Ordering coupons online

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Again, since some of you have asked about ordering coupons online — here are a few options for places to do so. This can be cheaper than investing in whole newspapers just for the inserts, especially if there’s only a single coupon you want — or, if there’s a big Catalina or instant savings deal coming up, you can prepare by ordering coupons for the items you most want.

  1. Coupons & Things by Dede. What’s nice here is that you can order entire inserts as well as individual coupons — so if you’re out of town and miss picking up a paper, you can grab just the inserts here. She also has a loyalty program where you earn points for each order, and then can redeem those points towards $ off later orders.
  2. The Coupon Clippers. Nice features here include a separate section for gluten free coupons.
  3. eBay. eBay is not usually the best place to order coupons, since the prices tend to be a bit higher and the shipping sometimes a bit slower, but sometimes sellers there have coupons that are hard to find elsewhere. Also: If you find a single seller listing hundreds of a single tearpad coupon on eBay, chances are they ripped off the whole tearpad, so think about whether youwant to support that behavior.

Trading coupons

Also think about trading coupons with others online. There are a few people looking to trade right now in the Mashup Mom forum here. All of the large forums have trading boards as well, so if you’re lurking or active on any of those, see what there is to see.