This was not at Jewel shopping


Who else didn’t go to Jewel today? I know, some couponer I am, lol — but I looked and looked and looked at the offers, realized I didn’t need Pantene OR Febreze, and wasn’t in the mood to buy stuff just to buy stuff. So instead, I went to ALDI for cheap avocados… Is it weird to be more excited by cheap avocados than free Febreze candles? :)

ALDI shopping

4 avocados for $1.96, feta crumbles for $1.99, chickpeas for $.65, and tomatoes for $.99 = $5.69.

Gonna make guacamole and another batch of Roasted Chickpeas!

Shopping + this week’s meal planning


Stopped at ALDI and then across the street at Pete’s this morning… mostly because I really needed wanted a new mini muffin tin, lol. This was basically couponless shopping except for a little cash back app business, but now I’m good to go on dinners for the rest of the week.


Eggs, $1.19. Will get $1.00 back from Shrink (no longer available to load, but I’d “reserved” it when it was).
4 avocados, $3.16.
Flour tortillas, $.85.
Tortilla chips, $1.19.
Corn tortillas, $.33.
Fit & Active low-ish carb flatbread, $2.29.
3 lb Gala apples, $1.29.
2 lb Honeycrisp apples, $1.99.
Gluten free crackers, $1.49.
14 pc knock off lock & lock, $7.99. Will see if it works as well!
Mini muffin tin, $3.49.

Paid $26.39 with $1.00 back for a net cost of $25.39 — but $12.37 of that was kitchenware + high tax, rather than food. :)


Organic romaine hearts, $1.00.
10 Idaho potatoes, $1.00.
4 onions, $.40. Will get $.25 back from Shrink.
Grape tomatoes, $1.69.
Mushrooms, $1.00.
2 lbs strawberries, $3.00.
Sourdough bread, $3.29.
Meat ends, $2.36.

Got $.05 off for bringing a bag and paid $13.93 with $.25 back for a net cost of $13.68.

Poked around my freezer this morning


I need to make room in my freezer stat for Zaycon chicken next week… Yes, it’s not Thanksgiving yet, but this morning I pulled out this big turkey I’d picked up on clearance at Ultra Foods this past Easter. It’s now thawing in my fridge so it’s ready to cook up on Saturday.

Meal Planning week of 10/27/14

So here’s the meal plan for the week:

  • Monday: Leftover Smoky Chili I made yesterday, served over baked potatoes (these $.10 Pete’s potatoes from today). Monday is after school activities day where we’re not home til 6, so I try to plan leftovers! Will just bake up the potatoes in the toaster oven this afternoon so they’re ready to reheat when we get home.
  • Tuesday: Salsa chicken in the crock pot — Meaning I can pull another pack of meat out of the freezer and make more room tonight. This will be on the tortillas & wraps I got at ALDI today, plus I’ll make guacamole with the avocados & tomatoes.
  • Wednesday: Leftover salsa chicken.
  • Thursday: Salad Bar Thursday (see below) with the romaine from Pete’s + odds and ends.
  • Friday: Halloween — we usually go out after trick or treating, it’s a thing…
  • Saturday: Butterflied Roast Turkey. Still pondering sides, but will see what’s on sale in the new ads this week. Have broccoli in the fridge, should have leftover salad, will have potatoes left…
  • Saturday overnight: Stock in the Crockpot with the turkey bones.
  • Sunday: Some kind of soup with the stock — maybe Kicked Up Turkey Sausage Slow Cooker Soup since I still have a cheap Butterball dinner sausage from Jewel last week and half a pack of wild rice in the cupboard. (I’ll have to shop again sometime this week for spinach, celery, but will wait for the new sales on Wed. and see.)
  • Monday: Leftover turkey & leftover soup (detect a trend? lol)

Oh, and what’s Salad Bar Thursday?


Put out a big bowl of lettuce and various dressings, then cut up whatever is handy in the fridge for toppings so everyone can assemble their own plate. On Thursday I’ll have mushrooms, bell peppers, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, lunch meat, tomatoes, avocado, croutons, sliced almonds, Craisins, cheese, green onions, and whatever else is left in the fridge and looks tempting. On the side: Probably strawberries, apple slices. Probably not the Caprese salads in the above pic, alas. ;)

So what’s your meal plan this week?

Mine’s more clear out the freezer than anything this week, but takes advantage of some of the produce sales. How about yours?

