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The 15th is Goodwill Discount Day — What did you buy at the thrift stores lately?

Let’s take a break from talking about food for just a moment so that we can talk about one of my other favorite things… thrift store shopping! Because you never know what you’ll find, and because I’m all about both the bargains and the serendipity.

The 15th of every month is tiered discount day at my local Goodwill stores, where if you’re a (free) rewards member you get 15% off when you spend $15, 20% off when you spend $20, and 25% off when you spend $25 or more — plus, when you spend… $20? $25? they give you a second 20% off coupon to use over the next few days. (I kind of spent more than that today, so don’t remember offhand, even though they announced it about 600 times while I was in the store. 😉 )

Because the kids keep growing!

Here’s Mr. 11 sporting one of his new athletic shirts, since this is all he ever wants to wear, lol. (Is he looking older all of a sudden, or is it just me?) Because they keep growing, for some reason… I took advantage of today’s discount to pick up a few things for the kids (and a few for me, too, because that’s the prerogative of the one who does the shopping, right!?).

Today’s Goodwill trip

  • One platter (that matches some plates I already have).
  • A couple of measuring cups, since I keep losing 1/4 cup measures somehow.
  • One dress, (clearly) for me.
  • Two pairs of shorts for High School Guy.
  • One shirt for High School Guy.
  • Three shirts for Mr. 11.
  • A pair of shorts for Mr. 11.
  • Capri leggings, because I recently started up yoga again.
  • Two athletic-type tanks, also for yoga.
  • One long sleeved shirt for me.

All that for $44.03 out the door after the 25% off discount. Although I hate how crowded the store is to navigate through on the 15th, these monthly discounts help bring Goodwill prices more down to where thrift store prices should be — since they seem to be creeping up higher lately…

No worries…

When High School Guy was a mere preschool lad, he used to be obsessed with the Lion King movie. So, of course I couldn’t pass up this cheerful “Hakuna Matata” shirt in his size, plus a couple of pairs of shorts that will hopefully fit him now that he’s outgrown most of last year’s. (Shh, he’ll be surprised by this ensemble when he comes home from IMSA this weekend…)

And above? This is the shirt that I did not get him!

And because it’s not all just for the kids, Mr. 11 took a quick photo of me trying on my new dress here (after washing it well) — I don’t know why, but it spoke to me!

So what did you pick up at the thrift store lately?

I love hearing about your finds, too — so let me know: What did you pick up at the thrift store lately? Any especially exciting finds? Tell us all about them!


Friday 20th of April 2018

Love the dress!! Wish I could pull off brown! It doesn’t look good with my skin tone unfortunately. Recently at the thrift store up the street from us I purchased two new pairs of dress slacks, a new funky skirt for only .99 cents, 2 creative writing books to encourage my little man to enjoy writing (haha..), and a cake pop pan! Love thrift store shopping!!!!!


Friday 16th of March 2018

Is the tiered discount new for this year? I think our Goodwills run the same sales & we used to do scratch off discounts. I go to the one in Carpentersville. I also go to one in Huntley that almost all clothing is $1.50. I got Old Navy skinny jeans & a couple of shirts.


Saturday 17th of March 2018

Yeah, they used to do scratch off discounts but I am not sure when they switched. If you're in the rewards program you should get emails from them about it. And nice on the $1.50!


Friday 16th of March 2018

Whenever I'm having a party I buy all my serving plates/utensils etc at Goodwill. Since people tend to entertain only a few times a year, I can find items in excellent condition, sometimes even still in the original packing (wedding gifts that never got used). I agree about the prices - it used to be garage sale pricing, and prices have definitely gone up. If an item is only a couple bucks lower than retail, I'd rather just buy new.


Thursday 15th of March 2018

You are right. Mr. 11 is definitely looking older! My kids were at the resale last weekend and found some awesome stuff: One of the girls was looking for a windbreaker and she almost bought it online at Charlotte Russe for $25. She got it for $10. Exact one! The other daughter was looking for a windbreaker and she found one from the local park district. That is where she works and would be wearing the windbreaker at work. How is that for a fantastic find at $5. Of course the other daughters found their bits and pieces too for a few dollars. Everyone was happy and like their mother- they are stoked when they find a deal!

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