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Caturday with the Notorious BKL (and her posse: Little BKG + big old Jeremy)

How’s your weekend going? It’s just another Caturday over here in the Mashup Mom household… You know, all the usual stuff: Who best fits into the LEGO box, who knocked that plate off the counter and shattered it, and wait, why are there LEGOs all over the floor?! New kitten Gnocchi is also quite displeased with us every morning and night when we need to give her medicine, and lets off the most pitiful little kitten mews you’d ever want to imagine.

Meanwhile, Miss Lucy has decided that tiny BKG is absolutely filthy. She keeps holding her down and bathing her thoroughly in these marathon 10-15 minute sessions: Note the look of resignation on the part of little Gnocchi here; she has kind of given up and now goes with the flow.

But who would have predicted they’d become friends? I’m pretty amazed by this whole situation. BKL is still, of course, the boss of the entire house — but BKG is full of kitten sass & vinegar and is starting to give her a run for her money. All in all, they keep us entertained. 🙂

Meanwhile… I’ve been so distracted by the cats and the kids that I wasn’t paying attention to my oregano, which started flowering like crazy. On the plus side, though, MashupDad’s bees are very happy with it.

And in this week’s amusing signage, I ordered myself a new chef’s knife on one of the Prime Day lightning deals. It came wrapped in this very useful warning: BEWARE OF THE SHARP KNIFE! I thought this was pretty darn amusing, and then promptly sliced off a large chunk of my own fingernail the first time I used it. At least it was just my fingernail, but this is, indeed, a very sharp knife — which is kind of awesome, since it cut through chicken like butter, but kind of dangerous, since I probably shouldn’t be trusted with it.

And speaking of amusing signage, there’s also this classy football plate I spotted at Goodwill, but did not purchase. We stopped over there this week to drop off several bags of clothes (sloooowwwly cleaning out those closets), and managed to get out again without bringing home anything new. I call that a win-win, don’t you?

That’s all I’ve got today

… I mostly just wanted to share the kitten bath photos to see if you guys find them as endearing and amusing as I did. Now I’ve got to run High School Guy over to pick up his new glasses (as we continue knocking things off the list before he leaves for IMSA in less than a month!).


Monday 24th of July 2017

I love your cat updates. So funny to see their interaction and quirky places to relax. Looks like Miss Lucy is showing her domination and motherly skills on Miss BKG. Keep the photos and updates coming!


Saturday 22nd of July 2017

Oh my gosh, I love Caturday! So sweet. To think I worried that the Queen would never warm up to the Princess and now she's doing Momma kitty duty. So, you probably just got to the stage where the kids pick up after themselves and now you have 3 furry kids to pick up after. How long do you think it will take you to train them to put the legos away???????????


Sunday 23rd of July 2017

LOL it's been 10 years and I'm still working on Mr. 10 -- who do you think dumped the LEGOs out so that the cats could enjoy the box?!