Net $3.45 at CVS shopping


We were about out of milk anyway, so stopped by CVS quickly this morning to check on the free Olay Regenerist Luminous Cleanser deal. Bought a gallon of milk for $2.99 and two Olay Regenerist Luminous cleansers for $8.00, and used two $4.00/1 Regenerist from the single page 10/5 flyer and $1.00 ECB. Paid $2.70. Got back $.25 for milk from Ibotta for a net cost of $3.45.

The shelf price on the Olay is $9.99, so I do feel “luminous” now! At my store, these were on a separate cardboard Olay display, not on the shelf with the rest of the cleansers.

$5.95 Target shopping!


Remember those Happiness Is… comic panels? Today, Happiness Is a $3.86 pack of pork chops at Target… with a $3.00 clearance sticker!


So here’s a nice little trip for you: Two reusable bags full, net $5.95.

Green Works glass cleaner, $2.55. Used 5% off on Cartwheel, $1.00/1 Target coupon from the 10/12 SS, and $.75/1 printable (ZIP 90210).
Green Works toilet bowl cleaner, $2.06. Used 5% off on Cartwheel, $1.00/1 Target coupon from the 10/12 SS, and $.75/1 printable (ZIP 90210).
4 Hillshire Farm American Craft, $13.24. Used 50% off on Cartwheel and four $1.00/1 printables.
Clearance pork chops, $1.08.
Clearance pork chops, $.86.
Clearance Gold N’ Plump bone-in chicken breast, $1.49. Used $1.50/1 printable for free chicken. (There’s $1.00/1 on their site, but if you sign up for emails they will email higher value printables sometimes.)
Two 4-packs 160 ct Kleenex, $11.58. Used two $2.00/1 Target coupons from the Savings Season booklet and two $.75/1 printables.
Icy Hot cream, $5.49. Used $1.00/1 in the 10/12 or 9/7 RP.
Icy Hot gel, $4.99. Used $3.00/2 Icy Hot Target coupon on this and above. Used $1.00/1 in the 10/12 or 9/7 RP.
Allegra anti-itch, $4.59. Used $1.00/1 printable here.
Barilla sauce, $1.69. Used $.75/1 in the 9/7 SS and got $.75 back from Ibotta already.
Four Evol burritos, $4.68 (Hillside store only). Used two $2.50/2 printables.

Got $.10 off for bringing two bags. Used the $5 gift card when you buy $15 personal care/first aid coupon from this past Sunday’s Target ad (or text CARE to 827438) on the Icy Hot/Allegra combo, so got back a $5 gift card there, a $5 gift card from the Icy Hot/Allegra weekly promo, and a $5 gift card for Kleenex. Paid with $21.70 in gift cards from last week and got back $15 in gift cards + $.75 from Ibotta, for a net cost of $5.95.

So what are you getting on your last 20% subscribe & save order?


So what are you getting for your last Amazon 20% off subscribe & save order (when you have five delivered on the same day/month) before it flips to 15% on 11/11? Here’s mine that just came today. My fifth item is out of stock, but they still thankfully gave me the 20% off.

Grand total for my order: $30.17. How about yours? :)

$9.14 Pete’s shopping and cheap finds


Took my mom to the airport today, so we stopped by Pete’s Fresh Market for plane snacks this morning first. (Yes, we did do more on her visit than go to grocery stores, lol…) Here’s what I picked up plus a couple cheap finds — loving those $.10 produce sales!

Garam marsala, $1.79.
3 avocados, $1.17.
Rotel, $1.49. Used FREE Rotel wyb three avocados from Mexico in the 9/21 SS.
4 onions, $.40.
7 Idaho baking potatoes, $.70.
3 lemons, $.30.
3 small grapefruit, $1.00.
Honeycrisp apples (which I notice rang up as Gala at $.89/lb instead of Honeycrisp at $1.00/lb, oops), $1.34.
Meat ends, $2.26.

Paid $9.14.


Some varieties of Food Should Taste Good chips were on sale for $2.00. Print $.75/1 here to get them for $1.25.


Galbani fresh mozzarella balls, $1.99. Tubs, $2.50. Unfortunately the printable on the Galbani site says “coupon program has ended,” so hopefully they’ll update that at some point. President 8 oz round brie, $3.99. Print $1.00/1 President on Facebook.


For those of you trying to avoid BPA, Cirio boxed tomatoes were $.79 — great price for the boxes!

Cinnamon rolls shopping…


My mom’s been visiting from out of town all week (which is why it’s been a little quieter than usual here lately). Today we made the pilgrimage up to the “Kosher Jewel” in Evanston where she bought a few things to take/ship home. I didn’t pick up much there (couple bags of real bagels, nondairy sour cream, etc.), but then we went a little ways east on Devon and ended up at the Tel Aviv Kosher Bakery (bags of day old baked goods for $3.00 each, including this big bag of six cinnamon rolls, rugelach, more!), then had felafel for lunch at Tel Aviv Kosher Pizza, which was quite good. If you find yourself in the area, I’d recommend both.

