Reader deals 9/22/14

Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

If you are sharing a deal from another site or an online coupon, please include the link. If you found a deal at a specific store, please include the location.

  • *** Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.


  • A reminder from ellen: “dont forget Carsons has the Goodwill sale going. Accepting donations till the 23rd and you can use the coupons until October 4th. you can use the coupons on make up and other things that dont usually go on sale.”


  • Jill shares a tip for Spirit Halloween: “The ‘Coupon Sherpa’ app also has it and you can use it an unlimited number of times, I think.  There are also MANY other store coupons in the app.”


  • A report from kelly: “I did the L’Oreal Scrubbers deal today.  To make the deal even sweeter, I had a magic machine coupon from a week or two ago that expires on 9/24 for 25% off any facial cleanser/moisturizer.  So that took another $2.50 off the deal!  Also, not sure if this was already mentioned, CVS has the Wet n Wild nail polish at Buy 2, get 3rd free.  So I got 3, used 2 $1 off coupons and got 3 polishes for free.”


  • On the Redbox rental today only, Swimpg says: “Good for free DVD rental or $1.20 off BluRay which comes to $.30+tax”


  • An idea from SoapboxTray: “These [Flav-R-Pac veggies] are usually around 99¢ regular price at Mariano’s and good one to keep on hand for Double Daze Wednesday.”
  • DON reports: “I was at the Shorewood location today and one of the managers there were super terrific , she asked the store district about this [Kalona milk] and was told they have no plans to carry this product, however, they would be willing and able to special order this and be sure they accepted the coupon when it came in…,. I asked if she might be willing to offer an organic for the equivalent price of $2 per 64 oz after coupon, she walked with me to the dairy case, across the entire store, and allowed me to pick any organic 64 oz that I wanted at the same price. I spotted a couple Horizon cartons and they accepted the deal…. I am super impressed with the c/s they gave me without batting an eye about it.”


  • Shandelle says: “There’s also $.25 back on eggs good at Target for the above deal (also works at WM & other stores) in the JINGIT iphone app. Jingit has changed the way they do things so it’s MUCH easier to cash out now. The minimum seems to be $5 and you can cash out for various gift cards. The app has all sorts of barcode scanning things very similar to Shopkick and also earnings for watching short videos, similar to Ibotta. I just cashed out today for a $5 Walmart eGift card while I was in the store. It’s definitely an app I’ll be keeping a closer eye on from now on, since they do quite a few offers good on any brand eggs, milk, bread, etc.”
  • Sarah shares: “Here’s what I did for the Target beauty deal since I really needed my Olay moisturizer. It is B1G40% off for moisturizers, cleansers, and wipes. So there are definitely lower priced items, which would make for an even better deal. Purchased 2 Regenerist moisturizers that were $23.99 each full price. After the B1G40% sale, $10/$35 beauty purchase, 2 $4/1 coupon (was from a separate sheet either last week or the week before), and 5% Olay cartwheel, I was at $20.84 ($10.42 each) including tax. Not bad for something that would have cost almost $50 with tax included at full price :-)”
  • From veronica: “I just did this deal
    • 4 Olay regenerist cleanser $5.99.  $23.96 . Used four $4/1  9-14 PG flyer
    • 4 Garnier shampoo & conditioner $2.99.  $11.96 . Used four $2/1
    • Total was $35.92 . Used $10/$35 in ad, plus above Q’s
    • Paid $1.92 for 8 items or .24 each!!!”


  • A $4.00/2 Pantene idea from VB: “Saving them for the Walgreens deal next week for $.50 shampoo and conditioners. They have a spend $20 select p&g get 5000 points. Pantene will be on sale 3/$10. Get 6 bottles for $20 use 3 of these coupons come to $8. Get back 5000 points!”

Reader deals 9/21/14

Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

If you are sharing a deal from another site or an online coupon, please include the link. If you found a deal at a specific store, please include the location.

  • *** Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.


  • VB reports: “I got the scrubbers and my reciept says I need 2 to earn my next $10 ecb so for now the limit is not 1 like it says in the ad. Also I scored 6 bottles of the L’Oréal shampoos and conditioners. Free shampoo and that too told me I could still get another 2 for my next $5 ecb so the limit is more than 3 for now as well!”
  • Carolanne comments: “L’Oréal Paris Go 360 Clean Deep Exfoliating Scrubs sell for $5.49, I grabbed two for $10.98 and got 10 ECBs. And even though they advertised limit is one it’s not showing limit reached on the receipt. The same goes for the L’Oreal deal buy two get 5 ECBs. Has anyone successfully completed more than one of these deals?”
  • VB adds: “I tried the scrubbers deal once since after that there was only one bottle left of the scrubber and i am thinking this will be rare to find in the stores the rest of this week. I did the shampoo deal 3 times and my reciept still says I need 2 more for my nest ecb! Free shampoo! (Well besides the tax).”


  • From letsshop: “Went to Prime N Tender got 10 #ground sirloin ,made a burger as soon as I got home delish ! expensive gourmet meat market ,so glad I bought a Groupon [$30 for $50] from Rachel’s post couple weeks ago . Going to vacuum seal later in small packages .”

