Heads up on Bailey’s at Jewel

Several of you have commented today that you only received four $1.00 Catalinas on Bailey’s transactions where you should have received more. While the ad says unlimited (and your service desk should make it right), you might want to break up your transactions so that you have no more than eight Bailey’s in each (for four $1.00 Catalinas back), just to be safe.

Also, two flavors as of 12/27 were not working. Feelgood comments: “Heads up on two varieties where the $1 Catalina did not work: White Silk & Spice, as mentioned in Judy’s post above, and Gold Cheesecake.” I’m thinking they forgot to add some of the holiday flavors. Customer service should manually generate it for you, and hopefully they’ll get this fixed.

Bailey’s deal in a box — Flash giveaway! CLOSED


Yesterday I was at Jewel and they had these $3.00 off coffee wyb Bailey’s tags on every single bottle of Bailey’s. So, I have put together this one-day Flash giveaway for one of you — since I’m not doing this deal myself, I took only the tags I would have used and am gifting them to someone who will enjoy. :) Here’s what you can win:

  1. ONE $50 mail-in rebate form. $15 back on 3 bottles, $35 back on 6 bottles, or $50 back on 8 bottles (750 ml or larger). Valid only for residents of legal purchase age in IL, MO, IA, WI. Limit one per household. Valid 11/3/12-1/5/13. Participating products: Authentic Jose Cuervo Margaritas or Light Margaritas, Bailey’s Irish Cream, Captain Morgan original, Captain Morgan lime bite, Captain Morgan Long Island Iced Tea cocktail, Captain Morgan black spiced rum, Johnnie Walker Red, Jose Cuervo golden margarita, Jose Cuervo Especial, Ketel One, Smirnoff No. 21, Smirnoff fluffed marshmallow, iced cake, kissed caramel or whipped cream flavored vodkas, Smirnoff cocktails, Tanqueray.
  2. FOUR $3.00 off coffee purchase of $3.01 or more when you buy a 750ml bottle of Bailey’s.
  3. ONE “perfect pairings” coupon for save $10 on a grocery purchase of $10.01 or more when you buy two bottles 750ml or larger Bailey’s, Ketel One, Tanqueray, Smirnoff iced cake or kissed marshmallow, or other items that are not part of the rebate so we will ignore them.
  4. FOUR $4.00/2 coupons for Bailey’s, Ketel One, Smirnoff, Tanqueray, more from the 11/11 RP.

(If you find another $10 groceries or couple of coffee coupons, you can also add into your deal — apparently I should have grabbed another since you need to buy eight for the best rebate deal.)

Here’s what you can do with these at Jewel

  1. Buy eight Bailey’s gift sets at $15.99 each = $127.92. Don’t know how long this price is good for.
  2. Get 10% off for buying over 6 bottles. I don’t know if you need a special bag or if that’s only for wine, so ask. = $115.13. (Plus the crazy liquor taxes, but…)
  3. Use four $4.00/2 coupons = $99.13.
  4. ALSO buy $10.01+ in groceries and use the $10 off groceries wyb two Bailey’s coupon.
  5. ALSO buy four bags or K-Cups or cans of coffee and use four $3.00 off coffee wyb a Bailey’s coupons.
  6. So your net cost for eight Bailey’s gift sets, $10 in groceries, and four things of coffee is now $49.13, plus whatever the rest of the cost of the coffee is.

Or you could buy six at $15.99 each = $95.94. Get 10% off for buying six bottles = $86.35. Use three $4.00/2 coupons = $74.35. Use $10 off groceries wyb two Bailey’s (and add $10.01 in groceries). Use four $3.00/1 coffee wyb one Bailey’s (and add four things of coffee). Send in for $35 mail-in rebate and your net cost is $39.35 for six Bailey’s, $10 in free groceries, and four things of coffee (+ the rest of the cost of the coffee).

I want that! how do I win?

