Quick quick ALDI trip

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You may have noticed that the Black Friday week madness has… kicked up a notch. But we still gotta eat! Yesterday I made a big pot of soup and overnight in the crock pot went the old standby salsa chicken, so popped by ALDI for tortillas and a couple other things. We should have leftover soup for lunch, salsa chicken leftovers for tomorrow and that’s as far as I’ve gotten. :)

Celery, $.79.
Onions, $.79. Will get back $.25 on Snap by Groupon.
Fingerling potatoes, $1.49. (There are also potatoes offers on Snap and C51, but I used both already.)
Tortillas, $.85.
Gluten free pretzels, $2.49.

Paid $6.52 and will get $.25 back for a net cost of $6.27.

Picked up the sneak peek ad and they will have silicone baking mats for $4.99 starting Wed., plus some other nice looking kitchen deals!

Everything is awesome… Everything is free, when you shop CVS

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(Sorry… yes they DID just watch the LEGO Movie here again recently…) Note on the little detergent that my store had the tiny Just the Basics at $1.79 with $1.79 ECB, not the Total Home pictured in the ad. They also still had a couple items in the back room, like the tiny Advil, so if you don’t see things out be sure to ask if they’re in the back or behind the desk.

So everything here was one of the free after ECB items listed in this week’s CVS matchups except the milk ($2.99 with $1.00 back) and Benefiber ($10.89 with $5 back) and toothpaste ($2.99 with $2.50 from the magic machine and $.50/1 from today’s SS). I had a $5 coupon from the magic machine for Benefiber, which decided to scan in at $4.46 since I think I slightly miscalculated and went into tax, plus the $4.00 manufacturer coupon for Benefiber and the $1.00 manufacturer coupons for floss, Rescue Gum, & Robitussin.

My goal here was to roll all my ECB into fresh new ones with longer dates, which worked out nicely: Paid with $27.49 in ECB and $2.25 (tax only). Got back $29.50 in ECB + will get back $.25 from Ibotta for the milk, for a net cost of… I made exactly one penny, lol.

A little cold ALDI shopping

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I wasn’t planning on shopping at all today, but attended a fun little “Reader’s Theater” play at Mr. 7’s school… so since I was out and about near ALDI anyway, thought I’d grab some more $.49 avocados before the sale ended. The Villa Park ALDI on Roosevelt had all their spiral hams $5.00 off today only, and had cranberries down to just $.49.


They also had this new “Nature Raised Farms” chicken — no antibiotics, vegetarian diet, cage free, all natural. Whole chickens for $1.49/lb, and boneless skinless… something like $4.49/lb? I don’t remember exactly.


But I didn’t buy one, since I actually have the Gold ‘n Plump chicken I bought at Target yesterday roasting in the oven as I type, lol. I did, however, buy two packs of top round steak with $3.00 off stickers, and am thinking maybe fajitas. (And I bought tortilla chips, went to put them away, and found an unopened bag already in there… oh well, they’ll keep!)

5 avocados, $2.45.
Tortilla chips, $1.19.
Mushrooms, $.99.
Tomatoes, $1.29.
Cranberries, $.49.
Clearance choice top round steak, $2.14.
Clearance choice top round steak, $2.39.

Paid $11.13.

Well that was fun Target shopping

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Did you miss me this morning? I’ve been doing a lot of shopping at the produce stores and ALDI lately, but sometimes Target just begs you to come in for one of those big blowout trips… :) The GE LED bulb deal worked just as advertised, with a fully stocked and tagged shelf.


Check for clearance Glade wax melts. There were several boxes of these on an endcap in a couple different scents tagged $1.48. Print $1.25/2 Glade Wax Melts and there’s also $1.00 back on Checkout 51.


Lipton tea was $1.92 at the Hillside Target, so alas, not free. It must vary by store, because deranged.me reported finding it for $.96-$1.07 in the Chicago area.


Check bottles of Bailey’s for this rebate to save up to $60 (when you buy eight) Bailey’s, Captain Morgan, Crown Royal, Johnnie Walker RED, Ketel One, Smirnoff, Tanqueray.


I also got a Target flyer in the mail this week with a $10/$100 coupon, so it was kind of like a challenge! Here’s what I bought — NOT PICTURED, a $14 gift. Shhhhhhh.

