Jewel, CVS, and everyone is competition shopping


I was out all morning ferrying a kid to a dr. appointment, then stopped by CVS and Jewel after dropping him off safely at school since I was out anyway…


Six Wright sausage rolls, $15.00. Used three BOGO from the 3/30 SS and three $1.00/1 printables (no longer available).
2 Fresh Express spinach, $2.00. Used $1.00/2 printable from the Fresh Express salad swap.
Two 22 oz bowls watermelon, BOGO at $3.49.

Paid $9.35. Remember how I said it was just produce and milk this week unless a really great grocery deal popped up? The $.75 sausage rolls qualified. :)



Then I went to CVS for the milk part of this expedition — where, as so often happens, it was cheaper to buy all this stuff than to walk in and just buy a gallon of milk. So here’s the thing. We always hear about grocery store competition in the Chicago market, but I think it’s important to look more broadly at drugstores, dollar stores, and more. Did I want to stop at another store today after Jewel? Not so much. But, buying a gallon of store brand milk at Jewel while I was there anyway would have cost me straight up $2.57 + tax. Running into CVS on the way home got me name brand milk + several other things for literally half the price of the gallon of generic milk at Jewel.

Multiply that by the number of the people who might run into Jewel for just that gallon of milk and end up picking up other things while they are there (the milk being in the back of the store for a reason!)  — but instead are running into CVS or Walgreens to get name brand milk at the same price or better. No, it’s not just milk, but milk is a prime example of what I mean here.

Anyway… here’s what I bought.

Dean’s milk, $2.99.
4 Almay eyeshadow softies, $19.96. Used $3.00/$15.00 makeup from the magic machine and four $4.00/1 from the 4/13 SS.
2 Scope to Go, $4.98.
popchips, $2.00. Used $.55/1 printable.

Paid with $10 ECB and $2.28. Got back $10.00 ECB ($1.00 milk, $3.00 Almay, $6.00 Scope) to bring that down to net $2.28. Will get back another $1.00 from Ibotta ($.50 milk, $.50 popchips) for a net cost of $1.28 for the lot.

Super quick ALDI trip


Given last week’s Target madness, I figure this week will feature shopping calmly for a little produce and maybe milk later, unless something unexpectedly wondrous appears in the grocery ads. Today I needed avocados, so paid $5.34 at ALDI for three avocados, a 24 oz bag of fingerling potatoes, and a pound of Campari tomatoes.

Are you guys looking forward to a slower week, too? lol

Three packs Bounty DuraTowels net $5.63


So, yeah. Junior High Guy and I were driving to the library tonight, and my brain couldn’t help but notice that Target is on the way…

With tax I paid $15.63 and got back a $10 Target gift card for a net cost of $5.63 for 24 rolls of Bounty, or 23.5 cents per roll.

Now I am REALLY done with Target for the week! yeesh :)

Stop me before I shop again free Redbox shopping


I have shopped WAY too much this week. But Redbox texted a free code (Mr. 7 picked out Frozen to watch while they’re off school for Good Friday tomorrow!), and I figured as long as were were picking that up at Jewel anyway some cream cheese might be nice… As you can see, Mr. 7 quite enjoyed his free Kid’s Club apple, too.


Something was bonus here since I got six Monopoly tickets. They were all duds, but what can ya do.

2 Enjoy Life Plentils, $2.00 on the clearance rack. Will post-redeem two $.75/1 printables.
2 Claussen pickles, $3.98 after instant savings. Used two $.55/1 printables here.
3 Philly cream cheese tubs, $4.47 after instant savings. Used three $.75/1 printables here.
Land O’ Lakes half sticks butter, $1.99. Used $.50/1 printable (no longer available).