Comment here through 11:59 PM tonight 12/3/12 and let me know your favorite deal you found here over the last couple of weeks of holiday madness. (Doesn’t have to be holiday, can be grocery, household, whatever!) One comment per person and each comment is an entry. *** YOU MUST BE OVER 21 TO ENTER and to use these coupons and rebate. ***

The fine print

These are all coupons from my own newspapers or found in store. The winner will be chosen on or around 12/4/12 through random number generation at random.org and will have 48 hours to respond to notification email; Mashup Mom reserves the right to choose a runner up if no response is received in that timeframe.

No purchase necessary. The number of eligible entries receives determines the odds of winning. Void where prohibited. MUST BE OVER 21.

Lots of cheap Bailey’s — and coffee — mashup

OK! Check this out — you can get six or eight bottles of Bailey’s really cheap after discount, coupons, and rebate. Eight is your better bet, but I’ll outline both in case you can’t drink eight, lol. (This would make an excellent holiday gift though!)

  1. Wander around your local liquor department and look for hangtags for a mail-in rebate from The Bar. Picture here of what you are looking for on CW (thanks, Cookiemom!) or on deranged.me here (thanks, Chris). This is for $15 back on 3 bottles, $35 back on six bottles, or $50 back on 8 bottles of participating spirits 750ml+,  including Bailey’s Irish Cream.
  2. At Jewel starting 12/15, Bailey’s is $13.49 a bottle when you buy six or more, after the 10% discount.
  3. Buy six for $80.94.
  4. Use three $5.00/2 from the 12/11 RP = $65.94.
  5. Send in for the $35 rebate for net $30.94 for six bottles.
  6. Also check on Bailey’s for coupons for $3.00 off coffee when you buy Bailey’s, or there is the same $3.00 off coffee when you buy Bailey’s found in the Bring the Party Home Jewel booklet, in or near the liquor department.
  7. You can use this coupon on the Wild Harvest or Java Delight coffee that is $5.49 each on the buy 10 save $5.00 instantly mix/match sale, to get six of them for $2.49 each, or on the $7.99 maxwell house to get it for $4.99 (but that is limit 1).

If you want eight, you should still get the 10% discount on every bottle after six. So…

  1. Buy eight bottles for $107.92.
  2. Use four $5.00/2 coupons = $87.92.
  3. Send in for the $50 rebate = net $37.92 for eight bottles! That’s just $4.74 a bottle — well, that and the liquor tax, but what are you gonna do.
  4. While you’re at it, also buy eight bags of the Wild Harvest or Java Delight coffee that is $5.49 each on the buy 10 save $5.00 instantly mix/match sale, and use the $3.00 off coffee when you buy Bailey’s to get eight of them for $2.49 each, or on the $7.99 maxwell house to get it for $4.99 (but that is limit 1).

So the eight bottles is your best bet! Enjoy :)

$1.00/1 Reach toothbrush + random creamer

I was just on Coupons.com looking for something else entirely and found they have added $1.00/1 ANY Reach toothbrush. This should be useful. Use at Walgreens this week with the in-ad $2.00 off Reach Total Care coupon or wait for another sale that will make it closer to free. They’ve also added $1.00/1 Bailey’s nonalcoholic coffee creamer.

Tuesday rebate roundup, 7/7/09

Well, this week I got $2.29 for recycled Reynold’s Wrap foil, $4.50 from Caregivers Marketplace for Huggies, and $6.00 (although I only spent $2.00?) for Kraft 2% cheese — I didn’t like the way it melted, do you? I also got a rebate denied from YoPlus saying that it was postmarked too late — although the form they sent back said it had to be sent in before July 31, so I’m a litlte annoyed about that.

Not a lot of new rebates for the week again, but they include:

Please note that rebates on Mashup Mom include both rebate and satisfaction guarantee offers. On satisfaction guarantee offers, you’re supposed to be dissatisfied with the product to claim your refund. Just an FYI for your own ethical consideration. :)