4 GE LED light bulbs, $31.96. Used four $2.00/1 Target coupons, four $2.50/1 manufacturer coupons, and 15% off on Cartwheel (took off $3.90).
$14 in a gift. Shhh.
2 Green Works cleaners, $5.68. Used two $2.00/1 mfr coupons (no longer available) and two $1.00/1 Target coupons from the 10/12 SS.
2 Keebler Club Cornbread crackers, $5.00. Used 50% off on Cartwheel and $1.00/2 tearpad coupon.
Hellmann’s mayo, $3.50. Used $1.00/1 Target printable and $.50/1 from the 11/16 RP. Got back $.75 from Ibotta.
2 Quaker protein oatmeal, $5.78. Used two $2.00/1 printables (no longer available).
Gold n’ Plump chicken, $5.79. Used $1.50/1 from their email club. (Sign up on their site for $1.00/1 now; get additional emailed coupons later.)
3 EVOL burritos, $3.72 (Hillside pricing only). Used three $1.00/1 printables (no longer available).
Van’s gluten free waffles, $2.79. Got 20% off on Cartwheel.
Immaculate Baking gluten free dairy free cookies, $2.50. Used $.50/1 printable.
Florida’s Natural OJ, $3.29.
4 dozen Market Pantry eggs — HEY, these were supposed to be $1.50 each but rang up $2.19! Grr. Used 5% off on Cartwheel. Got $.25 back from Ibotta and will get $.25 back from Jingit. Used FREE eggs when you buy Florida OJ printable (no longer available)… which I don’t see on my receipt. Not doing well with the eggs deal today.
Market Pantry half & half, $1.99. Used 5% off on Cartwheel. Used $1.50/$7 Market Pantry printable on this and eggs, which would not scan but I got back at customer service.
4 Nutri-Grain Fruit & oats cereal bars, $10.00. Used four $1.00/1 coupons here.

Got $.15 off for bringing my own bags. Used $10/$100 coupon. Paid with $15 in gift cards and $36.43 on REDcard. Got back $1.50 at customer service for the Market Pantry coupon that wouldn’t scan. Got $25 back in gift cards ($10 from light bulbs, $5 from Nutri-Grain, $10 from the in-ad coupon for $10 gift card when you spend $50 on groceries). Got $1.00 back from Ibotta (mayo and eggs). Will get back $.25 from Jingit (eggs). Net cost: $23.93, of which $14 was the secret gift and $10 for everything else! Not bad, even if the egg deal went screwy lol.

FREE Scrubbing Bubbles/Pledge works great at CVS

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This morning I did the free Scrubbing Bubbles/Pledge deal at CVS, and it worked great:

I scanned the receipt in my car, then drove down the road to Pete’s for hamburger buns and such. By the time I got out of Pete’s, the $5 was already back in my Checkout 51 account!


So here’s what I picked up this morning: The Scrubbing Bubbles/Pledge deal and five Skippy peanut butters. Used five $.55/1 Skippy printables or $.55/1 Skippy printables plus the cleaning products coupons outlined above. Paid with $13.99 in ECB and $1.28. Got back $6.00 in ECB and $5 from Checkout 51 for a net cost of $4.27 — which is like paying $.85 for each jar of peanut butter and getting the cleaning stuff for free.


Hormel bacon bits are on sale for $2.00. Use the $1.00/2 printable here to get them for $1.50.

Caputo’s for cheap organic salad and coffee

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Stopped by the Downers Grove Angelo Caputo’s while I was out and about this afternoon, and they had 5 oz clamshells of organic salads (and baby spinach!) on sale for just $.99. Not sure if this will be all stores or just a DG special.


But here’s a deal that was an advertised price. Select varieties of Lavazza bagged coffee (I got hazelnut!) are on sale for $5.49 through Tuesday. Use the $2.00/1 in the 11/2 SS, pay $3.49, and claim $2.50 back from Checkout 51 for a net cost of just $.99.


So here’s what I picked up:

Lavazza coffee, $5.49. Used $2.00/1 from the 11/2 SS and got $2.50 back from Checkout 51.
2 organic baby spinach tubs, $1.98.
Asparagus, $1.06.
Bananas, $.41. Got $.25 back from Checkout 51.
1 lb carrots, $.60.
orange and yellow bell peppers, $.69.
Lemon, $.20.

Paid $8.58 and already got $2.75 back in my Checkout 51 account, for a net cost of $5.83.

The good, the bad, and the turkey shopping

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So I went to Ultra Foods in Lombard today armed with the Lombard Jewel ad, intending to price match their $.38/lb turkey. I think they got tired of people doing that, lol, since their Norbest frozen turkeys were marked $.38/lb with additional $25 purchase instead of the advertised $.48/lb! So that was easy. :)


And I parked near this guy, which made me happy — is this not the cutest paint job for a car you’ve ever seen?


I do not recommend shopping at Ultra Foods at lunch time near a holiday, because the lines are insane and people are cranky. If you do go today, however:

  • The Kangaroo pita chips rang up at $2.99 instead of the advertised $.98. When the manager scanned the key to correct the price, “Oh yeah, they’ve been doing that all day.” Um… by 1PM, fix it?
  • The snickerdoodle Enjoy Life cookies rang at $4.02 instead of the advertised $2.50. When the cashier went to void them out, they voided out… $2.50. Um… Riddle me that one, Bat Man. So after playing that game for a while, they finally just took off the difference as a store coupon.
  • I left my Old Orchard coupon on the printer, but that $.50 mistake is on me, not Ultra Foods. :)

So here’s what I got…

3 boxes Enjoy Life cookies, $7.50. Used three $1.00/1 printables.
5 Eckrich sausage, $10. Used five $1.00/1 printables.
Kangaroo pita chips, $.98.
Oasis hummus, $.98. Will get $.25 back from Shrink.
Home Run Inn pizza, $4.88.
Old Orchard apple juice, $.98.
2 liter Coke, $.88.
16 lb turkey, $6.07.

