Reader deals 4/18/14

Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

Big favor: If you mention other sites, online coupons, etc, please include the link. Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.


  • Jane says: “I used my 2- $1/1 printables for the Challenge butter Wed. to get them for $1.28 each….but then I noticed in this weeks Berkots ad, they had them for only $2 each. I was going there anyway this morning, so I tried to get another 2 for only a dollar each but they denied my coupon because it had a JEWEL LOGO on it! She even brought out the manual showing me the policy. It is a manuf. coupon and does not say ONLY at Jewel….I left them on the belt. Silly. Just wanted to share it w/ others who may shop there.”


  • Nikki shares: “I purchased the rain barrels Aileen is talking about last year. Unless they’ve changed it, it is a limit of 2 per household. They were not delivered in the time frame promised (shocker, right? LOL) but they were nice enough to hide them from street view, as we were not there when they were delivered. They were easy to install, came with instructions, & all the necessary hardware. After researching many rain barrels, these were the cheapest we found at the time.”


  • Something to look for from Outlander: “At Jewel, if you are doing $5/5 Kraft deal with Kool Aid Jammers, look for clearance ones (lemonade and watermelon flavors) for $1.58, so only $0.58 after the discount.”

Online deals

  • On the cheap refurbished desktop, Matt says: “I would add is that refurbished with desktop computers typically just means the computer was used, so they just wiped the hard drive and reinstalled a fresh copy of Windows. Individuals or businesses refurbishing computer are basically just part of a program where Microsoft allows them a cheaper license to put Windows on a used computer that has not had a motherboard change or processor upgrade so that it can resold or donated. Other types of refurbished products actually had something wrong with them and were repaired, so there may be a little more risk involved.  Definitely for the kids a machine like this is slightly faster than an old XP machine. Pick up a cheap flat panel monitor from the Good Will for under $10 and they’re ready to go. This machine was probably around in the early days of Vista (pre-2009) and may have had Vista or XP on it originally. You can usually get a decent used dual core machine on eBay for $100, but a lot of times the machines don’t come with an operating system. The biggest thing to check on a machine like this is to do a quick Google search to determine how much RAM you can put in these because that is the main thing that can be upgraded in a machine like this.” He also shares this link.


  • For the paper products deal, Kari O. says: “don’t forget there is a $1/1 Bounty DuraTowel in the coupon booklets from Pampers diaper cases! Also Target sent out those Spring mailers last month with $1/1 and $1/2 Paper Items which include Bounty 6ct+ packs.”
  • A deal from Jordan: “Use the Aveeno coupon in the latest of the Target Baby mobile coupons and the 5% off Aveeno on Cartwheel, then get $2 back from Checkout 51 for Aveeno baby lotion for as low as $.74 each.” Not everyone will have the Aveeno baby offer, but definitely worth checking your Checkout 51!


  • For more cheap detergent, Mallory realized: “If you “unlike” Ajax on Facebook and “relike” them again, it will let you print it more than once! :)”

Reader deals 4/12/14

Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

Big favor: If you mention other sites, online coupons, etc, please include the link. Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.


  • Artie comments: “Anyone else notice that perhaps because of the price increase Tribunes were selling faster at Dollar Tree? My store opens at 8AM and by 9:15 over 80% were gone. How long before people try to start reselling them?”
  • Jane says: “Did you also notice the exclusion on the Vidal Sassoon coupon, excludes 12 oz. size! That is not a tiny bottle. This was the one we got free at Family Dollar a few weeks ago. Geez.”

Dollar General

  • Darlene posts on Facebook: “If you are at Dollar General anytime soon & see “RubyKist 100% Apple Cider” — have the cashier price check it. $.01 at my Dollar General yesterday!! (Seasonal item from fall that ‘shoulda been pulled’ is what cashier told me) Date on the 8 bottles I bought — for $.08!! — is 9/15/15, so that’s not the issue. I went in for paper plates, napkins, spotted these on an endcap & thought that sounded good with some spiced rum I had at home :) No price on shelf or bottle. When it rang up for $.01, I sent my teenager back to pick up the other 7 bottles on the shelf. WOW!”
  • She adds: “There were some other juices on the endcap, too. Tampico, some v8, etc. Might head in there today to price check some of those — IDK. can’t hurt, I suppose.”

