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Caturday with the Notorious BKL and Friends: What, I’m helping! edition

Welcome back to Caturday with The Notorious BKL and Friends: What, I’m helping! edition. This week, it’s all about Bad Kitty Lucy — she’s been quite the mother’s little helper with the kids back in school and all. I think that she misses Middle School Guy and his constant attentions just a little more than she’d like to admit!

You may not know this, but cats are helpful in about the same way that toddlers are helpful — except with slightly more intent behind their inherent obstructionism. Above, for instance, BKL is “helping” with the box I was literally just picking up to fill. She might look like she has been there all day, but actually she just jumped up and assumed this pose as she saw me going for the box. (For the curious: I’m trying to get toys organized over here, and this sturdy banana box from Costco figures into my plans…)

If that doesn’t strike your fancy, how about “Bad Kitty Lucy and the book Rachel is trying to read?” (For the curious, it’s The Last Equation of Isaac Severy by Nova Jacobs — it’s pretty good in a literary fiction type of way, I think, if I’m ever allowed to finish it.)

And then there’s the ever-popular: “BKL and the work Rachel is trying to do…” (For the curious: Yes, I did finish this post, and you can find the vegetarian tofu and mushroom fried rice recipe here…)

You can’t admire BKL and the computer, though, without its companion piece: “BKL and the planner Rachel is trying to write in…”

In the words of the immortal John Lennon, though life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans. So, Bad Kitty Lucy would like to remind you to take a little time to slow down and pet the cats. 😉

So, how’s your Caturweek (or cat-free week) going?

All of this helpfulness can really wear a girl out, so: That’s about it for this week’s Caturday! Since that’s us for now, I’ll leave you with the usual question: How’s your own Caturweek (or cat-free week) going? And, be sure to tune in next time for the next episode in the exciting adventures of the Notorious BKL and Friends!


Monday 27th of August 2018

OMG! She is really all up in your business, isn't she? I think she is taking the role your last cat played (Emma?) but to another level! It looks like she is "claiming" everything you touch! Gotta love cats.


Saturday 25th of August 2018

So adorable!