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The era of super long CVS receipts is coming to an end


I’m probably the only person in the universe to be saddened by the thought of losing those super long CVS receipts — but they just give me such a feeling of abundance and plenty! Plus I appreciate having paper coupons to point to, rather than digital coupons where you’re dependent on the technology to work. Just call me old school.

However, the future continues to pass me by: CVS announced yesterday that you’ll be able to sign up to receive digital receipts through the CVS app rather than paper receipts at all CVS locations by the end of June, and you’ll be able to send coupons to  your ExtraCare rewards card rather than using paper.

CVS Pharmacy today announced the company will launch digital receipts as a new option for all members of its ExtraCare Rewards program. The new option for digital receipts will roll out in early June and eventually be available in 7,900 retail locations. Customers will have the opportunity to opt-out of receiving paper receipts for all in-store purchases when completing their transactions in the front of the store. Once the one-time process is completed, customers will receive receipts digitally, along with their coupons and rewards, each time they shop at CVS Pharmacy.

To take advantage of digital receipts, customers must complete a simple, one-time opt-in process in store that includes enrolling in the ExtraCare Rewards program if they are not already a member, and providing a valid email address. Customers can do so at the front register by asking a store associate.

I won’t be opting in… but have a feeling that this won’t remain optional forever.

Whatever your feeling on paper vs. digital receipts, the official announcement on the Jimmy Kimmel Show is definitely worth watching! And you can read the full official press release here.

What’s your reaction to this news? Am I alone in my fondness for paper? 🙂


Thursday 26th of May 2016

As long as the ECB's and coupons work, I am happy to go digital! I've heard that thermal receipts have high levels of BPA which can pass through your skin. Good riddance to thermal paper! I am probably in the minority here, but I'd be happy if all coupons went digital. No more cutting, printing, extra ink and printer paper costs, clutter, heavy purse, etc. I love savingstar and mymixx and the coupons you can clip right to your card for Mariano's. :)

Maria S.

Wednesday 25th of May 2016

Was reading the help topics in Ibotta. Under the "More About Rebates" section, there's a topic called "CVS Now Offers Digital Receipts". Copied this from Ibotta:. "While we are exploring other options with CVS submissions, we can still only accept printed in-store CVS receipts at this time. When checking out, please explain to the cashier that you would prefer a printed receipt."


Wednesday 25th of May 2016

I don't like the app or the digital coupons so I am staying in the paper too. Can't believe how big your son has gotten! So cute!


Wednesday 25th of May 2016

I don't think paper is going away anytime soon... Legally (especially with a credit card purchase), they have to provide you with a receipt for your transaction. :)


Wednesday 25th of May 2016

Oh my gosh, that picture of your little guy is priceless. Can't wipe the smile off my face! I looooove my paper receipts! I am a receipt person. Some of our local stores don't give the receipt, but, they know me now, and I don't have to ask for it as often. I've had many problems with electronic coupons, so, I'm not looking forward to paperless. I also didn't have internet service for about 1.5 months this year and would have been an absolute mess without paper everything. I did go to the library to use the computers, but, felt very vulnerable, and the computer even gave me notice that something was not right.


Wednesday 25th of May 2016

This was years ago on one of the pre-Thanksgiving sales -- I had to hunt it down for this! :)