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Cash Back Apps


Presenting: An updated roundup of how to save with my favorite cash back apps! Here is a list of some of the specific cash back apps that I use:

I rarely use Checkout 51 anymore, but still use Fetch and Ibotta weekly. I’ll upload receipts while watching TV, waiting for water to boil, or during other little chunks of down time. Might as well get a little back for purchases you’re making anyway, right?

How do cash back apps work?

Cash back apps work basically the same way:

  • Buy a participating product.
  • Upload the receipt to prove you bought that product.
  • Get a specified amount of cash back for that product.

Some will also require you to scan the barcode of your product to prove you purchased a participating item and some only work with participating stores, so check the rules and participation for each before shopping. Just like with printable coupons, the cash back offers in these apps have expiration dates and can hit redemption limits, so check to see that the offer you want is still available before shopping.

What’s useful about cash back apps?

I don’t know about you, but I like getting cash back for items I am buying anyway. Why not? So although I won’t necessarily run out of my way to buy something just because a rebate is available, I’ll claim the cash back for items I’m already intending to buy. Plus:

  • Most of these cash back apps allow you to stack rebates with manufacturer coupons for double the savings!
  • If an offer shows up on more than one app, you can claim the cash back on each.

So here’s how to save with cash back apps!

A summary of each cash back app

Fetch Rewards

The good thing about Fetch Rewards (use referral code NF3TH for 2000 bonus points after you redeem your first receipt!) is that you’ll get points back for any receipt from any store — including restaurants and gas stations, too! You don’t have to worry about whether your store of choice plays along, and you don’t have to worry about whether you’re buying the exact right product. Fetch does, however, offer bonus points for select brands.

I like that Fetch works with ALDI receipts, gas station receipts, and more. Save up your points and redeem for rewards such as Amazon gift cards.


cash back on Ibotta

Browse through participating retailers on Ibotta and you’ll see a different list of cash-back grocery offers for each. Some offers are good at multiple retailers, while some are store specific.

  • New to Ibotta? Please use my referral code, m4cniq

You’ll need to complete 1-3 short activities to unlock each offer, then buy the participating item at a participating store and upload your receipt to redeem an unlocked offer. Cash back goes into your Ibotta account, and at $20 you can cash out via PayPal or for a gift card. Ibotta is available for Android and iOS.

Checkout 51

Checkout 51 is handy because most offers work at all stores — and many (but not all) offers are also available on the web, so are accessible to users without a smartphone. They also have occasional produce offers, as well as the occasional bonuses for redeeming specific sets of rebates. Update: As of end-January 2020, also look for gas rewards offers in the Checkout 51 app!

Once you hit $20 in your Checkout 51 account, you can request payment via check. Checkout 51 updates their offers each Thursday, and the app is available for Android or iOS. Note: Some Checkout 51 offers stack with manufacturer coupons. Those that do not will specify that in the fine print for the offer.