Didja miss me? $16.08 at Fresh Thyme shopping


Hope you are having a lovely long weekend too — we spent the day up at my mother-in-law’s so the kids could swim on one of the last weekends the pool is open, then made a quick swing through Fresh Thyme Deerfield on the way home. They have grass fed beef for $2.97/lb this week! But, I really have to start using up some of the meat in my freezer before buying more, so passed on that and picked up:

Seeded sourdough bakery bread, $3.99.
4 bags Kettle chips, $6.00.
3 lb yellow onions, $2.00. (Yes, too much, but we just ran out and I didn’t feel like making another stop.)
2 containers blackberries, $1.54.
3 ears of corn, $.50.
Seedless watermelon, $1.77.

Paid $16.08.

Blew the grocery budget at Costco shopping


Never go to Costco hungry… although I guess I didn’t do that badly! Although everything I got is a decent price, it’s just all so BIG that I got up to $67.49 here in the blink of an eye.

64 oz Horizon Organic half & half, $4.49.
5 lb Namaste gluten free flour blend, $8.99.
48 oz minced garlic (no HFCS in theirs!), $4.39.
Aller-tec, $9.99.
18 KIND bars, $17.99.
2 lb strawberries, $5.49.
4 packs Kirkland lower sodium bacon, $14.99.

I already told you about the Children’s Aller-tec, but the organic half & half is also a very good price — the 32 oz bottles of Dean’s run about $2.50 ($2.19 on sale), so it’s cheaper to get the organic at Costco than to buy the conventional at the store, in the absence of a great sale. And as for things I didn’t buy: The rotisserie chickens are still $4.99, and wild caught sockeye salmon was $8.99/lb, which was very tempting!


The Namaste Gluten Free Perfect Flour Blend was an impulse buy, because it already contains Xanthan gum and everything and…


It says it substitutes cup for  cup with regular wheat flour. So this I have to try! At $8.99 I think it was a good buy, since the same bag is currently $22.68 on Amazon.

What good Costco buys have you spotted lately?

Shopping without ki-ids… cause they’re back in schoo-ool…


Here’s to peaceful weekday morning shopping without kids. I love my kids. But grocery stores make them fight. What’s up with that? Do yours do it too — they can’t walk through a store without nudging and sniping at each other the whole time? So anyway, I stopped by ALDI and Pete’s Market today, mostly to replenish some produce:


Fit & Active wraps, $2.29.
2 lb Green grapes, $1.78.
3 lb navel oranges, $1.99.
Baby carrots, $.69.

That’s $6.87.

Pete’s Market

Corn, $.99.
Cauliflower, $1.54. (I’m making this again!)
Mushrooms, $.99.
Apples, $1.19.
Whole grain Italian bread, $3.29.
“Meat ends” (looks like all roast beef), $1.67.

Saved $.05 for bringing a bag, and paid $9.79. That’s $16.66 — no kids, no coupons. :)

$.74 at CVS shopping


CVS emailed me a $4/$20 this week, reaffirming that they’re my drugstore of choice. ;) So…

Dean’s milk, $2.99. Will get back $.25 from Ibotta.
Tide, $4.94. Used $2.00/1 from the 7/27 PG.
Nature Made gummies, $8.29. Used $3.00/1 from the 7/27 SS1.
2 Colgate MaxFresh, $6.00. Used two $1.00/1 from the 8/24 SS.

Used the $4.00/$20.00. Paid with $10.99 ECB and $1.00. Got back $11.00 ECB ($1.00 Tide, $5 Nature Made, $4.00 Colgate, $1.00 milk) + $.25 from Ibotta for a net cost of just $.74. (The Nature Made is going to a friend, because ick, gummy vitamins, lol.)

From Walmart to Whole Foods — ow, my head shopping


Well, actually it was the other way around — I went to Whole Foods since I was already over in Glen Ellyn so halfway there anyway, and wanted the $5 rotisserie chicken today. Then I was driving back past Walmart on the way home, and figured I should try Savings Catcher at least once! Spent too much at WF, but it’s all good stuff; the sockeye salmon is a VERY occasional splurge, and the mozzarella is destined for Caprese salad tomorrow to help use up more of our insane tomato production over here. :) The waffles were a back-to-school request from Junior High Guy, and one chicken will be dinner maybe tomorrow, the other will become soup.

2 rotisserie chickens, $10.00. (They’re $5 today only!)
Sockeye salmon, $10.06.
Mozzarella, $3.99.
Van’s gluten free waffles, $2.50.
8 Brown Cow plain Greek yogurt, $6.40. (I’m going to TRY the non-sugar yogurt thing and add honey and fruit…) Used four $1.00/2 printables.
6 So Delicious non-dairy yogurt, $11.94. Used six $1.00/1 coupons from the 6/15 SS (not in Tribune) and two $1.00/3 Whole Foods coupons from the current Whole Deal. Got $1.00 back from Ibotta.

