Reader deals 10/29/14

Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

If you are sharing a deal from another site or an online coupon, please include the link. If you found a deal at a specific store, please include the location.

  • *** Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.


  • Something to check for from Amy: “My Snap app had avocados listed as of today, $0.50 cash back for an even better deal for you.”
  • Nikki says: “The $8 Shrink [for Veev] is gone but there is a $5 available for the VitaFrute Cocktail!”
  • She adds: “AND- on the both the cocktail & vodka, buy 2 in 2 separate transactions, and submit for a bonus $3 back on each from Ibotta. To be clear, buy 2 vodka, get $3 bonus and/or buy 2 cocktails, get $3 bonus. The bonus ends 11/02, I believe.” The VitaFrute bonus does end 11/2 and Veev is 11/12. I think the extended both, actually.

Bass Pro Shops


Food 4 Less

  • Brandy shares: “I didn’t inspect, but it appeared 25% off at Bolingbrook when I went 2 hours ago. Regardless, the shelves are basically bare and it didn’t appear any shipments were on their way. The prices were not impressive to us frugal shoppers. I went down every single aisle and spent a total of about $5 on yogurt (dairy not on sale but these were manager’s special yogurts for $.36… not impressive but we eat yogurt), 2 cans of olives for $.49 each and a container of puffs for my baby for $1.18. Really unimpressed. The dairy, produce, bread were not marked down, it seemed. I saw a sign that said “further alcohol markdowns Thursday” but I didn’t pay much attention to the prices that seemed to be fairly regular priced. More liquor and drink mixes and not much beer. Be careful of expirations. I nearly bought a 16-pack of fruit cups for $6.44 (again, unimpressive, but I needed them for my son’s preschool) and noted that they were expiring January 11, 2015. I also saw some medicines that expired 03/13! This appears to be nothing like the Dominick’s closing… bummer. “
  • Barbara adds: “The Elk Grove store has the same situation. Shelves are almost empty and prices have not been marked down. 30% might bring prices down to a sale price, but the stuff that is left are unpopular items that no one is buying. Can’t comment on the liquor because last time I was there nothing in the liquor department had been marked down. Clerks agree that the store will not stay open until November 8th because there is not enough left to sell.”


  • Mandy found: “I just got back from Jewel at Geneva and Schmale in Wheaton, and they had a bunch of Bone in Chicken breasts for .89 a lb. Fresh dates of 11/1 and 11/2/14.”
  • Jane says: “I checked today for the Marzetti price and they are still 2/$4 until 11-27 the tags said. My friend wanted me to get her a rain check from the sale last week because she bought the last one in the store and wanted more. Even though they are not featured in the ad, they are still on sale, whew!”
  • TracyS comments: “The Jewel on Touhy in Village Crossing (Niles or Skokie, i cant remember which) also has the Orville for $2.99 and There is a site called retale that has local adscans, and on the last page of the Jewel ad, there is a $5 off $50 coupon. This coupon shows up EVERY WEEK!!!”
  • Something to look for from LovinSavin: “On the Orville Redenbacher and 2-liter deal the ten 2-ltr had .55C off 2 peelies so that deal was even better.”
  • Advice from donna: “The Countryside Jewel had very few Febreze candles at 6:30 this morning. There wasn’t much Pantene to choose from either. Call the store before you go as they were stocking shelves. Shop early the stores just don’t seem to have enough stock for sales like these.”
  • New2q reports: “The set and refresh are ringing up at $2.50 and the Pantene are ringing $3.50″
  • Krystle says: “Check your printed coupon stash, I found $4/2 Pantene Shampoo, Conditioner mfgs from (exp 10/31). So I did scenario#2, bought 4 Febreeze candles, and 8 Pantene products. Awesome MM scenario after $15 OYNO and completing my Savingstar offer ($5/$25).”
  • Iris posts on Facebook: “I just came from doing three rounds at my local Jewel and reminded me the reason of what I had stopped going there. I did not try to roll the catalinas. All my transactions were more than $35.00, but only one catalina printed at $15.00. For the other two transactions, they were adamant of adjusting one of the transactions because they said that it is after coupons, “because that’s the way they catalinas are at Jewel”. I told them it was not on the fine print. Last transaction, and item was labeled as $4.49 on the shelf, but scanned at $2.50. So, that screw up my whole transaction. For all of you doing it today:
    1. Break down your transactions down on a piece of paper and include pricing (it will help if you go to CS later).
    2. Know your coupon policy. They did not want to allow me to use coupons on the items I was buying. For example, 8 Febreeze for which I use 4 BOGO coupons, they did not want to allow me to use “extra” coupons on the 4 I was actually buying.
    3. My store did not have all the labels up and the flyer was at CS.
    4. I have the feeling they will be fighting the pre-post coupon.”
  • Mary Beth says: “Be Careful – Make sure the catalina machine is working. Went this morning before work and there was only one line open and the cat machine was broken. Got the money back at customer service but a hassle before work.”
  • Diane shares: “OMG what a disaster! Went to Jewel in Wood Dale. Bought 3 Pantene shamoo @ $3.50 = $10.50 Bought 3 Pantene stylers @ 4.99 = $14.97 Bought 4 febreeze candles @ $2.50 = $10 subtotal = $35.47 – $5/3 Pantene = $30.47 – 3 BIGIF (cpn up to $5) – $14.97 = $15.50 – 2 $1 Febreeze candles – $13.50 -$5 2BIGIF febreeze candles = $8.50 or so it should have been! But the registers would not take the cents off cpns. after taking off the BIGIF cpns. They called someone over from CS who pushed them through, but then told the cashier at the next lane not to do it, because the cents off cpn with a BIGIF cpn. only applies if Jewel is giving u a BIGIF not if the BIGIF cpn. comes from the manufacturer??? WHAT?? I tried to show her the policy but of course they never want to look at it or have their own interpertation. Then of course only got $10 CAT but CS fixed it & I got my $15 one. It only took an hour. No one else having issues with both coupons going thru?”
  • Outlander responds: “Definitely problems with Pantene Qs. I was lucky because they entered it for me manually, but I can see lots of people having problems.”
  • A question from amy: “Has anyone ever gone into a Jewel and had them take your coupons with no problems? Corporate policy indicates what they should accept. However, none of the stores that I frequent follow the corporate rules. I used the coupons the other day on the McCormick spices and they would not give me the small overage. They would not budge. For this deal, it is not worth the hassle to me. I am tired of going to Jewel. I have enough in my life without having to worry about someone argue with me. I hope that somebody from Jewel Corporate reads this and actually does care. They do not seem to realize that they are losing customers. Remember how we felt about arguments at Dominicks and stopped going there. You think Jewel will catch on?”
  • Also, for P&G scenario ideas, please see reader comments on the P&G Catalina matchups here and the Share Your Scenarios post here.