Easter Bunny


  • From Kim: “The sara lee boxed snack cakes are 2.50 and there is a 1/1 q making them 1.50 each.” We didn’t get it in the Tribune, unfortunately.


  • Kitty emails: “There is a Try Me Free rebate for the Ban Wipes The package sticker says,    Visit      feelbanfesh.comrebate    to complete the rebate form.  UPC, receipt and sticker are required. 1 per household through 4-30-14. Wonder if using the free coupon will affect the rebate. Usually it doesn’t but it did on those glucose meters Walgreens has a while back.”


  • Some information on the massager, from letsshop: “Mine helps sometimes depends on how bad pain is ,electrodes can be costly last a short time ,temporary fix on pain in certain parts of body .I put mine up all the way ,so electronic impulses can relieve some of the nerve pain .I get mine free threw Medicare cause of back problems and being a senior. Its generally called 10s unit if its the one I think it is .”


  • An idea sent over by Kitty: “I got a great deal on 12 oz Driscoll’s blackberries at Target.  They are $2.50, less 5% cartwheel ($2.37), less $1 MQ from Driscoll’s survey.  That made them $1.37 for 12 oz.  I am pretty sure the Driscoll’s survey is still active.  I do it every few weeks and can print 5 or more coupons each time.”
  • For the new coupon, Shandelle says: “There’s also 15% off Reddi-Wip in Cartwheel (Exp 4/19). I read elsewhere these are 2/$4 at Kroger right now (not sure which region), so $1 after the coupon.”


  • From liz: “this week I got flat out wraps for 1.99 unadvertised sale at walgreens normally these are 2.99.. they keep them frozen so you can ask for some from the back and keep them frozen at home…once thawed they have a shelf life of 16 days…this is the best price I have seen for these”
  • For anyone going today, letsshop found that the 21 ct Neutrogena wipes are $6.49 and BOGO 50%. Use the $2.00/1 in the April book (will come off each) and $3.00/2 in the 3/23 SS to make your OOP $2.73. Then submit for $2.00 back with Checkout 51!

Walmart lauching new organics line


This is interesting, don’t you think? “Walmart and Wild Oats Launch Effort to Drive Down Organic Food Prices” — read the full press release here.

Walmart, the nation’s largest grocer, announced today it will carry Wild Oats organic food items. Originally introduced in 1987, Wild Oats will relaunch at Walmart starting this month with a new, more affordable price point on quality products covering a broad variety of categories – from salsa and pasta sauce to quinoa and chicken broth. Customers will save 25 percent or more when comparing Wild Oats to national brand organic products.*

They have a couple of examples at the bottom — for example, 6 oz tomato paste will be $.58, 32 oz chicken broth $1.98.

Reader deals 4/10/14

Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

Big favor: If you mention other sites, online coupons, etc, please include the link. Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.

Checkout 51

  • A tip from letsshop for using the app without a smartphone: “For the easiest way I just scan my receipts , taking picures for me and my old fashion cell phone to much trouble . So anyone else like me ! scan perfect every time (:”


  • Tips from feelgood: “For anyone registering for BP Rewards: If you also have an American Express card, check your AMEX account online under “Offers for You”. Mine has “BP: Spend $30, Get $5 Back”. If you have an American Express card but don’t have this offer for your card, you can sync it to your card through your Twitter or Facebook account.”
  • Jen k says: “I’ve been using BP rewards for about 6 months. Doesn’t save a lot but it’s something. The BP on Lawrence at 90 actually has good (city) prices to begin with so it’s not like I’m paying more just to save a nickel.”
  • He also says: “I don’t know if I have the same FRN card (there are several varieties). A few months ago, I went inside the Shell station and got a free FRN card from the clerk, registered it online without having to link a debit card, and have been getting $0.03/gal off every time since. Then I pay with a cashback or rewards credit card for even more savings!”