Paid $8.81. Will post redeem $1.50 in coupons for the Plentils to bring that down to $7.31. Oh, and got the free Redbox and free apple, too. :)

Adding up the Target deals


I was trying to figure out how much I spent at Target this week altogether, so thought it would help to write it down. My net cost after cash back from all the apps (got all of it back now but $1.00, which will likely come tomorrow) is $57.25. And, I now have:

9 boxes of Mini Wheats
5 lbs of 85/15 ground beef
2 bottles of Canola oil
2 boxes of Triscuit
1 turkey breast
1 Hormel pork fillet
1 tub of Country Crock mac & cheese
2 bottles of Heinz ketchup
5 cans Campbell’s cream of soups
5 lb potatoes
1 bottle vinegar
3 lbs strawberries
Eggo Bites
5 dozen eggs
4 Reddi-Wip
5 bags shredded cheese
2 MiO
small thing of rosemary
8 oz mushrooms
1 pineapple
2 boxes gluten free Enjoy Life cookies
1 quart half & half
1 roll Jimmy Dean sausage
2 packs Thomas’ Bagel Thins
3 jars Grey Poupon course ground mustard
1 loaf Udi’s gluten free bread
1 box gluten free Van’s waffles
Mini babybel cheese
1 Evol burrito
1 Luvo frozen meal
1 box Fiber One fruit flavored snacks
1 pack Minute Maid juice boxes

See all the trips here, here, and here. That’s for a total of 70 items, so works out to $.82 an item. I’ll take it! Tomorrow night’s dinner plan: Turkey, potatoes, and some of the cheap broccoli I got at Pete’s today (feels almost like I cheated on Target…). For the whole week, my net cost for grocery & HBA items is now $78. I try to keep it at around $75 a week, so given the three giant trips of Target madness (and given that I will only need to get a little produce next week, lol…), not bad for all that extra stuff. How’d you guys do?

More birthday shopping


So while I abandoned you guys for several hours to do birthday shopping, where else did I go besides Target? All down Roosevelt Road, that’s where!


2 John Frieda hair color, $24.00. Used two $1.50/1 coupons that they emailed for my birthday. (Sign up for “clubs” for everything you like to buy, guys — you never know what they will send…)
Dean’s milk, $2.99. Got back $1.00 from Ibotta — $.50 for milk and $.50 for the milk+2 bonus.

Paid with $16 ECB and $9.96. Got back $11 in ECB ($10 John Frieda and $1 milk) for a net cost of $14.96, plus the $1.00 back from Ibotta = net $13.96.

Pete’s Market


Broccoli, $1.04.
Sourdough bread, $3.29.
Meat ends, $1.96.

Paid $6.40 and got back $.25 from Checkout 51 for broccoli for a net cost of $6.15.

Ultra Foods


Two Challenge Butter, $2.28 each. Used two $1.00/1 printables. Paid $2.64.



Goodwill mailed me a 25% off postcard for my birthday, and they’re right next to Ultra Foods… I got four kid’s books, a t-shirt, and a pair of capris. They were super crowded and kind of picked over, but it’s always hit or miss there!

I also wanted to go to Kohl’s since they sent me a $10/$10 birthday coupon, but ran out of time, lol.

Birthday Target field trip!


So I kind of went back to Target again today (among other places…). It happens. Don’t judge me…

3 boxes of Kellogg’s Frosted Mini Wheats, $7.50. Got 50% off with Cartwheel. Used the $3.00/3 printable coupon here.
Triscuit, $2.00. Used $1.00/1 in the 4/13 SS1. When I scanned my mobile coupons for meat & cheese (SPRING to 827438) the $.75/1 Wheat Thins coupon also came off the Triscuit.
Market Pantry shredded cheese, $2.34. Got 5% off on Cartwheel and $.75 off for mobile coupon (SPRING to 827438).
Fiber One fruit snacks, $1.75. Used $.60/1 printable here. Will get $.75 back from Checkout 51. (I thought this was on Ibotta too, but no — maybe it expired?).
Evol burrito, $1.24. Used $1.00/1 from a Mambo Sprouts booklet that came in the mail and got $1.00 back from Ibotta.
Minute Maid juice boxes, $2.99. Used $1.00/1 printable (no longer available).
3 Grey Poupon, $8.97. Used three $1.00/1 from the 3/30 SS.
2 Thomas’ Bagel Thins, $5.08. Used two $.50/1 Thomas’ product (ZIP 77477 then reload). ARGH, I thought I had 20% off loaded on Cartwheel but I guess it didn’t take. Well, that’s less of a deal, lol.
Wesson oil, $2.69. Used $.75/1 printable.
Clearance ground beef, $2.49. Got $1.00 off for mobile coupon (SPRING to 827438).
Clearance Luvo meal, $2.51. Used $1.50/1 Facebook printable and got $2.25 back from Ibotta already.
Van’s gluten free waffles, $2.50. Used $1.00/1 printable (no longer available).
Udi’s gluten free bread, $4.99. Used $2.00/1 Target Catalina.
Market Pantry eggs, $.99.
Babybel cheese, $2.99. Used $1.00/1 printable (no longer available). Will get $1.00 back from Shopmium.