Reader requests

  • From ellen: “Has anyone gotten any good deals at KMart this week with the double coupons promo?”
  • Charlotte asks on Facebook: “Pet beds!? Any idea where to get a deal on some pet beds? We’re getting another dog this weekend, and I don’t want to get fleeced (literally and figuratively) like I did with our other dog’s bed.”


  • From llamalluv: “If you go into the store, there is a 5% off Up&Up diapers on Cartwheel. I stacked this with a $1.50 off Up&Up diaper coupon I got in a Target Baby mailer and the $10 off a $100 purchase in the Christmas mailer we got this past week, and bought four packages of size 3, mainly for my 1 year old. The size 3 diapers actually do fit my skinny 3 and a half year old in a pinch. He’s 33 pounds, but really slender across the hips. I really like this brand for our occasional disposable diaper needs. These four boxes will probably last us six months.”


  • Sue shares: “Yes, the [Energizer] rebate codes are inside the battery packages this time, which is good. But, you have to take out almost all the batteries to get to the code sticker! So, be a gentle opener so you can reuse your packages to store your batteries!”
  • A tip from Sandy: “I just used a razor blade and cut the plastic on 2 sides where the paper with the codes are and slipped them out. easy peasy.”

Free Energizer batteries at Walmart after rebate


I have heard rumors that Energizer got smart and put the rebate stickers on the inside of the packages this time — anyone confirm? Anyway,

  • Head to Walmart and buy two specially marked 8 packs of Energizer Max AA or AAA at $5.97 each = $11.94.
  • Use two $1.00/1 printable coupons here = $9.94.
  • Send in for the $10 Walmart eGift card rebate for a net cost of free.

Be sure to buy packages showing the gift card rebate sticker!

(Thanks, Couponing for 4)

Big Lots Bob’s Red Mill in ad for price match


Big Lots usually has nice prices on Bob’s Red Mill, but they don’t take coupons and they’re generally unadvertised. Well, Bob’s Red Mill is included in this week’s ad, meaning you can price match at Target or Walmart and use this: When you sign up here, you’ll receive a link via email to print $3.00/2 ANY Bob’s Red Mill products.

  • Here’s your online Big Lots ad good 10/26-11/1 — Bob’s Red Mill prices on page 2 — or stop in for a paper ad or use the one in today’s Chicago Tribune.