Harbor Freight

  • For those interested in more than just free tools, Steve F. comments: “Make sure you check your Sunday inserts too for coupons. We’ve had 25% off Q’s down here for awhile….and the dates go out pretty far .”

J.C. Penney

  • Ashley says: “Just a reminder that JCP in Stratford mall is closing this month, still a lot left, most 50-70% off.”


  • Shandelle found: “Jewel has select packets of McCormick seasonings on sale for $.69 right now, including taco and fajita seasonings and some others. They are also Monopoly bonus items. If you use the $.75 coupon from 4/6, you receive $.06 overage per packet applied to the basket also. Bought 4 tonight and it worked just fine.”



  • Shandelle shares: “There’s a $1/3 Hot Pockets in zip 03103 on which stacks nicely with the Target deal going on right now. Buy 5 boxes of Hot Pockets for, $8 for 4 AND Buy 4 Get 1 Free. Use $1 off 4 Hot/Lean Pockets Target printable, get 10% off Hot Pockets from Cartwheel ($.70 ; EXCLUDES Lean Pockets). Use $1/2 printable AND $1/3 printable. Final cost is $4.30 for five boxes or $.86 per box! Or if you have a Red Card, $4.08 or $.82 per box! This will only work on Hot Pockets. If you want Lean Pockets, you lose the Cartwheel discount.” She adds: “I realize you could use TWO of the $1/2 printables also but if you hoped to do the deal twice due to have 2 of the $1/4 Target printables, this would be a good way to do that.”
  • From andi: “Unless this deal was corrected, I got the $5 GC @ Target this past Sunday when I bought 1 Nasacort. Tag on shelf did not indicate two. Had a $5 MQ and a $4 TQ. MM, and coupon printer @ checkout spit out another $4 TQ.”
  • Brian is wondering about Angry Birds Jenga: “Anyone have any luck getting a rain check?  Woodridge had one in stock; said no to a rain check and no to giving me 25% off of the one.”

Ultra Foods

  • Mandy found: “The Miracle Whip at Ultra in Lombard had coupons on them for $1 off tuna with the purchase of the MW. A couple of the brands of tuna were on sale for a $1 a can. Nice bonus to the buy ten items deal.”


  • Suzann says: “The everyday price for the meow mix cups is $0.48 at WalMart. I have been finding a lot of clearance cat food on the end cap in the pet food aisle particularly the meow mix cups and Sheba cans.” Print BOGO Meow Mix here.
  • Renee found: “I was at Walmart in Joliet on Jefferson and they had the 2liter bottles of a&w 10, 7up 10, Rc 10 and a few more for a dollar but there was tags hanging off them for .55 so that would make them .45 per 2liter!!”
  • Shandelle adds: “Did you get the printable for $1.50/2 or $.50/2 TEN two liters from”

Reader deals 4/5/14

Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

Big favor: If you mention other sites, online coupons, etc, please include the link. Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.


  • Francesca likes Ghirardelli: “These are the best boxed mixes ever”

Battery toothbrush replacement heads

  • On the Tanga deal, Nora says: “My husband uses them for his Oral B and they work just fine.”
  • Linda’s experience: “I’ve gone the generic route for the Oral B replacement heads, and they’re fine. I figure it’s kind of like Jewel or Aldi brand stuff- which I’m totally fine with!”
  • But karen wasn’t a fan of generics: “I tried the sonic care elite meijer brand and they are alfull. Don’t vibrate as much so I felt like it doesn’t clean as well. What’s the point?”


  • A deal idea from Krystle: “Wow on the Allegra and Nasacort coupons! Through tonight if you have a $10 off of both Nasacort and Allegra CRT(or check your account, handy when you lose some), use it with the new coupons from the 4/6 paper, plus you will earn a $10ECB! So your net will be $3.98 before tax (1.75% for me) for a 30 ct Allegra and 120 spray Nasacort.”

