PSA — Yes, Couponers Wanted is down

I’ve received about 10 emails and a bunch of comments asking about this, so:

Yes, Couponers Wanted is down. I have no idea what’s going on or when it will be back up, since I’m not affiliated with them (except as a regular member!). But no, it’s not just you :)

Props to Couponers Wanted

I just wanted to make sure to tell you all that I didn’t originally come up with the Dr. Pepper Catalina craziness — the smarter people at Couponers Wanted figured out the double dip, and Tracey over at Couponers Wanted posted the link to the huge participating products list. I’ve mentioned them before — but again, if you have been following along on bargain blogs for a while and want to jump in ever deeper, they have the best Jewel board around. Warning: It’s SUPER fast moving! :)