Advertised prices:

  • Cornbread mix, $3.00.
  • 24 oz Flaxseed, $3.00.
  • 48 oz whole wheat pastry flour, $3.00.
  • 29 oz 13 bean soup mix, $4.00.
  • 26 oz pancake & waffle mix, $3.50.
  • 24 oz honey oat granola, $5.80.
  • 32 oz organic rolled oats, $4.50.
  • 36 oz 5 grain rolled hot cereal, $4.50.

The flaxseed in particular is a nice price at $1.50 each after coupon when you price match.

Top 20 toys chosen by Kids this holiday season


Walmart has put together a list of the top 20 toys as voted on by kids this season — check it out and see if it matches what your kids have been asking for!

Thanks to Saving Money Living Smart for compiling this list.

Top 20 Toys Chosen By Kids 2014



So, how’d they do?

Disney Frozen Hide & Hug Olaf just $15.99


Out of stock :( — let me know if you see him come back!


If you missed your chance to snag the Disney Frozen Hide & Hug Olaf before he went out of stock on Amazon, you can now pick him up at Walmart for $15.99 with free shipping! This is like a Frozen-themed Elf on the Shelf, so how fun to lead up to the holidays for your little Frozen fan, lol. This is a pre-order for shipping on 10/28.

(Thanks, Mission to Save)

Reader deals 10/13/14

Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

If you are sharing a deal from another site or an online coupon, please include the link. If you found a deal at a specific store, please include the location.

  • *** Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.


  • Krystle noticed: “For those who use Snap App and missed out on the free Huggies wipes. The offers have reset and this time it’s limt 2 per person on 4 different offers/ types of wipes.”


  • On this Coke deal, Cari shares: “I ran out last night and did deal too. Found $1/3 peelies at my store so worked out to $1 per 12 pack!”
  • Diane is wondering: “Does anyone know if this is still working today?”
  • Victoria points out: “It should work through Saturday. Limit of 1 offer, though.” Unless they change it in the system to stop working on just Coke.
  • Abigayle shares: “Still working as of 3pm today. I bought Cherry coke and the woman/cvs employee in line in front of me bought Sprite, both worked.”


  • Victoria shares: “My Jewel (Clark & Division) has the Mama Francesco’s Parmesan BOGO at 2.99. They also have a coupon machine in front of them spitting out 1$/1 jar. I bought 2 and used two of the coupons which made them around 50cents a piece.”

Loyalty programs

  • From shirley: “FYI. Cereal and Milk Bonus from Kellogg’s rewards program. Enter five codes from ANY Kellogg’s® cereals, get 1,000 bonus points. Extra good news – bonus points for this Cereal and Milk offer can be awarded TWICE. Offer ends 11/2/2014 at 11:59:59 p.m. PST!”
  • To sweeten the CVS deal, LauraL shares: “Starting 10/14, Mycokerewards has double points on diet coke . They have to be entered on the beta site”

Reader requests

  • Shandelle asks: “ALSO is anyone else experiencing issues printing from the iPhone app to wireless HP printers since upgrading to iOS 8? I have an HP wireless 6600 and have printed to it tons and tons of times from both an iPhone 5S and my old iPhone 4. Well Apple stopped supporting the iPhone 4 with iOS 8, so that still has iOS 7 on it. The last couple times I’ve tried printing coupons using the app on my iPhone 5S, it says it can’t locate any printers at all. Nothing has changed about my wifi network nor the printer settings. The app from my iPhone 4 (still running iOS7) can still print just fine. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this. I tried to contact them to ask but their support leaves much to be desired.. their default answer is often just “your printer must not be supported” when clearly that isn’t the problem. I’ve used both iphones to print to the same printer on the same network tons of times over a year period.”
  • Debbie is wondering: “Our Champaign Walmart doesn’t carry the Reynolds baking cup. Do you know of any other stores that do?” I have bought them at Jewel, but not recently.
  • Sara replies: “I believe Mariano’s carries Reynolds baking cups.”
  • Kristin posts on Facebook: “I know this has come up before, what is the name of the carpet place in Round Lake that people have recommended for area rugs? Thanks!”


  • Maureen reports on TRESemme: “The ad is misleading. The deal only works on the 32 oz. keratin shampoo and conditioner marked at 4.99. The others are part of the spend $40 on select top brands get $10 gift card.”


  • Suzann shares this deal from Katy Couponers: Buy three cans of Bush’s chili beans at Walmart for $.92 each, use three $.55/1 in the 10/12 SS, and get $1.00 back from Ibotta for a net cost of $.12 for three, or just $.04 each. As always, unadvertised Walmart prices can vary by region.