Household tips

  • Outlander shares: “I keep these [bacon bits] in the freezer. So easy to just sprinkle some on food for great bacon taste.”
  • From VB: “Thanks! I use the scrubbing bubbles with bleach bathroom cleaner to use as a pre treater on my son’s white shirts. It is the only thing that I found that will work! (I was in a pinch when I took out his shirts out of the washer and it was still stained I saw that my cleaner had bleach and gave it a try). Unfortunately they don’t carry that kind at CVS so hopefully a Target deal pops up!”


  • Kitty emails: “The 10 percent off coupon you get when you get your flu shot at Jewel/Osco has an expiration date of 11-22-14, so good for your Thanksgiving turkey, etc.  (up to a $100 purchase.)”

Loyalty programs

  • Jane says: “There is a new free offer from Eight O’clock coffee for a “Friends” coffee mug when you buy 3- 11 oz. + coffee bags between 9-21 and 12-21. I just checked the details online and it looks like it is FREE shipping for it! You can send a picture of your receipt or send in the US Mail. It says 2 offers per household and allow 12-16 weeks for your mug to arrive. (geez, I hope it gets here before then!) You have to purchase all 3 coffee bags in 1 transaction. I saw this in the coupon inserts from today with the new $2/2 coupon. Go to: to see all the information and other offers about the Friends coffee shop. I would like to have 2 of these mugs, I think they look neat and BIG. We will see?”
  • She adds: “*also, there is $1/1 printable coupon on the Eight O’clock website to use if you’d just like to get 3 bags for the FREE coffee cup promo instead of 4 bags using 2- $2/2 coupons from todays inserts. Here is the link for the $1 coupon to print. (I had already signed up and got mine in an email they sent!) You have to sign up for their website/emails to get it.”


  • Maureen reports: “McD on 75th Street and Naper-Plainfield Rd in Naperville has the Halloween coupons. Bought a few a couple of weeks ago.”
  • From Jean: “McDonald’s at Half-Day Road and Milwaukee (Lincolnshire) sells the coupons.”
  • And Allison says: “The McDonalds on Lake street in Bloomingdale has Halloween books.”
  • Another sighting, from Miriam: “Mc on Butterfield Rd Aurora il has some Halloween books”
  • Sent over by sonia: “For the person looking for the mcdonalds Halloween booklets they have them at the bridgeview one at 87th and Harlem.”
  • Peanutzmom adds: “McDonalds on Summit in Oakbrook Terrace has the coupon books”

Reader requests

  • From shirley: “What is the tipping etiquette for people who deliver furniture/mattresses/appliances? I pay $99 to have the mattress delivered and set up.”
  • VB responds: “It may depend on the company. It was a year ago but If I recall correctly we were told by the rep at Ashley’s to not pay them a tip. She said that they pay them well enough so that they would not ask for tips and according to their policy were not allowed to accept them. At least that is what we were told.”
  • Samantha asks: “So, I’ve got 2 boys. I’m wondering if anyone has had success buying multiples of this [Living Social] deal, and using it all in one day? For example, Mr. 4 gets his own shoot, Mr.2 gets his, then pictures together? Thanks!”
  • From letsshop: “Any ideas I turned in about 18 old ink to [Office] max ,thinking I could get anything free like a rebate !!! Rules have changed big time since I have done this last ,its a 50/50 deal now ): any ideas on how to get the best deal ?”
  • She also wonders: “Anyone find one [replacement printer ink] that Epson printer excepts ? my NX400 knows the minute I put a imitation in ):”


  • Anne reports: “Joliet Target today had lots of backpacks, lunchboxes, and water bottles at 75% off. If someone doesn’t want to order online…”


  • From letsshop: “You probably know this ,but 3 hydrogen peroxide for $1 at Wagreens ‘s today  got me a free  first aid bag *:D big grin

Most Boringest CVS trip ever


I had to stop by CVS this afternoon to pick up a prescription, and wanted to do the L’Oreal Scrubs deal — I guess it’s working, since my store was cleaned out, lol. I wouldn’t have made the trip just for this, but since I was there anyway I bought one Starbucks Refreshers, used the $1.00/1 printable here, paid $.62 and got back $1.50 ECB for a net profit of $.88. The saddest part is: I don’t even LIKE these, so am giving it to a friend who does.

Walgreens Photo Codes and CVS Photo Codes 9/21/14


Here are your CVS photo codes good online only from 9/21/14 through 9/27/14.

Here are your Walgreens photo codes.

The codes below are good from 9/21/14 through 9/27/14 online only.

Older and monthly online-only Walgreens Photo coupon codes that are good 8/31/14 through 10/1/14:

Money Making L’Oreal scrub at CVS


And here’s a nice money making deal at CVS this week: L’Oreal facial care products are buy two get $10 ECB. The ad says it excludes cleansers, however, the ECB are printing on the L’Oréal Paris Go 360 Clean Deep Exfoliating Scrubs that sell for $5.49. (When is a scrub not a cleanser? We’ll ponder that another day.) So:

  • Buy two for $10.98.
  • Use two $2.00/1 coupons in the 9/14 RP.
  • Pay $6.98 with $10 ECB back for a $3.02 money maker!

