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Caturday with the Notorious BKL and Friends: Safe at home edition

It’s another homebody Caturday… but, really: As adventurous as cats think they are, they’re all really lazy homebodies at heart.

Welcome back to Caturday with the Notorious BKL and Friends: Safe at home edition. Now that it’s spring, the three bad kitties have expanded their homebody domain out slightly, to encompass the screened-in porch. So. Many. Sunbeams!

To be fair, Bad Kitty Lucy does have a bad kitty habit of dashing out the door every time you’re not quick enough to catch her. But she finds this sufficient entertainment in and of itself and doesn’t go far — she just kind of sits right outside the door looking at us, like: “Ha! Slow, clumsy humans.”

kindness is everything with a cat

Yes, the porch clearly needs a little work — but a new-ish very old house is a never-ending project. These lazy cats are much better at staring at us working, though, than they are about helping. Alas. Three extra sets of paws would really come in handy sometimes…

Caturday afternoon sees them united in purpose

three cats sleeping on a bed

What do they work on? Well, they unite only in their quest to cover all clean laundry with cat hair, it seems. Note how they band seamlessly together in order to divide and conquer the bedding. How rare it is to catch all three of the bad kitties hanging out together at home: Only on laundry day, apparently.

Baby Yoda watching over cats

But laundry day or no, what’s better than having a giant Baby Yoda to watch over you? These two know what’s good in life…

brown cat sleeping on a chair

And what’s good in life? Well: It’s sleeping. Sleeping epitomizes all that is good and right in any cat’s life. And this, this right here is why these cats are homebodies. They’re no fools. What could be better anywhere else?

How’s your Caturday going?

trampoline with a basketball hoop

How is your own cat-filled (or cat free) week going? Here, Middle School Guy has been enjoying his brand new… trampoline! This took 5 hours to put together, mostly because we did a chunk backwards the first time. But I think he’s definitely going to get our time and money’s worth out of this thing. (I’m glad I ordered it when I did, because as summer approaches I see trampolines are selling out or skyrocketing in price everywhere…)

How are you keeping your kids (fur babies or otherwise) busy this summer? And, be sure to tune in next time for the latest in the exciting ongoing Caturday adventures of the Notorious BKL and Friends.

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