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Caturday with the Notorious BKL and Friends: National Pet Day Edition

Caturday with the Notorious BKL and Friends: National Pet Day Edition with a new ALDI Cat House.

Hey, it’s National Pet Day today! What’d you do for your pets today? Over here: Fee, fi, fo, fum, I spy someone in her brand-new ALDI Cat House. I didn’t actually know there was such a thing as National Pet Day when I spotted a stack of these while re-stocking on groceries earlier this week. But, I thought that constructing one might be a good social distancing activity for Middle School Guy — so, how fortuitous.

grey and white cat Bad Kitty Lucy in ALDI cat house

I generally pick up a new $7.99 “cat scratcher house” once a year or so when they show up at ALDI, because that’s how long it takes for the cats to destroy their last one. (And yes, they get pretty similar enjoyment out of a basic cardboard shipping box, but where’s the fun in that? lol) He constructed this year’s cat house this morning, and the three bad kitties have been fighting over it ever since.

Oh, and in honor of National Pet Day: If you and your cats need something to watch together at home, here’s a live stream of a “bird library.” Note: You might have to wait a bit for a bird to show up, it being a live stream and all, lol — you can also scroll back til you see one and watch from there, if you’re impatient.

Another week, another Caturday

Bad Kitty Lucy looking out the window

BKL looking wistfully out the window is most of us right now, isn’t she? How are you keeping yourself occupied at home lately?

And, be sure to tune in next time for the latest installment in the exciting ongoing Caturday adventures of the Notorious BKL and Friends.


Sunday 12th of April 2020

The bird library is awesome! I scrolled back and saw a blue jay, cardinal, pair of love birds (they stayed a long time!) then a few small ones that blend in with the seeds and then the dove came back (alone) and took a nap on the desk! Until his wife came back and told him to come home and stop intimidating all the other birds! I am getting a kick out of this, thanks for the link!


Sunday 12th of April 2020

I thought it was so cute, that I just had to share!