Paid $25.79, will get back $.25 for a net cost of $25.54. Meh, but that was a cheap turkey… and Junior High Guy needed a 2 liter of Coke for a school event tonight anyway, see. :)

Quick ALDI trip — $.49 avocados are back

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I was out and about at a parent teacher conference this afternoon, so quick stopped by ALDI on the way home to check out the $.49 avocados. They were kind of rock hard this time, but I dug to find three more usable ones and will try back later at the end of the sale… So: 2 lbs grapes, fingerling potatoes, avocados, low carb wraps, corn tortillas, flour tortillas, and we’re at $8.56 out the door.

I also grabbed next week’s sneak preview in-store ad, and starting 11/19 they will have fresh whole Honeysuckle White turkeys for $.99/lb.

CVS and Pete’s Sunday morning shopping

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Stopped by CVS and Pete’s Market this morning. At CVS I wanted to roll a $10 ECB — and they sent me a rare $5/$15 coupon in email! Note: The special dark holiday Kisses did not produce ECB, so they had to generate them manually. And the insanely overpriced gum was a filler to get up to $10 to use my ECB. :)

2 bags Hershey’s Kisses, $6.00. Used $1.00/2 in the 11/9 SS and $1.00/2 CVS coupon here.
Just the Basics paper towel roll, $.79. Used $.79 coupon from the magic machine.
Rescue Pearls, $9.49.
Mentos gum, $1.77.

Used a $5/$15 email coupon. Paid with $10 ECB and $.98, and got back $11.49 ECB — $9.49 for Rescue Pearls and $2 for Kisses. Up $.51 this transaction.


Then I went down the road to Pete’s, and picked up:

4 Cirio tomatoes, $3.16. Used two $1.00/2 from the 11/9 RP.
Eggs, $1.59.
Mozzarella, $1.99.
6 oz baby spinach, $1.98.
Organic cauliflower, $1.96. Will get back $.25 from Snap by Groupon.
2 packs mushrooms, $1.98.
Bananas, $.42. Will get back $.25 from Checkout 51.
Sourdough, $3.29.
Honeycrisp apples, $1.19.
Meat ends, $2.12.
5 lb Idaho potatoes, $.99.

Paid $19.03. Will get back $.50 — $.25 for bananas from Checkout 51, and $.25 for cauliflower from Snap — for a net cost of $18.53. So net for the day, $18.02.

Always fun shopping at Whole Foods — plus yesterday’s Jewel trip

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So I went to Whole Foods today, and you can see these and other unadvertised Whole Foods deals I spotted here. Here’s what I picked up — I didn’t have Driscoll’s coupons with me and only brought one Spectrum coupon, so it’s too bad Whole Foods is so darn far from me. :)

Raspberries, $1.00.
Spectrum spray canola oil, $3.99. Used $2.00/1 manufacturer coupon and $2.00/1 from this month’s Whole Deal.
Frontier Herbs de Provence, $3.99. Used $1.00/1 from this month’s Whole Deal.
Frontier parsley, $3.00. Used $1.00/1 from this month’s Whole Deal, $1.50/2 Frontier on this and above, and got $1.50 back from Ibotta.
Organic Valley 16 oz sour cream, $2.69. Used $1.00/1 in last month’s Whole Deal and $1.00/1 printable (no longer available).
2 Luna bars, $1.98. Used $1.00/2 from last month’s Whole Deal and $.50/1 from the fall Mambo Sprouts booklet.
8 Imagine Organic chicken broth, $18 after case discount. Used eight $1.00/1 manufacturer coupons and four $2.00/2 from last month’s Whole Deal.
12 So Delicious dairy free yogurt, $21.49 after case discount. Used twelve $1.00/1 manufacturer coupons from brochures a friend gave me and four $1.00/3 from last month’s Whole Deal.

Paid $13.82 with $1.50 back from Ibotta for a net cost of $12.32.


It’s been kind of a quiet shopping week, but yesterday I stopped by CVS and Jewel. At CVS, I just bought a gallon of Dean’s milk for $2.99, used $2.00 ECB, and paid $1.04 with $1.00 ECB back and $.25 back from Ibotta for a net cost of $1.79. At Jewel:

5 packs clearance Schar gluten free hot dog buns, $7.45.
2 Mrs. Cubbison’s croutons, $2.38. Used two $1.00/1 printables. Out of prints
2 clearance beef stock, $1.98.
Ocean Spray cranberries, $1.99. Used $1.00/1 printable here.
Star red wine vinegar, $2.49. Used $2.00/1 printable (no longer available).
Jennie-O oven ready turkey breast, $9.99. Used $1.00/1 printable with $5.00 back from Ibotta and $5.00 back from Checkout 51.

Paid $20.74 with $10 back for a net cost of $10.74.