Hey Tyson — Boneless skinless chicken thighs?

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This week ALDI had Tyson brand boneless skinless chicken thighs on sale for $1.49/lb as their Wed. meat special buy. This sounded like a great price, so I picked up a 2 pound package that looked nice.

When I got it home and went to cook dinner, though, look what I found folded under every single piece of chicken. On the top right, the pile of fat and skin I trimmed off of a two pound pack, which ended up about the same size as one of the chicken thighs. The meat diaper was also completely soaked and the packaging was pretty heavy — I don’t have a food scale, but I’m going to say this two pound package turned out to be more like 1.5 lbs of usable meat after discarding the fat, skin, and liquid.

Not what I expect from Tyson, and not really the time saver I’d wanted when purchasing boneless skinless. Did you guys buy the Wed. meat special buy this week? Did I just get a bum pack, or are yours like this too?

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  1. Kate says

    Ours were ok…I actually didn’t trim anything off the first pack, second pack I did a little. But that is so gross! Sorry for your misfortune…I hate trimming meat.

  2. Mandy says

    I always look at the wrapper and see how much retained solution and water in the pkg. If I’m still suspicious that there’s more to it, I check the sodium content per serving. I have found the same brands of chicken parts at one store with very little solution and water or none, and the very same brand at another store with up to 15%!!!!! I’ll buy it with retained water if it’s not too high of a %, but, I won’t buy it if there is broth or salt. I like to control the sodium in our food. I would call their 800 # and complain about all that fat and junk. I buy a lot of boneless, skinless chicken on sale and package it to freeze and I’ve never seen that much. I will say, I found a great price on Perdue boneless, skinless breasts a few weeks ago and they were soooooo nicely trimmed and packaged. The meat wasn’t wet and there wasn’t a speck of cartilage or fat or skin. I was thinking they would be worth paying a little more per lb. because there was zero waste and they were so nice to bread and cook.

  3. Priscilla says

    I also was dissapointed with the quality of the Tyson Boneless skinless thighs I bought at Aldi. I did not trim at all and they were so fatty and grissly and I did not like the flavor either! I will not buy more after the 1st pack. I wanted to buy more to freeze but not when it is poor quality like this.

  4. rifat says

    I’ve had similar experiences with Tyson chicken, not necessarily from ALDI. They (Tyson and others) have managed to add unusable stuff on to the chicken parts in all their products. As a whole chicken cutterupper I have to give them credit for their ingenuity.
    I thought the price was going to be a good deal this week also, I think I’ll pass given your info.
    I’ve also taken that extra stuff back to Jewel complaining about Perdue products. Not sure what they did with it, I did talk to the meat counter manager and he was OK to talk to.
    Sanderson Farms are also very creative.
    I usually make broth/soup with the scraps but I’m paying for something else.

  5. April says

    I would think you could return it back to the store with explanation why you are doing it.
    That way it would get reported back to Tyson. Store can’t resell returned meat. It gets reported back to the business. Business loosing sales. Hopefully, lesson learned.

    • says

      I already used it :) — I was in the middle of making dinner when I unwrapped it, so just trimmed them and used what I had. The flavor was fine, it just wasn’t trimmed.

  6. M. Singer says

    Oh Artie,
    DON’T say gribenes! One serving will raise your cholesterol 50 points! (I remember them fondly…)
    I switched to the Empire skinless, boneless chicken. They’re $1.25 more / pound, but have virtually NO fat hidden under
    the chicken, and the styrofoam tray and little piece of paper under it are Not waterlogged.
    Rachel’s Mom

  7. Jane says

    I just bought several “Value” brand boneless skinless thighs at Kroger last week for the same price (which I thought was a steal) and trimmed the same amount of fat from them….all neatly tucked under as well! I was so mad especially because it takes so long to trim that fat off. I do not think it is skin either, that is how they get away with it. It’s fat! Doesn’t say anything about being fat-less! I love thigh meat, but we might as well buy the whole thigh if this is what kind of deal we’re getting with the boneless/skinless.

    If the companies are being lazy about trimming meat (and sneaky) we just will not buy it. Do they think we won’t notice this pile of fat!?

  8. Erin says

    I hate to admit it, as I love couponing and deals…but I only buy my meat from Whole Foods or organic. While extremely more expensive, I once ate boneless skinless chicken breast from Purdue chicken and could taste the bleach throughout the whole chicken. Since then, I decided it was a luxury that I had to have. I realize that not everyone can afford this, but it’s just something I won’t waiver with any longer. Since then, I haven’t had the issue of folded over fat (not saying that there isn’t any, but you understand) and definitely haven’t tasted the bleaching!

  9. gramma says

    had that exact thing happen twice at Tony’s. First time I thought it might just be a fluke. Second time: STUPID ME !!! Beautifully trimmed on the top, loads of fat folded under. I live in an area where I can shop at Jewel, Aldi’s, Caputo’s, Pete’s … all about the same distance. I have not returned to Tony’s. But you’re right: would not expect that of Tyson. Since you took pics, I suggest emailing Tyson directly.

  10. patti says

    That is totally disgusting. This is the kind of garbage that has me looking for better quality food options lately. If I can buy organic quality meat for a little more than what they charge for that I’m trying to work it into the budget whenever possible. YUCK.

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