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Midweek Meal Planning 1/28/16


Welcome back to Midweek Meal Planning for the week of 1/28/16! It’s more traditional to meal plan on the weekend, but since our Chicago grocery deals mostly flip on Wednesdays and since midweek is when many of us start running out of steam, we buck the trend here. In Midweek Meal Planning, we plan dinners for the rest of the week while also looking back to see how we’ve done so far.

Midweek meal planning


  • Sunday: Grilled sockeye salmon from the freezer.
  • Monday: Leftovers.
  • Tuesday: Ham & Cauliflower Au Gratin. (Low carb recipe coming Sunday…)
  • Wednesday: Sausage & peppers with a long-ago $1.25 Butterball turkey sausage from Jewel, plus oven roasted veggies. Cauliflower & broccoli were cheap at Pete’s this week!
  • Thursday: Pot roast, with associated veggies.
  • Friday: Leftover pot roast.
  • Saturday: It’s MashupDad’s birthday, so we’re going out. 🙂

Your turn

How’s your week of meal planning going? Are you cooking mostly out of your pantry, or are you taking advantage of this week’s grocery sales? Let’s inspire each other!

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