Friday freebies to load — Izze and Ibuprofen

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Here are your Friday freebies to load to your card… or not-card…

  • The Meijer mPerks anniversary freebie today is one free Meijer brown ibuprofen 200 mg 10 ct or Meijer pain relief 500 mg 10 ct. Load today only, redeem through 8/29.
  • On your Kroger card, load a free Izze 12 oz sparkling beverage today and redeem through 9/13.

Today’s Meijer mPerks freebie: justWink brand greeting card

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Next up in your free mPerks offers at Meijer this week to celebrate the 5th anniversary of mPerks: One justWink brand card! Clip today 8/26 only and redeem through 8/29.

And feelgood comments with some additional suggestions that should make for more freebies:

Also went to Meijer shopping tonight, all of the following were free using clipped mPerks coupons:

22 oz Kraft mayo, free with Monday only clipped mPerks coupon.
10 ct BIC Cristal Pens, free with Tuesday only clipped mPerks coupon.
(5) Project 7 Birthday Cake Gourmet Gum @ $0.99 each, free with $5.00/5 clipped mPerks coupon.
Reach Floss @ $1.00, free with $1.00/1 clipped mPerks coupon.
Tena liners @ $2.99, free with $4.00/1 clipped mPerks coupon.

Note: Mayo and Bic were anniversary freebies to clip earlier this week — they’ll still be on your card if you clipped Monday and Tuesday, but are no longer available to clip.


Five Kindle freebies and five cheap Kindle books 8/23/15

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On Sunday there is always time for: Five Kindle freebies and five cheap Kindle books!

Cheap Kindle books

Free Kindle books

About cheap Kindle books

Free Kindle books are usually only free for a day or two, and cheap Kindle books can go up in price. Prices are current as of the date and time of this post, but can change at any time.

Reader deals 8/22/15

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Reader Deals 8/22/15: Here are the deals, heads up, and requests you shared over the last 24 hours — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

  • Email Rachel:
  • Comment below, or on any post where it seems to fit.
  • Post on the Mashup Mom Facebook page.

*** If you are sharing a deal from another site or an online coupon, please include the link. If you found a deal at a specific store, please include the location.


  • From feelgood: “Free Domino’s 2-topping pan pizza, entry starts Monday 8/24 at 2 pm central time. Got a free pizza last month, the Italian sausage and bacon with garlic parmesan white sauce was delicious! Details here:


  • If you picked up the cheap Frontier flights yesterday, Judy S. warns: “We were at O’hare on Tues, 8/13 and the security line was horribly long. Found out that was the line for Frontier to check bags and go through security. We went to a different security and had a short line. If you fly Frontier, get there really early. What a mess.”
  • And from Kari O.: “Frontier actually suggests you get there 3 hours early, which is hilarious because they don’t pay for employees to work the desk until after 3. So, depending on what your flight time is, they only arrive about 45 minutes before your plane takes off. That’s why their line is so long.”
  • Also from Kari O.: “I have flown frontier a few times over the past year and each time has been a gigantic nightmare. Don’t fall for their über cheap flights because they nickel and dime you with the most absurd fees. If you HAVE to fly Frontier, make sure to purchase their “Classic Plus” ticket because even though it’s $80 more than their value flights, you’ll actually save money after all the extra fees for “economy” tickets. This won’t stop you from rolling your eyes or wanting to riot while waiting in absurdly long lines, BUT you’ll get to board the plane first! lol”


  • Shandelle asks on the free Smucker’s Fruit-Fulls: “Anyone able to find these? The Jewel I just stopped at had no spot on the shelf for this where the other brands of fruit squeeze pouches are.”


  • Linda asks: “Does anyone know if you can do more than one “Buy 8, Save $8″ deal in the same transaction? Thanks!”


  • Heads up from Shandelle on the Almay deal: “Did this tonight and the cashier had to fix all of it manually. The cardboard display says ALL Almay products are BOGO 50% off. The waterproof 25% more rang up at $5.99 each but not the BOGO half off. The beauty counter clerk then tried the smaller size without the bonus and those rang up for like $6.50 but the BOGO half off DID apply… haha what?? In the end she couldn’t figure it out and just changed the prices. The coupons came off just fine. Paid $1.82 after the tax. HOWEVER the stupid 1000 bonus points for buying 2 did not apply. I was in a hurry and didn’t notice. I emailed them because I don’t feel like going back to the store tomorrow to do a return… sigh.”
  • From Patty on the Walgreens Kleenex deal: “The .75/3 also states it’s .75/1 bundle pack. BTW, if you purchase (2) 3-pack bundles, you get a $1 catalina, and if you purchase (2) 4-pack bundles, you receive a $2 catalina.”