Also, even though the advertised limit is one, Couponing for 4 is reporting it’s not showing limit reached on her receipt so it may actually be two. I would, however, do them in separate transactions to be safe.

New clean your house coupons for CVS deal


Here are some new SC Johnson cleaning product coupons for your morning. Plus, at CVS this week: Spend $15 on Windex, Pledge, Scrubbing Bubbles get $5 ECB limit 1.

CVS deals week of 9/21/14 – 9/27/14


Here are the best CVS deals and coupon matchups I see for the week of 9/21/14.

Top CVS deals week of 9/21/14

  • Starbucks Refreshers, $1.50 get $1.50 ECB limit 1. Print $1.00/1 here and this is a money maker, but the coupon has not reset — it’s only if you didn’t print it for the last deal.
  • L’Oreal hair care (excludes salon) or hair color (excludes Excellence, Root Rescue, Feria Ombre), buy two get $5 ECB limit 1. Your best deal here is on L’Oreal Advanced shampoo and conditioner: No prices in the ad, but online price is $4.99 — so buy two for around $9.98, use two $2.00/1 printables here or $4.00/2 in the 9/14 RP = $5.98, get $5.00 ECB back for a net cost of $.98 for two, or just $.49 each!
  • Dean’s milk, $2.99 get $1.00 ECB limit 2. Get $.25 back from Ibotta through Sunday. Milk deals and brands are regional; check your local ad if you are not in Chicagoland with me.
  • Brookside pouches 7 oz, 2/$6.00. Get a $2.00/2 CVS coupon from the magic machine this week. Stack with two $1.00/1 in the 9/14 SS and get two for $2.00, or a buck each.
  • Spend $12 on Glade get $4 ECB limit 1. No prices in the ad, so I’m using online prices for this estimate, but between coupons + ECB + Checkout 51 cash back + SavingStar cash back… One scenario: Buy two jar candles for $3.99 each, three sense & spray refills for $3.99 each, and one scented oil warmer for $2.27 (prices may vary by store). Now you’re at $22.22. Use $1.00/1 scented oil starter kit in the 8/24 SS or printable here, two $.55/1 jar candle coupons here, and three $1.00/1 sense & spray product coupons here = $17.12. Get back $4 ECB, get back $5 from SavingStar, and get back $3.00 from Checkout 51 ($1.00 for candles, $1.00 for refills, $1.00 for warmer). Now you’re at a net cost of $5.12 for all six products.
  • Revlon cosmetics or beauty tools, spend $15 get $6 ECB limit 1. In the 9/7 SS2, Revlon Color Stay Eye Liner, buy one and get a FREE Revlon Bold Lacquer Mascara (exp. 9/21!). $2.00/1 Revlon Foundation, Powder, Concealer, Primer , Blush , BB or CC Cream in the 9/7 SS2. Online, color stay eyeliner is priced at $8.79. Assuming about that price in store, buy the eyeliner and the bold lacquer mascara and use the BOGO coupon (9/21 only). Pay $8.79 with $6 ECB back, for a net cost of $2.79 for both products, or just $1.40 each.
  • Starbucks Frapp or Doubleshot 4 pack, $4.99. Buy one get a free 11 oz Starbucks iced coffee. So here’s a deal: Buy two for $9.98 + two iced coffees, which will be free. Use two $1.00/1 iced coffee coupons here + the $4.00/2 Starbucks coupon here and pay $3.98 for all.
  • Spend $30 get a $10 CVS gift card deal idea, if you have not yet done the $10 P&G laundry rebate (must hit $30 after coupons to redeem):
    • Buy six bottles of Tide for $35.64.
    • Use two $2.00/2 Tide printables and the $1.00/2 from the 8/31 PG = $30.64.
    • Get back a $10 CVS gift card = $20.64.
    • Send in for the $10 P&G laundry rebate for a net cost of $10.64 for all six bottles, or just $1.77 each.

*** Click here to read the rest of this week’s CVS deals! ***

Print now save later — L’Oreal Advanced


Head over and print a brand new $2.00/1 L’Oreal Advanced hair care coupon. Starting 9/21 at CVS, buy two get $5.00 ECB, limit one. No prices in the ad, but online price is $4.99 — so buy two for around $9.98, use two $2.00/1 = $5.98, get $5.00 ECB back for a net cost of $.98 for two, or just $.49 each!

We’re also supposed to get threshhold beauty coupons in the 9/21 Target ad, so this might also be a good coupon to use there.

$.49 Curel hand cream at CVS


Score $.49 Curel hand cream at CVS this week, no coupons needed! The $2.99 2.5 oz Curel hand cream is reportedly included in the buy two, get $5.00 ECB deal this week. So buy two for $5.98, get $5.00 back for a net cost of $.98 for two, or just $.49 each.

(Thanks, For the Mommas)