Dollar Tree

  • Finds from Outlander: “I found Loreal Paris eye pencils (many colors) at Dollar Tree, so 2 free with $2/1 Q from 3/23 RP. I just got 6 free with 3 Qs! :) Oh, and, also, they weren’t with the other makeup, but on the end cap at 2 different stores (with Wet’n Wild stuff). Also found Colgate in bottles 4.2 or 4.6 oz, so you can use $0.50/1 Q from 3/23 SS (smaller size varieties at Dollar Tree are excluded on the Q).”


  • A reminder that it is a good place for books, from Susan on Facebook: “This is why i love Goodwill! If u have the patience u can find anything….all 4 books in the Game of Thrones Series! 0.89 each! They were not filed together but with a bit of scanning I found all of them!”

Home Depot

  • Ashley found: “EGV Home Depot has Krud Kutter multipacks for $1 each. Each Multipack has two 56oz bottles. Each 56 oz bottle has a shelf price of $18.98 so I think its a great deal. They had a cart full left when we were there around 2pm [yesterday]“


  • Ashley shares: “Saturday and Sunday only at Petsmart you can score some amazing discounts on pet food! Simply Nourish Dry Dog food $0.85 a lb with four free cans Simply Nourish Dry Cat food $1.49 a lb with six free cans Hills Science Diet Dry Dog food $0.53 a lb with four free cans Hills Science Diet Dry Cat food $1.07 a lb with four free cans Wellness Dry Dog Food $1.56 a lb Wellness Dry Cat food $0.94 a lb with three packages of dog treats free!”

Reader requests

  • One from DD: “Was wondering if anyone can share any info on video cams. We’re looking to get a decent one to preserve memories–hoping $200-$300 price range?? Have NO idea where to start as far as what to look for! TIA”
  • Yvette posts on Facebook: “Does anyone know of any deals for car rentals in Chicago, Ohare area? My parents are coming over for a visit for a month and looking for good deal on a car rental… Thank you”
  • Aoy emails: “I submitted the Suave receipts to their company and used their codes to get $5 discount on my utility bills. I have not seen those being applied to my bills yet. I just would like to see if you have the same problem. Do you know where should I contact to find out what happened?”
  • From Linsay: “If anyone did the survey for White Sox tickets and is unable to go, please let me know That’s my hubby’s team and I missed out on the survey. Thanks so much!”


  • Krystle comments: “Check your binders for a $2/2 Colgate printable from a few weeks ago. If you do happen to have one, you can score 2 Colgate Max fresh toothpaste for free after RRs. Or use @ CVS for their spend $10 earn $5ecb, and stack with $2/10 toothpaste, toothbrush, etc CRT printed last week. Use @ CVS if you prefer 360 toothbrushes or Colgate total toothpaste. Either store should make some free or almost free oral care products.”


  • Vivian reports: “Nivea 2.5 oz is at WalMart also.”

Reader deals 4/3/14

Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

Big favor: If you mention other sites, online coupons, etc, please include the link. Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.

Deal of day

  • Samantha comments: “Make a Messterpiece is on living social -2 for $15 -I bought 2 vouchers (I have 2 kids) and it took $4.50 off -so better than group on where it only comes off one deal -it came off the total transaction!”

Discount Tire

  • Susan posts on Facebook: “Got a flat tire the other day and took my tire into Discount Tire. I didn’t know until after they had patched the tire and put it back on my car for me that the service is complimentary! Doesn’t matter if you purchased tires from them or not.”


  • A find from Ashley: “The Schaumburg Jewel store has hundreds of bottles of alcohol on clearance for $4 each. Although the sign says wine, there’s others included too. Be sure to look for rebates and coupons in store, many of them have escalating rebates or coupons for money off another product when you buy that bottle.”
  • Liz found: “Jewel in Oak Forest has LaVazza. It was 6.89 last week, there was a $2IP and then the checkout51 and shopmium rebates.”
  • Katie found: “On sale for 3 for $5.  most bags at my store had $0.50 peelies on them!  $117/bag.  not bad :)”
    wise jewel


  • Caroline posts on Facebook: “I’ve been going to Jerry’ s Fruit Market for over 30 years and they do indeed change their prices on a whim. Strawberries were advertised at $1.50 then they dropped the price to .69 cents. Tomorrow’s sale says .69 cents. You just never know when the owner whom I know wants to do something special and drop the price. He gets a kick out of it.”


