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Dear Outback Steakhouse…

Just a PSA for your day: Chopped iceberg lettuce? Not quite the same as mixed greens. I don’t recommend the Steakhouse Salad…


Sunday 21st of May 2017

Mixed Greens (they look like weeds to me)... Not sure, but until California produce comes back from the weather issues, iceberg may be the cheap way to go until new crops mature. So maybe this is a temporary thing, or has it always been this way? I usually get the potato soup (no chives). And just fill up on the all you can eat chocolate bread. Those carbs are worth every calorie! Yummy!!! :*)


Sunday 21st of May 2017

I never ordered it before (and surely won't again, grr). Iceberg is much cheaper, that's why the "garden salad" bag is always on sale -- But you could buy a whole clamshell of organic mixed greens at Pete's for $2.50 today and they're in stock everywhere, lol, it's not like there's not a shortage and they can't get them.