Used the $10/$50 food coupon Paid $18.17. Got back $3.25 from Ibotta already for Evol and Luvo. Will also get $.75 back from Checkout 51 for fruit snacks and $1.00 back from Shopmium for Babybel cheese, for a net cost of $13.17. (Had I managed to load the Thomas’ Cartwheel correctly, I would have saved another $1.01! Oh, well.)


So anyway. If you’re working on that $10/$50 food coupon (in this past Sunday’s ad, text GROCERY to 827438 or print here), a couple more deals: Grey Poupon is as low as $2.54 and there is a $1.00/1 in the 3/30 SS. Fiber One Fruit Snacks $1.75, use $.60/1 coupon in trip above, submit for $.75 from Checkout 51 (today only!) for a net cost of $.40. Wesson oil is $2.69 on price cut, so $1.94 after $.75/1 printable here.

The Luvo deal I saw on Totally Target. Only one kind was clearanced at my store for $2.51, and normal price is $4.49. Print $1.50/1 on Facebook and get $2.25 back from Ibotta.

Target field trip!


So Trish and I took a Target field trip this morning — decided to try the SuperTarget in Hillside, which had higher tax than my less-super Target, but lots of clearance meat and a much better variety. Also, the Driscoll’s strawberries that I picked up yesterday at 2/$4.00 were 2/$3.00 at this store, bonus! And I figured out how to remember to take their surveys for coupons, since I keep discarding the cartons before getting around to it — as soon as I got home, I took pictures of the codes on the bottom of my strawberries, which I’ll delete after I do the surveys, lol.

  • Jimmy Dean sausage rolls are $2.99. There’s 10% off on Cartwheel, a $.55/1 manufacturer coupon in the 4/6 RP, and a $.75 Target mobile coupon (text RECIPE to 827438). Works out to $1.46 after all discounts, so a nice thing to throw in to help get up to the $10/$50.
  • McCormick spices were 10% off — not huge savings, but use the $.75/1 in the 4/6 RP.
  • Crisco oil is on price cut for $2.79 and there is 10% off on Cartwheel.
  • Big things of PAM were $2.69, small were $2.49. There is 15% off on Cartwheel and $.30/1 in the 4/6 SS. I bought a $2.69 can and it came to $1.98 after both.
  • Van’s pancakes were $2.50. There was recently a $1.00/1 on Mambo Sprouts, if you still have it.
  • The quart of Market Pantry half & half is $1.82, and there’s 5% off on Cartwheel to drop that to $1.72.
  • Annie’s mac & cheese boxes were $1.25.

What we got


Trish spent about $21 after all coupons, discounts, and REDcard. I really need to get a REDcard. I never bothered in the past since I shopped Target so seldom, but the past couple months I’ve been there almost every week.


I spent about $24 after all coupons, discounts, and no REDcard. The Enjoy Life cookies were $1.06 on clearance! They also had a bunch of both 93% and 85% ground beef with $2.00 off stickers, all exp. 4/17.

So, how’d we do? :)

That was kind of fun Target shopping 4/14/14


Well, that was kind of fun. I went to Target to use the $10 off $50 food coupon (in yesterday’s ad, text GROCERY to 827438 or print here).