  • SoapboxTray found: “The Aloha Morning Hawaiian Punch $2.39 use the $1. IP on Double Daze and 39¢ bottle. Waflebakkers pancakes are $3.29 and all the raving from the readers is valid, Mr. 11 and I tried the mini’s this morning and I am a big one for making pancakes from scratch/bulk and freezing, but these little guys were delicious! Use the IP on Double Daze for $1.29 a bag pancakes!”


  • From elizabeth: “There is a $1 rebate available on Smuckers through the Shopmuim app.”
  • Ashley spotted: “Meijer brand trial travel cotton products are 10/$10 and 11th free, there’s an mperk for $0.25/each”
  • Jennifer posts on Facebook: “mperks: free box of velveeta shells and cheese or velveeta rotini and cheese dinners 9.4 oz-12 oz. good until tomorrow”

Old Navy

  • From Susan on Facebook: “Old Navy is offering 30% off everything plus a free tote bag thru April 9th if you use your Old Navy card. If you don’t have a card and want to sign up it is 40% off.”

Online deals

  • Susan on Facebook shares: “I like Bealls (a Kohls type store in Florida) and I received a ‘mystery” online code for 30% off with code WAVE”


  • On the previous Friday Reese’s egg freebie, Tamara, Theresa, and Brian report that SavingStar has sent emails saying that they have given people full credit for the purchase amount and that the error was that the price was reported as 50% off rather than B1G1.


  • From ellen: “.50 back on savingstar wyb 2 potatoes”


  • A find from lisa: “Look for clearance L’Oreal Hair color at Target. I picked up 2 boxes today @ 4.48 – used (2) $2.00 coupons and got a $5.00 gift card. Out the door with tax considering all discounts, it was under .50 for both.”
  • From Sue: “If you use the Jingit app, there is a $1/4 reward on 4 2L’s of TEN soda, and one for $1/1 TEN 12 pack, good at Target. There is also a free (to $4.99) rebate out on the 12 pack soda, good thru 04/15/14. Found the tear pad form at my grocery store.”
  • Something to check for from Kaitlyn: “Walmart milk has had a peelie on it for 1.00 off any Kellogg’s cerealthe past couple weeks. I’ve been saving mine up for a good deal and using them at target makes for 2 boxes of cereal for 1.04!”
  • Krystle says: “Check to see if you also have an offer for $1 back on Quilted Northern TP [on Checkout51]. Then go to Target this week buy 2 X 30 packs of Quilted Northern, after Cartwheel (15% off), TQ’s (.50 printable, $1 mobile), 2X $1.50 MFGS (also from Target website), $10 gift card, and $1 back from Checkout 51. You will end up paying $0.17 per double roll or about $0.08 per single roll.”
  • A heads up from anne on the Checkout51 offer: “I think the variety of Bear Naked 50% off on CW is for a bag that is not quite 12 oz…nor is the only coupon out there on KFR for $1/1…..of course :( Sniff sniff”
  • Judy S. agrees: “I think Anne is right. The Bear Naked website shows that the Honey Almond Protein Granola is 11.2 oz:(“
  • Shirley noticed: “There is also a $1/2 Kellogg Frosted flakes on Kellogg Family Rewards website. Target has it for $2.94. Buy 4 and use one MQ to get it for $1.22 each.”


  • Ashley shares: “This weekend we are set to get a coupon for $1/1 broad or fine tip Crayola Markers. Walmart sells the regular ones for $0.97 everyday. And starting 4/6 the Washable ones will be on roll back for $0.97, making both a $0.03 mm after coupon! Because the roll back is in the ad you will be able to PM them at Target!”