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Midweek meal planning 7/22/15


Welcome back to Midweek Meal Planning for the week of 7/22/15! It’s more traditional to meal plan on the weekend, but since our Chicago grocery deals mostly flip midweek, and since Wednesday hump day is when many of us start running out of steam, we buck the trend here and go with Wednesdays.

This is actually my week of confessing to a meal planning mess — but in my (kind of) defense, our last week has included a new washing machine, an A/C repair, a trip to urgent care, a car breaking down, and… family coming to town. I did manage a couple days of slow cooker salsa chicken, so let’s just leave it at that and talk about you, instead!

Your turn

How’s your week of meal planning going? Are you cooking mostly out of your pantry, or are you taking advantage of this week’s grocery sales? Let’s inspire each other!


Thursday 23rd of July 2015

Getting home from a Smoky Mountain trip in RV. So not much planning this week, mostly pasta for kids and fend for whatever else we can find :-) lol... however 3 great recipes that the kids (and hubby) absolutely loved camping and were fairly easy and able to make clean options for me. Seriously rave reviews on all 3.

My least favorite of the 3, we used as a side to sausage:

I made mine with raw chicken and no butter and the others with raw ground beef: "secret ingredient" I had from a way back deal! Super yummy! We cooked on the grill over the fire pit, but can do in oven as instructed:

Last but not least... Taco's in a bag! (Walking Taco's) A million recipes online and someone may have posted this a few weeks back to give me the thought, because I didn't save a recipe for it since I had a bunch of taco seasoning and it is simple. Mine were clean option of a salad type but another super huge hit that I have never made before and I never buy Doritos so it was a huge treat! :-)

Rachel sorry to hear about your week. Hopefully all is on the upswing!


Thursday 23rd of July 2015

Sun. - I ended up making BLTs (I used turkey bacon)(toasted bread), and Paula Deen's recipe of Chef Jack's corn chowder, although I used about 8 cups of corn instead of 3 cups in the recipe) - had some corn in the freezer, as well as the turkey bacon Mon. - Chicken hash from Taste of Home mag (potatoes, chicken, garlic, onions, corn, (peas, too, but I just substituted more corn) and I can't remember what else was in there - Tues. - Turkey kielbasa and hash brown potatoes - (what? more hash browns?) Weds. - Some of us had something from Taco Bell and others leftovers Thurs. - Stroganoff soup which is a different recipe from the one I made before - this has noodles, onion, tomato juice, cube steak (but I will use ground turkey or hamburger), flour, salt and pepper, 3 cups beef broth, mushrooms, sour cream, parsley, and ?? from a very old cookbook called Soups and Breads Fri. - Italian meatball subs - or maybe I will use the meatballs in sauce on top of noodles - this is from a Taste of Home Slow Cooker recipe book (I don't know the year), using Jennie-O turkey Italian sausage (from the freezer), thawed, shaped into meatballs with some other ingredients, broiled few minutes, put into crockpot with jarred sauce, cook on low 4 hours. If doing the subs, do toasted French bread, add mozzarella cheese, parmesan, salad on the side Sat. - Sloppy Joes from Quick Cooking, September 2001, p 58 (I made this meal last week or so and I liked it a lot, so I'm making it again, bread or hamburger buns, salad.


Thursday 23rd of July 2015

Sorry for your week Rachel! Cha ching! Thanks again for always getting deals out there on your site in the midst of chaos! You are a gem! Sunday: Italian sausage sandwiches and grilled portobello mushrooms with pesto, tomato and fresh motz. Monday: Bulgogi chicken on grill, salad Tuesday: Chipotle BOGO coupon. Wednesday: Disgusting hamburgers that fell apart on the grill. So after our baseball game we went to Culvers. Thurs: Korean tacos and Asian slaw. Thinking of trying Asian noodle slaw. Saw it on Pioneer Woman last week. Pretty! Fri: might be light on kids around so maybe salmon which means NO CLUE Sat: baseball in Oglesby, IL?? Guess we are eating out. Need some good, healthy recipes to take in the car. Anyone?


Thursday 23rd of July 2015

Aww, thank you. It's really been a ridiculous week and a ridiculous amount of money :(.

Tell me about bulgogi chicken?