I read on Totally Target this morning that people were finding 20 oz Starbucks coffee on temporary price cut for $3.49. Sure enough! However, the only two tags at my store were on Veranda (blonde roast, so I passed — ick) and Verona (they were already out). I scanned all the others just to check and everything else was $12.99, alas. But if you like blonde or also find these, use the $2.00/2 in the 4/13 SS1, get two for $4.98 after coupon, and then send in for the $5.00 Starbucks gift card for buying two!

Also: Hormel always tender 24 oz pork loin fillet and their smaller pork tenderloin were tagged to get a free Country Crock side dish with purchase through 4/19. Note that my Country Crock didn’t come off, and I had to get a refund at customer service — so watch your receipts.

What I bought

3 boxes of Kellogg’s Frosted Mini Wheats, $7.50. Got 50% off with Cartwheel. Used the $3.00/3 printable coupon here.
Triscuit, $2.00. Used $1.00/1 in the 4/13 SS1. When I scanned my other mobile coupons for meat and cheese (THANKS to 827438) the $.75/1 Wheat Thins coupon came off the Triscuit. Oops!
Country Crock mac & cheese, $2.99. FREE with Hormel purchase.
Hormel fillet, $7.99. Used $1.00/1 fresh meat mobile coupon (THANKS to 827438).
2 Heinz ketchup, $3.74. Used two $.50/1 printables. Will get $1.00 back from Shopmium.
5 Campbell’s cream of soups, $3.75. Used $1.00/5 printable.
5 lb potatoes, $1.99. Got 5% off from Cartwheel.
Market Pantry vinegar, $.99. Used $.50/1 Target printable and got 5% off Cartwheel.
Market Pantry frozen turkey breast, $6.29.
Strawberries, $2.00. Used $.50/1 Driscolls Rewards coupon. Got 5% off from Cartwheel.
Eggo Bites, $2.39. Used $.70/1 coupon (one time use, sorry) that came in email from Kellogg’s Family Rewards. Got 20% off on Cartwheel. Already got back $1.00 from Ibotta while I was typing this, lol.
4 dozen eggs, $3.96. Used two $.55/2 printables (no longer available).
2 Reddi-Wip, $3.98. Got 15% off on Cartwheel and used two $1.00/1 printables.
2 Market Pantry cheese, $4.68. Got 5% off on Cartwheel and $1.00 off for mobile $1.00/2 cheese coupon (THANKS to 827438).

Got $.10 off for bringing two bags. Paid $22.37 (after my Country Crock refund!) — and paid $15 of that with my Target gift cards from last week’s trip. Will get back $1.00 from Ibotta and $1.00 from Shopmium for a net cost of $20.37.

Cheese and butter shopping — with a little ham


Stopped by Ultra Foods today to pick up the cheap-ish Cracker Barrel cheese. (Yes, it’s $.50 cheaper at Meijer, but I’d spend it all on gas getting there and back.) A ham kind of fell in my cart, too, and then it fell right into my Crock Pot — guess what we’re having for dinner tonight? And tomorrow we’re having Ham Bone Vegetable Soup, hence the carrots and celery. So, anyway…

4 Chex Cereal, $5.00 after instant savings. Used two $1.00/1 expired GM cereal printables from last month and $1.00/2 from the 3/16 SS.
2 De Waffelbakker’s pancakes, $5.00. Used two $1.00/1 printables (ZIP 33033 then reload).
2 lb carrots $1.29.
Celery, $.99.
Mushrooms, $1.50.
2 Challenge butter tubs, $4.56. Used two $1.00/1 printables.
Chicken of the Sea sardines, $.88. Used $1.00/1 Chicken of the Sea product I got in the mail from their birthday club.
10 Cracker Barrel cheese, $23.80 after instant savings. Used 10 $1.00/1 from the 3/23 SS.
Ham, $7.22.

Got $.10 off for bringing a couple of reusable bags and paid $33.02. Watch the dates on the Cracker Barrel — most of the ones in my store expired 4/17, and you don’t want 10 bars of cheese all expiring in one week, lol. Dig for better dates.