$.13 a roll Charmin CVS shopping


I had a $10/$50 CVS coupon that came in the mail and expired today, so decided to do a little Charmin run at CVS — the way I figure it, I’m getting cheap Charmin and everything else here is bonus!

2 Progresso soup, $3.00. Used $.50/2 in the 10/19 SS.
CVS fiber creamer stuff, $9.99.
Durex lube, $9.99. Used $5.00/1 in the 10/19 SS.
Three 16 double roll packs Charmin, $29.97. Used $1.50/3 in the 10/12 RP.

Used my $10/$50 and paid with $2.00 ECB and $36.65 (been out of the ECB game for a bit, so jumping back in, lol). Got back $25.98 in ECB — $1.00 for Progresso, $9.99 fiber, $4.99 Durex, and $10 Charmin. Net cost $12.67, which works out to $.13 per single roll equivalent for Charmin and everything else for free. :)

A little fun net $10.06 at Target shopping


I’ve been out all afternoon, and then my GPS took me some weird route home that dumped me out near North and Mannheim… so of course I had to hook down to the lovely Hillside Target, right? I’d actually thought about going tomorrow, but luckily had my coupons with me, lol. Sooo let’s have fun with Target!


I had some gift card fun on this trip. If you text BRANDS4 to 827438, you get a mobile coupon for a $10 gift card with $40 purchase of participating brands. Well, this includes Stayfree, Playtex, and TRESemme, which each have their OWN individual gift card deals going on for a nice double dip. So for buying three TRESsemme, four Stayfree, and two Playtex, I got back $30 in gift cards — $10 for the BRANDS4 coupon, $5 for TRESemme, $5 for Playtex, and two $5 gift cards for Stayfree.


And for those of you looking for a place to use the $1.00/2 Reynolds baking cups coupon, the 32 ct foil cups were on price cut for $.99.

What I bought

Tyson gluten free chicken strips, $6.00. Used $1.00/1 from the 5/11 SS.
8 EVOL burritos, $9.36 ($1.17 each on the magical Hillside Target only pricing!). Used four $2.50/2 coupons.
4 Van’s gluten free waffles, $9.96.
4 light Yoplait, $2.00. Used 20% off on Cartwheel.
4 regular Yoplait, $2.00. Used 20% off on Cartwheel and $1.00/8 printable on this and above (no longer available).
4 Stayfree, $19.96. Used four $1.00/1 printables (ZIP 90210).
2 Playtex, $13.98. Used two $3.00/1 printables (no longer available?) and $1.00/2 Target coupon here.
3 TRESemme heat stylers, $11.97. Used $5.00/2 from the 9/28 RP and $2.00/1 printable.

Used $5.00/$25 frozen foods coupon from this past Sunday’s ad (or text FROZEN to 827438). Used $10 gift card when you spend $40 on participating brands mobile coupon (text BRANDS4 to 827438). Got $.10 off for bringing my own bags. Paid $40.06 on REDcard and got back $30 in gift cards for a net cost of $10.06 for everything.

My first Target frozen foods trip — Share your scenarios!


This week’s Target ad sports a nice $5/$25 frozen foods coupon, and if you didn’t get one you can text FROZEN to 827438 for the mobile version or print on the Target site here. We were running low on gluten free bread, so ran through Target quickly on the way back from my mother-in-law’s house tonight (yes, I’ve been out ALL afternoon — did you notice how quiet it’s been around here? lol) I bought six Udi’s gluten free bread for $26.94, used the $5/$25 and three $2.50/2 printables, and paid $14.20 for all six with REDcard, or $2.37 a loaf.

Share your scenarios here

What are you buying with the $5/$25 frozen foods coupon this week? Please share your scenario here!

I just walked up one aisle because it was past Mr. 7’s bedtime when we stopped on the way home, but noticed Tyson grilled & ready at $6.00 ($1.00/1 in the 9/21 SS), Eggo at $2.00 (use your Kellogg’s Family Rewards points), Tyson breaded and GF chicken at $6.00 ($1.00/1 in the 5/11 SS), Jimmy Dean’s breakfast bowls at $2.00 ($.55/1 in the 10/5 RP1). Van’s waffles $2.49, Nature’s Path organic waffles $2.49. That’s all I got since we had to go, but I’ll try to come back with more ideas later!