Signs, signs, everywhere the (Dominick’s) signs…

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I thought you guys might enjoy these wonderful yet bittersweet photos sent over by Elizabeth. (Who was joking with her kids that it looks like it’s now called “Dotnick’s,” with the guy’s head being the dot. :) )

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  1. Diane says

    It makes my heart hurt for all the employees who loss their jobs and maybe their only income. I’m sorry, I find no joke in it at all.

  2. Monika says

    I drove by my usual Dominicks today. It really hits you with tears. Seeing some people in the store just for the sales. Really? People that didn’t shop the store regularly. This is why they left the Chicago market. Now if people will only start shopping regularly at Kmart and Sears before they start closing locations. This would be the perfect case scenario. Please avoid the Walmart stores before they put everyone out of business.

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