.

(Thanks, Northern Illinois Couponing)

A month of organic produce, delivered


Here’s a nice month of organic produce delivery deal on Groupon! Get four weekly boxes of organic produce delivered from Lemon Tree Direct Organics for $75, or two biweekly boxes for $39.00. New customers only.

  • $75 for one month of weekly delivery of “Meenie”-sized Classic boxes of produce, four boxes total ($156 value)
  • $39 for one month of bi-weekly delivery of “Meenie”-sized Classic boxes of produce, two boxes total ($78 value)

Lemon Tree Grocer Direct Organics

Not only does Lemon Tree Grocer Direct Organics use its 50 years of collective experience and knowledge at farm-to-table sourcing to deliver fresh, local organic produce to doorsteps each week, but it lets customers choose from six different themed boxes (Cleanse, Lunch, BBQ, Power, Chef, and Classic), so that every customer can find a theme that fits their lifestyle. Choose from more than 100 seasonal fruits and veggies from local and international markets including grapefruit, avocado, Organic Girl salad, and broccolini —you can even substitute up to three items, or choose your top three items to appear in your box when possible, and your bottom three “deal breaker” items to never appear. Customers can add items to their box at Lemon Tree’s shop, and every box also include a healthy recipe that makes eating right easy.

Valid Delivery ZIP codes:

  • 60515
  • 60523
  • 60516
  • 60559
  • 60514
  • 60521
  • 60558
  • 60523
  • 60525
  • 60532
  • 60540
  • 60563
  • 60565
  • 60189
  • 60187
  • 60190
  • 60137
  • 60148
  • 60181
  • 60126
  • 60162
  • 60163
  • 60154
  • 60527
  • 60561
  • 60517