Paid $33.68. Got back $1.00 from Ibotta for a net cost of $32.68.

Trying out the Walmart savings catcher


I was driving past Walmart today, so thought I’d drop in, buy some stuff, submit my receipt to Savings Catcher, and see what happens. I’ll report back when they do! So far:

Celery, $1.28.
Carrots, $.78.
Laughing Cow, $2.50. Used $1.00/1 printable coupon. Got $1.00 back from Ibotta.
Potatoes, $2.57.
Palmolive, $2.47. Used $.50/1 from the August AY and submitted for the $5.00 Walmart gift card rebate here.
2 Ziploc freezer bags, $5.96. Used $2.00/2 printable (which would not scan in… they finally put it in manually, but ymmv). Got $2.50 back from Ibotta.
Bananas, $.62. Got $.25 back from Checkout 51.
Silk almond milk, $2.98. Used $1.00/1 printable.

So I paid $15.46. Got back $3.50 from Ibotta already (plus a $.50 August teamwork bonus) and $.25 from Checkout 51. That brings me to $11.21. Then I should get the $5.00 gift card back from Palmolive, so $6.21. And we’ll see what Savings Catcher brings me, if anything! lol

Note — if you’re doing the Laughing Cow or Ziploc rebates on Ibotta, they are both only good through today 8/22!

And more Jewel including what the heck chips


Here’s something else we saw at Jewel today. Both boys were appropriately disgusted…


And we’re now stocked up on mac & cheese for something like 2 years. Two stores, 20 boxes, four transactions (Mr. 11 went through self checkout by himself all self important like), plus two free kids club apples, a jar of clearance jalapenos, and 2 bags of Goldfish for $9.28. We cut up the apples and had ‘em with lunch, so that was handy!

Target Hanes is a good deal shopping


Stopped by Target this morning — the girl behind me was buying three boxes of Kraft mac & cheese. Oy! She was very on her phone so I didn’t even try to tell her, and now I feel partially responsible… lol.

So my net cost for the above after Checkout 51 was about $16.00.

Hi ho, hi ho, it’s back to Jewel we go


Mr. 7 and I found ourselves driving past Jewel again this afternoon, so stopped in. Not pictured: One Kid’s Produce Club free apple (guess why?). Also, his cat photobombed here… NOT from Jewel, lol. Always check your clearance sections — mine already had new and different stuff from this morning.

4 clearance Angel Soft tissue, $.69 each. Will go back and post redeem two $1.00/2 coupons from the 8/10 RP.
3 Kraft mac & cheese shapes, $.87.
2 Kraft shredded cheese, $3.98. Used $1.00/2 from the 8/3 SS.

Paid $6.95. Will get $2 back when I post redeem the Angel Soft coupons, dropping that to $4.95. (Oh, and I also redeemed the $4.00 in coupons from this morning’s trip and got back that cash, while I was at it!)

Guess where I shopped shopping


First you have to admire my artistic stairs photography, though, since my table is completely covered with school supplies at the moment… Both boys needed back-to-school shoes (Mr. 7′s are literally falling apart — and yes, I’m using that word correctly, lol). So I went to Kohl’s armed with coupons and for about $108 I got: Shoes for both boys, an insulated lunch tote, four packs of boys’ underwear, clearance swim trunks, clearance tee, and a clearance skirt — plus I got back $20 in Kohl’s cash, which I may use online tomorrow to get some of the Lauren Conrad leggings here if they are still in stock.


Then, if you follow the matchups you can probably tell by the photo that I shopped at both Ultra and Jewel on the way. I’ve seen these Trans-Ocean crab packages on clearance for $.99 at two Jewels now — I think they are changing out the packaging, since they don’t exp. til Oct. and identical ones in new packaging were $2.99. I have some old $1.00/1 tearpad coupons in my stash that I will bring in to post-redeem on those. And yes, my Jewel had the signage by the mac & cheese about one transaction, shapes & premium only.


2 Kraft shredded cheese, $3.98 after instant savings. Used two $1.00/1 from the July AY.
Breakstone sour cream, $1.29 after instant.
2 Kraft mac & cheese shapes, $.58 after instant.
4 Trans Ocean crab classic, $3.96. Will post-redeem $4 in coupons.
Clearance turkey roast, $4.99.
Flat-out, $2.88. (This was marked 2/$5.00, grr.) Used $.75/1 peelie from the package.

Paid $15.24. Will get back $4.00 when I post-redeem coupons, for a net cost of $11.24.

Ultra Foods

4 boxes Quaker Squares, $5.52 after instant savings. Used two $1.00/2 tearpad coupons.
2 Quaker old fashioned oats, $2.76 after instant savings. Used $1.00/2 tearpad coupon.
2 Brown n Serve, $2.00.
Grapes, $.75.
Corn, $.72.
2 dozen eggs, $1.96.
2 packs Udi’s gluten free buns, $7.98. Used expired $2.50/2 printable from way back.

Paid $16.57.