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Midweek meal planning 7/16/15


Welcome back to Midweek Meal Planning for the week of 7/16/15! It’s more traditional to meal plan on the weekend, but since our Chicago grocery deals mostly flip midweek, and since Wednesday hump day is when many of us start running out of steam, we buck the trend here and go with Wednesdays. (Well, Thursday — that whole Amazon Prime Day business filled up yesterday!)


So here’s our house this week:

  • Sunday: Dinner at Nana’s.
  • Monday: Leftover smorgasbord from the fridge.
  • Tuesday: Junior High Guy ate at a friend’s and Mr. 8 talked us into Sweet Tomatoes (but at least we used a coupon. 😉 )
  • Wednesday: When Jewel gives you clearance ground beef… make chili!
  • Thursday: When ALDI gives you clearance corned beef… put the Crock Pot to work! I might also make Caprese salad with the Frigo + free tomatoes from Jewel & basil from the garden, potatoes, broccoli.
  • Friday: Leftover chili.
  • Saturday: Repeat of a meal we enjoyed a couple of weeks ago: Chicken tikka masala with the free Saffron Road simmer sauce from Fresh Thyme a few weeks back, Easy Spicy Curried Chickpeas (will again wilt in some fresh spinach near the end), Tasty Bite Madras Lentils, fruit, naan…

Your turn

How’s your week of meal planning going? Are you cooking mostly out of your pantry, or are you taking advantage of this week’s grocery sales? Let’s inspire each other!


Thursday 16th of July 2015

Mon. - Turkey ham slices (four) on the griddle to heat up, eggs with onions and some leftover crinkle fries in there (cut up and crisped beforehand) (for some reason I had these frozen fries in the bag, maybe about one serving and I don't know why I hadn't made all of them, so I used them here), and mini cinnamon-raisin bagels with cream cheese Tues - Sloppy joes - used a Quick Cooking September 2001, p 58 recipe, on hamburger buns, green beans, cottage cheese Wed. - I made chicken fried chicken thighs (similar to chicken fried steak), gravy, mashed potatoes, green beans Thurs - Chicken parmesan (chicken thighs, sauce and seasonings on top, mozzarella), with spaghetti noodles and jarred sauce so the noodles are dressed somehow, salad Fri - More chicken thighs - recipe from Quick Cooking May 2002, p 10 - chili sauce chicken (chili sauce (similar to ketchup), plus some other goodies in there, Hawaiian rolls with butter, salad Sat. - I will put (in the crockpot) some turkey bologna (four piles), with green pepper strips, onion strips, and a pile of cheese on each one and heat it up for about an hour, serve on bread, eat with carrots/dip, maybe I'll doctor up some vegetarian refried beans and have those, too Sun. - whoops, I don't have anything scheduled for the evening - but for lunch we usually have hot dogs because those are easy - will find something for Sunday dinner before then!!


Thursday 16th of July 2015

Sunday: Went to our friends' pool and had leftover graduation party food. Monday: Grilled pork chops and garden green beans. (lazy) Tuesday: Burgers (Fresh Market 2.99/lb) and grilled zucchini and yellow squash with parm on top. (lazy) Wednesday: Pasta with Italian Sausage (from Jewel sale), onion, shrooms, zucchini, yellow squash and swiss chard from garden, cheesy garlic bread. Thursday: Making a skillet dinner with grilled chicken (Jewel sale), same veggies as last night, plus bacon and cheese melted on top. Yes, I have yellow squash and zucchini coming out my eyeballs! Wilted salad with garden lettuce. Friday: Leftover Pasta. Saturday: ?? May go to the folks pool, and just grill something there. I have lots of burgers, brats, brat burgers (we love those) in the freezer.


Thursday 16th of July 2015

Monday: A quick Pork stir fry, since what I planned for dinner wasn't actually in the freezer - duh! Tuesday: Ground beef tacos, Wednesday: Slow cooker chicken paprikash served over boiled potatoes - a recipe I found in the newspaper, it's actually really good. I added mushrooms that I picked up at Caputos for .99 Thursday: Leftovers Friday: The dd wants me to teach her how to make chicken parmesan - so we will throw that together Saturday: Out to dinner with friends,


Thursday 16th of July 2015

Sweet Tomatoes is so pricey! I took my kids to the one in Oak Brook last Tues, alas NO coupons! Yikes- and missing some protein on that buffet.... Sunday: Pub burgers, chips Monday: Italian beef in the crock pot with Jewel chuck roast, homemade baked beans, salad Tues: 3 ingredient chicken, burrito bowls used bone in chicken breast from Jewel .99/lb Wed: BBQ chicken in crockpot using bone in chicken breast from Jewel and .25 hamburger buns I picked up at Aldi Thurs: hot dogs from Target sale on Cartwheel awhile back,leftover baked beans Friday: Caprese pasta with fresh mozzarella and tomatoes from Jewel Sat: Thinking pasta or something fast since we have a baseball game in the middle of the day. I have been scouring my crock pot cookbook for something new and delicious. Pesto chicken sounds good with all of the basil in my garden and more Jewel chicken. I bought a lot.... I actually prefer chicken breast on the bone. It has more flavor.


Thursday 16th of July 2015

Sweet Tomatoes is super pricey for what it is -- but it's like Mr. 8's favorite restaurant. I guess he could do worse...


Thursday 16th of July 2015

Thanks this reminds me to look for clearance. I enjoy your meal planning ideas. I sometimes have my list and just don't spend the time to look at anything else. So happy with lettuce (3 pk of dole romaine hearts)from Fresh Thyme (my first visit to their new Joliet location). It has been a long time since I've enjoyed a good crunchy salad. I tried to copy the steak 'n shake taco salad. So many times I look at strawberries or product that just doesn't look good.


Thursday 16th of July 2015

Yeah -- I thought about going to Fresh Thyme for fresher lettuce (it's right down from Caputo's) but the kids were being squirrelly and I didn't want to do another store!