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Anyone had trouble with Kohl’s rebates?


Has anyone had trouble with the most recent round of Kohl’s rebates? Chris posted these messages on Facebook:

Beware! Received an email re: $5 rebate on the crockpot from Kohls in October. Will not pay the rebate because by using discounts the price of the pot was under $24.50. Guess I’ll be going to Kohls to get my $5. Wonder if they’ll be a problem with the new $10 rebate also? I called the rebate company , they will not offer it . Receipt show sale price of $29.99. . But after all discounts I paid $19.92


Here’s Kohls response: ” Unfortunately , because the offer was from the manufacturer , we are unable to issue a rebate.That being said , you can still attempt to return at your local store. ” No box since I had to mail in the UPC, a rebate form printed by a Kohl’s register, Kohl’s advertising the offer in their ad , and they can’t honor $5 goodwill gesture ? Even though sale price was over $24 , discounts made it less , and form Kohls printed didn’t have that restriction. Wonder if anyone else has gotten this rejection also ?

I’ve never heard of this happening with Kohl’s rebates, so am pretty startled to hear this. Is this an isolated incident, or has anyone else had issues?


Friday 18th of December 2020

I wasnt suprise when I received the email this morning saying they can't honor it because of Missing UPC which is BS .. This happened to my friend also.. Now were out of pocket of almost $70 each .. Never again KOHLS what a scam


Tuesday 15th of December 2020

My rebates envelope has been refused by Kohls Rebate Center. I purchased 3 toastmaster appliances on Black Friday and mailed in the rebates as per the instructions. I was expecting 3 visa cards of $14 each and spent 4 dollars for posting this with tracking number. I contacted support and they asked me to resubmit the rebates which makes no sense as I no longer have the UPC codes and original rebate receipts. I only purchased these $16 appliances due to rebates.

Virginia Boerstler

Friday 4th of December 2020

Also my first and last time I will participate in their rebate offers. I thought I filled the form out correctly but message from them today said some info not provided . I tried calling of course automated so I hung up. Thankfully it was only $14.99 but I will not try this again.


Wednesday 22nd of April 2020

Yes Having trouble , says I have 5 rebates submitted, 3 valid but only received one, and no tracking number for any one to help. They said I need the promotional number which was on the form that got mailed and those forms are no longer available. The other 2 said I ordered out of the time line, Which couldn't happen as they were all purchased on the same day.


Monday 10th of February 2020

I mailed in three rebates and only got an email reply on two of them (which reading the comments here I see is common practice). I finally received the two in the mail and my name is spelled wrong on both of them. I used one of them at Walmart the other day. It declined at first, so I told the cashier the card had $12 and she changed the amount to only charge $12 and it went through. (i then paid my remaining balance with my debit card) I hope this tip helps somebody use their cards... I won't be bothering with Kohls rebates, or Black Friday again. It was a nightmare to find the items on sale not clearly marked and then to have the hassle with the rebates.